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Taking Cues From /6Ez (UPDATE deux)

Right now it looks like shit. I’m too busy to put charts in my post. Pull up an intra-day. It needs to find support soon to get this market really moving. If euro dollars find support and rip through $1.34 we’ll have ourselves a bona fide cocaine gorilla rampage into the close.

IF /6E stabilizes and begins ramping up during lunch, I’ll get my ADS position on. ADS has pulled back after getting jiggy this morning.

Back to work.

Update: Euro dollar continues its downward trot and appears unlikely to confirm the upward direction in equities. I will hold off any further purchasing until pricing of the euro dollar improves.

Update II (deux): Market squeezed higher at the end of the day and recaptured some key price levels while shrugging off the price action in the Euro. Tomorrow could get interesting if we see some constructive pricing in the /6E this evening in Globex.

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