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Nukes are more fun to watch then fireworks and my new alternative energy investment

I could have been trading NASDAQ futures this morning or sending important emails or scratching a few tasks off the old ‘to-do’ list.  Nope.  Instead I watched fifty or so nuclear explosions uploaded by the Lawrence Livermore national laboratory.  They decided to digitize the footage from about 200 nuke tests.  I just kept watching nuke-after-nuke.  Here are some stand-out nukes:

It could be all these weak ass fireworks going off around me that has me on a nuke bender.  My neighborhood is a mix of pickup truck loving Americans and old country Italians.  I venture you can guess who is blowing shit up.  Or it could be my recent obsession with dark forces and superstition, which is a close relative to faith.

Along the lines of faith, I initiated a new long term stock position late last week in Terraform Power, Inc.  I say long term but I need to learn more about their management and we need to break up-and-away from this wedge otherwise I’ll be forced to shift the funds into Tesla instead:

Because the position is based on faith in my One True Leader, Elon,  The belief being that Elon (Praise Him) and his team of scientists and engineers are Mankind’s Last Hope, and that they will succeed and save us from the destructive powers of big oil.  That they will continue to accelerate the adoption of alternative energy and electric cars.  And that some alternative energy stocks will grow rapidly as Elon leads us to greener pastures.  All the other car companies will of course stagnate.  They won’t perish through.  General Motors is to big to actually participate in real capitalism.

Faith keeps me tethered to Tesla.  I am not thrilled with the current share prices.  I would love to see it come down to $100 or so, allowing me to accumulate shares through my mid-30s at a discount rate, before they ultimately become the biggest company in the world while I become an old man.

So I am investing in some ancillary plays for now, based on the same immutable faith I have in Elon (Glory to The Leader).

We need to blow another nuke off.  All the old footage is weak.  We need to use those high resolution, slow motion cameras to really see the obscenity of a rapid nuclear reaction in full HD.  Just one.  And set up lots of good props.  Like if we are going to do it let’s do it right.


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  1. juice

    I’m sure all that nuke testing has no negative effects on the atmosphere or the planet itself.

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    • Raul3

      nope, not at all…I wonder if we could push our planet a few feet further away from the sun so it’s not so freaking hot here…

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  2. tonka

    Why not invest in nukes instead of watching them? Upwards of 20% of supply is set to come off line in the next couple years, at precisely the same time most utilities have to sign new supply contracts. Addition of Section 232 to potentially gun the price domestically too.

    Charts all look very similar to Terraform.

    Imagine if 20% of oil supply got taken down with no plan of replacement. Yellowcake to the moon!

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