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Buy The Open

I shed the SKF hedge Friday and that has me excited this morning as the financials are soaring premarket. My current longs; AWK, GSVC, RGLD, WFM will appreciate on the open, sure.

But my demand is pent up. I want more stocks. I’ve wanted them for weeks. They looked “on sale” last week, but weren’t catching a bid. Now we’re gapping up strong, and it may be short lived, but coin can be made.

I will watch the open for cues, and watch for any pullback and how it’s treated. I don’t want to be a criminal in the eyes of the law (J.C. non Christian). On my wish list are the following stocks:

LULU (selling dope off the iPhone), ADS (hundred dollar roll), WFM (MORE), BWLD (R/C fav)

Are you buying today? Is it a suckers bet? I sure would appreciate any commentary.


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  1. Raul3

    Bot the WFMs @ 65.38

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  2. Raul3

    Got the LULUs 49.20. Too soon? T.B.D.

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