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Frank Sinatra – Fly Me to the Moon

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  1. Coach Cawfee


    Now that’s a croonah, ovah heah.

    Francis Albert, dey trew away dah mold, when dey made him.


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  2. Phil_from_Brazil

    Holy Smokes!

    Sinatra is the last thing I expected to see on your tab. Talk about shifting gears — as in 1st gear, to 5th gear, back to 2nd gear (wreaking havoc on fellow IBCers’ mental transmission system).

    One second, I’m reading about LEH getting “skull-fucked”, the next, I’m Flying to The Moon with good ol’ Frank.

    Keeping us on the edge of our seat, ha, SeƱor Fly?

    You’re a funny guy.


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  3. calvino

    ABout time we got rid of that loud mouthed disco noise. This is music.

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