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Taking the Show on the Road and Important Answers

Good morning to you!  We’re waking up to mildly green futures this morning, mildly green as we once again stretch our reach toward the peak of “momo-mountain”.  The terrain is jagged up here and it looks like our only way out of it is up, up, and away, like He-man.  Or Super Man.

There’s something important for me to address today, and that’s the big long exposure I have.  You see, I only have today and tomorrow morning to decide what to do with my positioning before I head deep into the jungle. That’s right!  Raul is taking this show on the road baby!  And why the hell not, we make all of this money for a reason, and that’s to LIVE!

The timing of my trip is in alignment with future traders rolling over to the June contract.  Once you begin trading futures, you’ll get a feel for the mild frustration that is rollover.  I personally don’t like the rollover period whatsoever, so I figure pare that with the sub-arctic weather canvassing the north, it was a perfect time to hit the high heat, high humidity.

Enough about my escape, let’s look at some important developments within the daily auctions.  The globex session pushed the market to fresh highs, peaking out at 1530.25 and I don’t have much to cue off of above that level. It’s open air, trade accordingly.

Below I’ve only noted the key zone that needs to hold.  Things get VERY slippery below there and it’s a major blow to confidence.  Should we sustain trade below there, I’m cutting back big time, keeping only my ace names, NAMES LIKE CREE, who took it upon themselves to make Edison’s stupid incandescent bulb and that goofy squiggly CFL OBSOLETE!  Adios bad tech, hello good.  Tesla is a smiling mass of electrons somewhere today.

Bottom Line: Raul is heading into the jungle and will bring it to you live.  The only way out is up.  The profiles point to higher prices.  Thomas Edison was a corporate hit man.


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Eating the Bears’ Honey

What a fantastically well day to be long the stock market, fine chaps.  Chip, chap-a-rue!  Looking at all of the indicators on the indices, and the profile development, you may have thought we would see some weakness today.  Certainly the extended nature of the markets as we entered a new month could raise concern.  However, the stock gods (no Buffet) would not have any part in a red Monday in March.  As a matter of fact, they saw fit to make it a rather green day for all the leprechauns peering at the sunrise.

Speaking of sunrise, did you catch my morning thoughts?  I’m sure most of you didn’t and that’s super great news.  I’m really not sure why I share such sage knowledge with you untidy troglodytes.  You’re better off being shown how to maintain proper hygiene, for instance, more than you should be taught anything else.  Anyhow, if you missed it, the plan was to cut long exposure if we traded south of 1509 on the S&P March future contract.  We didn’t, so I didn’t.  Actually, let’s look at what I did today.

Bought and sold RGLD, losing a dollar per share but nothing more

Bought some TRLA around 11am

Scaled some profits in ANGI amidst the HOD spike #flawless execution

Scaled some profits in ZNGA but retain a ½ position #readyformore

Bought CCJ down here on deal, per Premier Obama electing a #nuclear czar

Scaled some profits off on RH, the stock I bought near the LOD on Friday, easy five banger

I must say, all of that action was rather rewarding but at the same time left me parched.  Much water had to be consumed.  I walked to a cool river and drank side-by-side with a grizzly bear.  I noticed he caught a fish, a very tempered fish.  I slapped said fish from his mouth, setting it free into the river.  Then I mounted his fat body and demanded he become my transportation.  His stupid-harry head hung in shame as I rode him back to my trading terminal.  It was a good Monday.

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Hot Pocket


I’m currently participating in a pocket of high energy moves via these mobile internet/housing plays.  Take a look at TRLA, Z, and ANGI.  I’m long all three for the parlay. These stocks are gaining the attention of investors both for their expertise in the mobile/social platform and for their exposure to housing, which many believe to be resurging.

Courtesy of finvz.com


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Piling on the Victories as De facto Cast Away

I’m chopping away at the market this morning, zipping through the internet like an invisible ghost.  I’ll tell you something, I prefer it this way.  Fuck attention I only want to trade well and bank coin.  This site, this site right here, that you’re on, iBankCoin, this site, it was the beacon of truth.  In my eyes, there wasn’t a more pure place for people of the internet to gather and discuss the important matter of accumulating wealth and comporting yourself as a gentleman.

Now, I don’t even know.

Sure, rules were set at the beginning of my interim position.  And no, I did not meet the 3% goal for earning a tabbed home on the site.  Nobody did.  What did I do?

Propel my portfolio to all-time highs

Tell jokes

Spoon-feed winners

Get to the point

And now let me get to the point once again: I’m not going to change my style for internet attention.  I’ll keep writing here or elsewhere, and I couldn’t care less about who reads it.  It makes me sharper, talking to you cretins.

This morning I bought some TRLA and RGLD.  RGLD is already a loser and I’ll be selling it soon.  I told you I don’t like knife catching.  I had a plan based on the most recent swing, it didn’t work out, and I’m looking for a graceful exit.  Note that I used a tiny 1/3 position because I accepted the low probability of success.

I took a loss, BOOM!  It happens.  The key is limiting the downside.

What else?  I took a scale on ANGI during that REDICULIOUS spike up to $18.34, and reported it real time.  Get it while it’s here boy.

Now it’s all eyes on ZNGA.  Adios homos


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Making Jungle Preparations

Smooth trend higher has given way to choppy, indecisive action.  The resulting daily candles for the S&P are long bodied.  By looking at the profile, we peer inside the candle and see the footprint left behind by the buyers and sellers.

The globex session spent Sunday and early today slowing gliding lower until recently when a six handle spike effectively erased all of the losses from the prior action.  As we approach the 8 o’clock hour, price is bumping up against the 1516.50 level which is also the VPOC from Friday.

The first observation that jumps off the charts is the P-shaped profile that formed on Friday.  The structure of the auction suggests early action caused shorts to cover their positions which fueled the rally higher.  However, once they were done being squeezed, no new business entered the market and initiated new longs.  Often times we can interpret this type of action as a temporary phenomenon, which once completed results in price continuing lower.  However, given the context of Friday, going into the weekend, and the uncertainty surrounding the sequester it makes sense that buyers were not aggressive in initiating new longs into the weekend.

I’m respecting the notion that we may trade lower, and with that in mind, I’ve tightened up my bias line below.  Should we see price trade below these levels, especially toward the end of the session, I will look to reduce exposure to equities across the board.

I’ve also traced out the progression of value over the last several sessions.  It highlights the progress sellers have made and how we recently stalled out. Value placement today can either negate the recent progress of the sellers or confirm it.  I don’t see room for much else but I suppose we could see a tight value placement again today.ESMP_03042013

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Raul Is In Limbo

Devote readers, you may have a difficult time locating the Raul blog temporarily.  I have been cast into the Twilight Zone by The Fly.  This is likely due to my insolence and reaction to getting fired while making boss market calls.  As traders we always need to temper our emotions, especially those of the reactionary nature.

Futures are down a bit, but absolutely nothing to get your panties in a bind. I’m looking for a Buffet bounce early Monday. I’ll have specific values and observations manana.

An observer was able to capture this video of me, floating through the internet:

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Bad Seasonality Gambler: HERE’S HOW I MAKE IT UP TO YOU

I went back to the seasonality analysis I performed at the beginning of February to reexamine how wrong of a conclusion I was able to draw from it.  I knew it was going to be ugly because my top pick from the data dig was ANR.  Have a look at ANR’s February performance:


I actually lost some money on that play, taking my third and final attempt at buying ANR as it tried to negate the head and shoulders pattern.  I sold around February 8th aka the trough before their earnings announcement spike, then subsequent melt lower.

The wrongness of my analysis extended further when I predicted it would be a “very shiny February” because my seasonality interpretation supported the idea that miners would be strong in February.  BIG TIME WRONG, check out how awesomely wrong I was on this call:


Fortunately, I never committed any money to this call, I simply observed the play.  Every single chart in the space looked weak which made it easy to avoid.  ANR at least had a semblance of hope setting up in the price.  If you have a dog’s brain worth of technical analysis understanding and aren’t a long term investor, you would have stayed out of the miners this month.  You downright love losing money if you parked your stupid money in EXK for the month.  F-

Please accept my apologies if my seasonality data put a bug in your ear that was whispering false promises about the miners.  If you read along you would have stayed clear, but I understand how people can make rash financial decisions based on other people’s internet decisions.  Don’t do it.

With all of that in mind and because my access to The PPT has been revoked, there will be no March seasonality data dig.  This is likely better for everyone.  I don’t like to waste my time or yours by not adding value to your trading day.

I can’t tell you what will happen tomorrow, and I most certainly can’t predict what will happen over the course of a month.  I work in probabilities.  My probabilities are most reliable in the intraday to 3-12 day swing environment.

I posted all my thoughts on the #socials and their charts if you want some value added.  If you’re over 47.5 and don’t see that the word #socials is a hyperlink, let me be the first to tell you that if you click it you will be taken to a spectacle of charts.  Get excited you fossil.

Finally, I am not a huge fan of knife catching, but the rubber band is stretched out more than my nephew’s tee shirt after a trampoline wrestling match on a few of the miner charts.  I may dabble in the circus arts this week.  Similar setup on both of the following charts (click the charts to HUGE size them)

EXK_MAR2013 RGLD_Mar2013

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Socials Stealing the Spotlight Again

We’re seeing constructive action across the board in social stocks these last few days.  Encouraging the stocks to advance higher is the early stabilization in share of Facebook, which last week looked like it had made its way to the other side of the momentum mountain.

Eagar shorts (read: haters of the future) are now confronted with the fact that these companies are real and there is demand for their shares.

My two favorite plays in this budding space are ANGI and Z because they incorporate the housing resurgence into their mobile/social awesomeness.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a soft spot for the other players, in fact I own a few.

I’m also seeing the LED play work magic.  There was a huge move in RVLT today, and CREE continues to defy gravity.  I don’t own RVLT, and these spikes can be rather precarious conditions to initiate new longs into, but I think the company has an excellent opportunity to grow as LED adoption accelerates.  I still own shares of OESX.

The S&P is having a hard time reentering yesterday’s value which has me slightly cautious.  I took off my KORS and BX longs.  But overall, it’s been a constructive session.  I bought my RH back because homeowners who want some swagger shop here.

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Blood Everywhere

The sellers went to work into the close yesterday and continued their onslaught overnight driving price to new lows as I write.  I’ve also been axed from the iBankCoin roster.  And this morning, when letting my hounds loose to bark at the schoolchildren one doggy caught her ear and spilled blood, literally, everywhere.  I’m off to the vet after this.

The way we’re all overreacting you would think something bad actually happened yesterday.  Yes we gave back some gains, but nothing is lost.  We may be entering a bracketed trade for now.

Here are some important levels to keep in mind as you sashay through your gay day:


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