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Long Live the Recession!

The soup lines are back. Fuckers are so poor, they’re on sandwich lines, fighting for the ham on white.

Personally, I had another rifuckulous day, up nearly 4%, thanks to bountiful gains in SRS, SKF, FTK, FNSR, BIOF, PCZ, MER short, POT short, LEH short and WM short.

While it’s true, today “The Fly” bought a bunch of bullshit stocks, just know it was barely a meaningful dollar amount. I’ve learned my lesson, via sharp uppercuts to the scrotum, and will not overweight microcrap.

One thing to note: I cannot stand that stupid CNBC commercial, with that idiot doing tricks with the sign. I guess they are trying to target a younger demographic for their ludicrous “Million Dollar Challenge” contest. Again, assholes, your target audience SHOULD be older men with money, not some jerkoff living at his Grandmothers house—trading 10k at E-trade.

In closing, I am here to reinform you that “The Fly” is a Godly investor, with a glorious track record—just in case you forgot.

Off to drink “some rich mans whiskey.”

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Fly Buy: PZE, LEI, FTK

I bought 2,000 PZE @ $14.05 and 2,000 LEI @ $5.27 and 1,000 FTK @ $20.66.

Disclaimer: If you buy the above stocks because of this post, you will be fired, inside of 1 week. And, you may lose money.

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[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYFGRD1T9wQ&feature=related 450 300]

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Sell All Day Long

The market is at its breaking point, thanks to egregiously expensive oil prices. There is no way the economy can rebound with gasoline at 5 bucks. Even retards know that.

With oil breaking the balls of Congress and its people, sell short everything under the Sun, with the marked exception of energy related names.

I am have a fucking field day with these little (oil) turds. Just know this, all things “Fly” are glorious. After a brief set back in April, “The Fly” has rebounded with the might and vigor of 10,000 oil rigs, sending his Godly accounts up a staggering 25%, year to date.

Naturally, many of you have greater percentage gains, mainly due to the minimal size of your bankroll.

Just know this, for every 1 win for you, there are 100 for me.

As an aside, I’m “feeling my oats” here with FNSR and FTK. And, with regards to dice rolls, BDCO, QTWW, END and AOG suit me just fine.

For the moment, the ethanol trade is delayed, due to the two day rally in the price of corn. Should that grain remain high, I might throw a fit and begin “fastballing” my trader/servant with ears of corn.

At the moment, my top long ideas are: PCZ, FTK, FNSR, AUY, SRS, SKF, FXP, REW and LEI QTWW.

My top short ideas are: MER, LEH, FED, WM, DSL, FHN, CORS, CHL and POT.

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