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J&J Out of Ideas, Announces Buyback Plan

After reporting earnings below estimates, Healthcare juggernaut Johnson & Johnson announces a massive $10B Buyback Plan.

This attempt to quell investor concerns does not appear to have done much—shares are lower in pre-market trade.

Buybacks aren’t what they used to be.

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Making The Rounds: Facebook’s New Buy Button

Facebook for Business has a new piece out on their site discussing their latest advertisement offerings for businesses.  The article is creating a buzz among investors and traders.  One of the key upgrades is a “Buy” button which allows users to make purchases without leaving Facebook, see below:

We’ve already been testing this feature on ads to give marketers a more seamless way to drive sales with people interested in their products. People on desktop or mobile can click the “Buy” button in ads in News Feed to purchase a product directly from a business, without leaving Facebook.

Facebook is set to report earnings November 4th after the bell.

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Wells Fargo Is Your Bellwether

You may be tempted to wait for The Fed’s Beige Book, set for release Wednesday afternoon, but by then the market will have already decided its direction on the week.

It will come down to how the market reacts to earnings from Wells Fargo, JPMorgan, and Bank of America.  Citigroup reports October 15th—this week’s market direction ought to be well established by then.

Barclays had a positive note on Wells Fargo last Friday and JPMorgan put out a WFC upgrade last week too.  They’re all pulling for Wells Fargo while the other expectations for the other banks are mostly muted.

Sporting the largest market cap in the group, it makes sense to keep a close eye on how WFC shares trade Wednesday morning.  They report Wednesday BMO.

My forecast?  It takes the market DOWN.


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Heads Are Rolling at Twitter

Rumors are circulating that Twitter is planning company-wide layoffs next week.  The stock is under pressure so far today, down over 6% on the session.

Sentiment is mixed regarding this move to cut employees.  Twitter has not commented on the rumor.  You can imagine, overall, this sapping the morale inside the company.  It is unlikely an employee will produce their best work while the media gets first word of layoffs.

For a company who specializes in communication, you would think they could do a more effective job of handling information as sensitive as this.

Until this news is clearly disclosed, expect the share price to be pressured.

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Active Oregon shooter has investors selling their gun stocks.  The shares came under pressure over the last hour as the devastating news of another campus shooting came out of the Pacific Northwest.

Look for sellers to pressure the share prices of SWHC, RGR, CAB, and BGFV as this news continues to develop.

UPDATE: 10 deceased, 20 wounded per CNN


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Butterscotch Candies and REITS

The calendar presses onward, with each moon, and with it comes change, for your boy Raul in June.

Festivities like luncheons and local elections now fancy my attention. There’s a bingo hall down the road that’s calling my name too.

I’m old now, you see, and I intend to reflect my mature dogma via the stocked market. I started by selling all those new fandangle internet companies and today I started buying DOC. It’s a REIT, invested in the types of places I’ll soon live, homes of the nursing variety.

Now leave me alone, the Price Is Right is on the teevee.


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A Strategic Purchase

I am flexing my Old Testament muscles into the close. Exodus is completely changing the way I select stocks. Usually my ideas evolve out of bigger themes I believe in. One such theme has been energy. I like energy. Everyone’s hooked on it. Take it away for a week and you’ll see what I mean.

Energy is tricky though. Entire countries are dependent upon the sale of natural energy resources. Thus the political theater, special interest, and other powers well beyond the means of your boy Raul are at play. Thus if I am to even step into this arena I need institutional grade weaponry.

I took a position in SAVE today. It’s serves as part of a bigger energy trade I am working. The position consists of XLE, OIS, AAL, and SAVE [listed largest to smallest].

Per the Weekly Strategy Session, I wanted to see energy plays strong early in the week. The thing is, I don’t entirely trust oil bulls. Here’s why:


Weakness in oil has potential to stimulate the share prices of airlines. Also, if you read into the CPI data out yesterday, the airline prices are going up despite the deals in oil. Go figure.

Now I turn to Exodus. My timing has been mushy lately. I’ve also been buying stupid companies with unacceptable fundamentals. Now I can quickly scan fundamentals before execution. Have a look at a few screens on $SAVE, where business is booming and their valuation is still reasonable:


Then there is the real meat of Exodus and what makes its more powerful than anyone else’s screeners and tools, the predictive element. It is flagging oversold on the 12-month algo with nice stats behind it:


Finally, from a technical perspective, which is now my least important parameter but mainly a risk profile tool, we are on day three down so it’s likely to become a bit rocky for the bears. Also, we’re at the low end of a range that the shares have traded through. Thus, despite looking like a knife catch today, it’s a reasonable zone to take some risk.

When dealing with cavemen, you’ve got to get biblical. Godspeed mates.

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Why Are We Talking?


There’s a new president of the internet, the collective voice of the populace. Adored, respected, the Twitterati go about shaping the direction of global resources with succinct brevity. Therefore despite its heady valuation and premium pricing, it is without doubt I intend to hold equity in this company until it grows into its lanky body and sends share price much higher.

Smaller minds may start feeling ants crawling about their pants to book their gains. I have a whole new vision into stocks as of today. You see, I have been granted early access to Exodus. As a result my computing power has exponentially expanded, and my grasp of micro-drivers is becoming dangerously acute.

On the market front, as long as The [Kurt] Russell continues to comport itself like a leader, its behooves you to take a few steps up the risk ladder.

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Statistically speaking, this week is no longer in duration than any other. However, by process of super computers running 1000s of hours of probabilities and research, one can draw the conclusion we are in for a grind haus.

In these conditions it is imperative you take care to not overly tighten risk. On the flip side, chasing a move in either direction will likely result in your receiving a swift castration.

If you’re working options, this means making sure your momo pocket is heating up before putting the bacon in the skillet.

I am exercising my right to expand my timeframe a bit, and since I love small caps so much, all I have done today is buy a metric butt load of CHGG common stock. Risk is well out of the way so feel free to go hunt it, bastard internet algos.

It takes every piece of self control I’ve got to not stomp my foot to the floor long here. Instead I will eat this elephant one bite at a time.

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Cut The Lights Out

If you have been around these parts a few years, then you know Zillow was one of my favorite stocks to go long. It was a momentum darling. The company is a social beacon of top-notch mobile phone capabilities. As a bonus kicker, their hands are in the real estate cookie jar, a jar being nursed back to health by record low interest rates.

I used it extensively while I hunted down my first home. I would sit in the third stall of my corporate bathroom and thumb through listings. If I found something my agent overlooked I would pace the hallways of my mouse maze accosting his oversight. Zillow was showing me more than the agent. So cool!

Today is different. Today Trulia is public too. Today Zillow is stuck at $100/share after being a dog for half of 2014. Today they have a looming lawsuit over their “frat house” culture and a delayed merger with, um, Truila.

Anyhow, it has a few catalysts and I present the short-selling case first from a longer-term then from a short term trade management chart. Like any idea, it could be wrong, and we want to have some risk in place for when it is.

That way, if it flips back to totally awesome frat dude with “bros and hoes” tattooed on its back then I can calmly walk up to their beer keg and fill my cup.

Other shorts of interest are MANU vs $16.15, AMZN vs. $313, BBBY vs swing high, GILD vs $97, and WFM back below $50 vs $52



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