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Mixed signals heading into the week and an update on my field work

Greetings lads,

Floods coming.

And until then our job is to take to the financial markets with the explicit intent of extracting US fiat dollars.  Said currency should be stockpiled until the amount acquired is sufficient enough to purchase land as far north as our constitution allows.  I’ll tell you, whoever was representing Canada when the line was drawn splitting North America did a solid for the Canadians—they have all the fjords and 70% of the world’s freshwater.

In any case the incessant desire to burn fossil fuel is putting a lid on our planet and as any Simple Jack can observe, water boils faster when you put a lid on the pot.  So altitude and norther latitudes are the only way to avoid blight, famine, and catastrophe for your children.  Your prayers won’t be of much use, but you may want to keep saying them anyway, especially if you live near the coast.

The models I use to drive my short-term trading decisions are sending opposite signals.  One is triggering a long bias.  The other, a short.  When this happens my default play is to step aside.  You see, unlike the Twitter gurus of the world or the full-time gamblers, I do not need to trade every single day to make money.  I only need to trade when a clear edge emerges.  Forcing myself to only trade when I have a directional bias, an intra-day trade setup, and a morning hypothesis to work with is what elevated me to consistent profitability.

It is easy for me to stand on my little iBankCoin soapbox and preach patience, but I know patience is not the panacea for overcoming the learning curve of trading.  Patience is only effective once you have a consistent and rigorous approach to decision making.  And the development of a style and approach can be an urgent matter that demands your persistence and experience (screen time) more than your patience.  I’m wandering off topic.

I spent part of last week out in the real world, interacting with real humans.  I listened to some smart people talking about blockchain and also a mixed bag of industrialists, attorneys, and drug addicts talk about cannabis.  These two industries are very similar to each other in my brain.  They both are new and confusing and probably illegal.  But it seems like lots of money is made when a business ventures into the grey matter between right and wrong.  It really is an ‘either or’ decision for me.  Either I continue investing in cryptocurrency or I rotate all those funds somewhere into cannabis.  I am taking this decision slowly; asking lots of questions; sizing people up.  I’m not sure I trust any of these cannabis actors.

Speaking of the real world, and if you’re enough of a masochist that you made it this far into my Sunday diatribe, you may be interesting in attending my talk this Wednesday, November 14th from 6-7:30pm.  It’s in Detroit.  Here is a link to RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/Detroit-Investors-Traders-StockTwits-Meetups/events/255982115/

We have room for a few more people, so if you will be in the Detroit area this week, come on down.

Anywho, my signals are crossed so I am stepping aside this week.  Cannabis is illegal but hemp seems interesting and perhaps less illegal.  Blockchain and cryptocurrency is super nerdy and totally out of the limelight, which I like.  And Earth is being brought to a slow boil, gently enough that most of us won’t notice and hop out of the pot before it’s too late.

ciao ciao

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