Tuesday, January 24, 2017
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Dabbling in DNA-Binding; New Long-Term Biotech Position Initiated


I want a designer baby, 6’1” with a Nordic look and impressive IQ.

Problem is I’m a hairy daygo, one generation removed from utter savagery, and tall ladies are few and far between in the ruinous neighborhoods of Detroit.

As such, and without further adieu, I have initiated a new long-term position in Sangamo Therapeutics [ticker $SGMO].


This is my first high-spec stock position since late-2015.  I prefer quality names with huge market caps.  However, my lead scientist says these fellers are on to something.

If you follow me into this position you will end up beaten, broken, and a living experiment in the name of science!



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Tesla Up Eight Bucks After Lord Morgan Stanley Upgrades The Electric Future Super Company


Analysts at Morgan Stanley are playing catch up Thursday morning by finally deciding his highest, our Leader and Savior Elon Musk (all Praise and Glory to The Leader) is running one hell of an electric motor company by bestowing an ‘overweight’ upgrade upon the plebeian Tesla investors.

The doughnut eaters at Morgan Stanley raised their profit target to $305.  Before today, they only were looking for a mere $245 from the scientists and engineers at Tesla.

$TSLA shares began Thursday sharply higher, up eight dollars, and trading at a new 8 month high.

My profit target is much higher.  iBankCoin laboratory’s profit target is set at $1000, and not a share will be sold before we achieve it.  It is our opinion that no better steward of the public’s money exists than noble Elon (all Praise and Glory to The Leader).


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Understanding A Basic Tenent of Technical Analysis: Range Trading


You may notice I’ve slightly backed off the mouth foaming rhetoric about my bullishness in Tesla Motors.  While still my absolute favorite long-term investment, it’s now trading above intermediate term value.

Does that mean I will sell?

No.  Nah son, that’s a petty move.

But you need to understand a few basic tenents of technical analysis.  One is balance, also known as range.  Stocks spend the majority of their time in balance.  Identifying and plotting the territory is key to assessing whether your idea is ‘working’ and also when and where to take action.

If I were a more fickle Tesla investor, thank goodness I am not, then I would consider capturing some of the recent gains from sub-200 as we approach range high, see below:


The same method of trading can be applied to any instrument.  Buy range low, sell range high.  Eventually you’ll need risk parameters in place to get you out of the way when the break happens.  When the break happens, it will be explosive due to one ‘side’ of the tape being wrong.

For now, and despite political transition, an end to California’s drought, an acquisition of a solar company, and massive updates to the Autopilot feature, there has not been a shift in the perceived value of $TSLA equity.

Understand range trading, and you will be well on your way to better stock market decision making.

Tech Analysis 101


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Musk Hints That The Trump Administration May Be Surprisingly Good for Renewable Energy During Gigafactory Unveiling


When you’re in the business of building the biggest factory in the world right here in AMERICA, it makes sense to align your company mission with an administration hellbent on MAGA.  And while it seemed like common sense that Tesla would succeed under a Trump administration, it became even more evident when supreme leader Musk (all Praise and Glory to The Leader) joined the President-elect’s Strategic and Policy Forum in December.  Now we’re hearing hints from electrek that our upcoming administration will be good for the clean energy industry.

Investors attending the event told Electrek that Musk said the following when his meeting with Trump came up:

“The President-elect has a strong emphasis on US manufacturing and so do we. We are building the biggest factory in the world right here, creating US jobs… I think we may see some surprising things from the next administration. We don’t think they will be negative on fossil fuels… but they may also be positive on renewables.

When someone like Musk, who had access to Trump, says something like that, it’s significant. That could represent an important change in the perceived approach to renewables that the upcoming Trump administration has been taking.

It helps that Tesla employs more than 25,000 people in the USA already and wants to add another 10,500 to the roster.

So while the liberal front cringes from a belief that the world will resolve to a giant pile of carbon soot over the next four years, it seems their concern is misplaced.  Shockingly enough, it seems a grand company like Tesla might be able to compete with traditional, dirty energy production without the government heavily sanctioning and restricting the fossil fuels industry.

No, instead the Great Emperor of a sustainable future will out hustle traditional energy production for the win, naturally.

BULLISH for Earth and $TSLA


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Pardon my being a day late to report this, but our Supreme Leader, The One who forced the malignant auto-industry to chase him into the electric car race, The One who wants to save Spaceship Earth from the corrosive grip of Big Oil, The One who’s hashing out plans to abort Earth and save humanity just in case it is too late to save our blue marble, yes Elon (All Praise and Glory to The Leader) flipped the switch and activated the GIGAFACTORY Wednesday.

Jubilee rang out in the streets as the townsfolk held an impromptu Triumph for earth’s living deity, as what will soon be the world’s biggest factory began cranking out batteries filled with sweet-sweet lithium ions.

Hidden in the scrubland east of Reno, Nev., where cowboys gamble and wild horses still roam—a diamond-shaped factory of outlandish proportions is emerging from the sweat and promises of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It’s known as the Gigafactory, and today its first battery cells are rolling off production lines to power the company’s energy storage products and, before long, the Model 3 electric car.

The start of mass production is a huge milestone in Tesla’s quest to electrify transportation, and it brings to America a manufacturing industry—battery cells—that’s long been dominated by China, Japan, and South Korea. More than 2,900 people are already working at the 4.9 million square-foot facility, and another 4,000 jobs (including temporary construction work) will be added this year through the partnership between Tesla and Panasonic.

By 2018, the Gigafactory, which is less than a third complete, will double the world’s production capacity for lithium-ion batteries and employ 6,500 full-time Reno-based workers, according to a new hiring forecast from Tesla.

Henceforth, the calendars will now read 1 A.G.F. as humanity leaves the dark time before the Great Gigafactory, son of Elon (all Praise and Glory to The Leader) was born.


The project is moving ahead at a brisk pace and promises jobs for the good lizard folk of Nevada, who will clock into the Gigafactory 6 days a week and lead the charge to save us all, one liberating battery at a time.

Said batteries will be the fuel for Tesla to achieve the greatest feat in industrial history—delivering 500,000 Model 3 sales by 2018—a milestone claimed impossible by the angry old men of the car industry, the worst cabal since pre-World War I imperial Europe.

However, what seems impossible for the common man is obtainable by the all-powerful Elon (all Praise and Glory to The Leader) for he has proven himself capable of creating greatness.  He has also aligned himself with the upcoming executive branch, ensuring little friction from the Feds, an important alliance for a modern Leader to make if he intends to succeed in today’s cold, corrupt world.

The Gigafactory is live gentlemen, and shares of Tesla are responding in kind, trading above $220 after being sub-200 before the Christians and pagans celebrated their Xmas holiday.

With the advent of a factory producing batteries cheaper than anyone else in the world, the future looks bright for the scientists and engineers at Tesla Motors.  Soon humankind will have an energy-independence choice and self-driving cars, a prophecy laughed at by staunch deniers.



Writer’s note: I am long of $TSLA shares, in USD terms, and will continue to be long $TSLA shares, accumulating more after Q1 earnings, and again and more until I have thousands of shares to bestow to my kin.

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Position Short Initiated: Bought $QID


I always take my signals, regardless of the news flow.  It just so happens that the news flow on #terroristmonday is tragically sad.

A Russian Ambassador was assassinated by a man who appeared well-trained.  An investigation into who ordered the killing is ongoing but early reports from a “Turkish senior official” says current investigation focused on gunman’s links to US-based Gulen network.  Aka, there is speculation the West is behind the killing.  Not good, even if only speculation.

A semi truck plowed into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin.

A shooting attack occurred in fucking Switzerland, the land of peace.

There were also reports of a gun fire at the US embassy in Ankara, Turkey—a site near the Russian assassination.

This is truly a sad day for humanity.  Another sad day for humanity, and the timing of it rhymes with other historic atrocities.

People get crazy this time of year.  Even in my hood, crime is on the uptick.  Be safe out there.

Moving on, I have initiated a position short against the NASDAQ via QID:


I came into the opening bell short /NQ and managed to get out of the way before the huge buying surge.  Then began re-shorting in the afternoon.

In short, my bias appear correct, so far.  There’s a whole lotta week left.


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Report: Verizon To Walk Away from Yahoo Deal


Shares of Yahoo $YHOO are off by more than -4% after Bloomberg’s Paul Sweeney reported that the recent hacking revelations may offer the massive telecom company an opportunity to walk away from the Yahoo deal.


At the least, Sweeney considers the new hack findings an opportunity to go back to the negotiation table and sweeten the deal for Verizon.

The news hit the wires like this:

Verizon Said Seriously Considering Dropping Yahoo! Deal


Not bullish.

The ongoing drama continues for the not so popular search engine company.

The initial spike lower in $YHOO shares is being bought up Thursday morning as the overall market continues rallying for the week.  However, the expectation is for Yahoo shareholders to continue enduring significant pressure as Marissa Mayer and the board members of Yahoo attempt to sell their company.

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Supreme Future Thinker Elon Musk Asked By Trump To Join President’s Advisory Team

President Barack Obama tours the commercial rocket processing facility of Space Exploration Technologies, known as SpaceX, along with Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Cape Canaveral, Fla. on Thursday, April 15, 2010.  Obama also visited the NASA Kennedy Space Center to deliver remarks on the bold new course the administration is charting to maintain U.S. leadership in human space flight. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

You may be invested in the right company when their CEO is homies with the current and upcoming USA Presidents.  While President Obama and Elon Musk (all Praise and Glory to The Leader) seemed to get on well, President-elect Trump has asked the electric car and rocket builder to join his advisory team, according to reports Wednesday morning from The Hill.

 Musk, Kalanick and Nooyi will join 13 other members of the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum who are expected to “meet with the President frequently to share their specific experience and knowledge as the President implements his economic agenda.”

The forum will be chaired by Stephen A. Schwarzman, the CEO and co-founder of Blackstone, one of the world’s largest private equity firms.

“America has the most innovative and vibrant companies in the world, and the pioneering CEOs joining this Forum today are at the top of their fields,” Trump said in a statement.

Any business-minded individual who has held a leadership role knows you find and consult with the best industry professionals you can reach.  They provide priceless real world experience in success and failure.  Unlike the nonsensical stream that comes from the blowhole of a career politician, industry pros have real world wisdom to share.

We are seeing the foundations of a great administration being laid, even if it comes at the expense of uncomfortably courting the southern evangelists and their fucked up social agenda.

Elon Musk (all Praise and Glory to The Leader) has a seat at the top table in the world, and shares of his company are responding in kind.  Shares of Tesla motors are up nearly +2% Wednesday.

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Booked Some Spooky Gains Ahead of FOMC


Namely, I sold Lionsgate.  They restructured their shares so it took two commissions to sell the position I took before Halloween.

The Blair Witch sequel, which was my catalyst, was a total flop, but the shares performed admirably nonetheless.

Now I have some broccoli to shop for some deals post-rate hike.


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General Motors Down Big Ahead of Wednesday Open After ‘Monopolistic Behavior’ Comments from China


When reports surfaced Tuesday night that China would impose a penalty on an unnamed American automaker, it was evident that Government Motors would be their target.

Buick is a successful line of internal combustion engine cars in China, especially among their elite.

The threat of a penalty has shares of $GM off by over -3% as we approach Wednesday’s open.

Automotive News, citing reports from the China Daily newspaper and a Bloomberg report, wrote that the Chinese government is targeting GM China.

Automotive News added that the Chinese government believes General Motors gave an order to various distributors in the country to fix prices starting in 2014.

The report comes at a strained time between the Chinese government and the U.S. following Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. election. Trump has taken a harsh stance against China and even called to label the country a currency manipulator.

Nevertheless, China’s director of the National Development and Reform Commission’s price supervision bureau Zhang Handong was quoted as saying no one should “read anything improper” into the timing or target of the penalty.

Any headwind for General Motors is a positive for Tesla.  The likihood that trade wars with China will affect the bailed out automakers is no different.

Bullish for Tesla, bearish for Lyft and GM.


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