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Bearish bets have been made against Canada Goose by animal-loving sapiens

Happy early Earth Day lads!

Floods coming.

And until then our job is to help every animal live their best life, at least until mother nature decides to indiscriminately wipe out millions of mammals with floods.  The quants inside Exodus are firing off broad market caution flags that have not been seen in years.  Our only contextual ‘tell’ going into the week has been the PHLX Semiconductor index, which is down more than -4% in Thursday afternoon trade.

These objective data points had me shopping for a bearish swing trade for the first time since June 2017 when I took a loss betting against the NASDAQ.

April 2018 RAUL is different than the June 2017 model.  I have developed a deeper empathy for the animal spirit, in all its forms.  I have not traded individual stocks since I swore off the bastards back in 2015.  Yes, I have been at this game a long time lads.  My archives run deep inside the hallowed halls of iBankCoin, a place that was once patronized only by proper ladies and gentlemen.

But I do invest.  I invest using a method I call faith-based investing which basically means I have unwavering belief in a company and their mission and will buy their equity every quarter with no intention of selling—ever—riding the shares right to the pearly gates and leaving them behind for my kin.  Obviously I have to be extremely selective about these stocks because this is an expensive habit.  Tesla is one.  Twitter is another.  CRISPR, AI, and quantum computing themes have me in a few other stocks I shall not mention. Oh, and I also keep a cache of crypto-bucks (all the bitcoins, ethereum, banana coins).

I got enemies though.  I can’t be one of these ‘everything is awesome, always take the high road’ leaders.  I commend those who can.  I have enemies.  I should have washed my hands before I began typing this.  They are covered in soil.   I spent the lunch hour caring for my flower beds.

With dirt on thine hands I am letting it be known the CEO of Canada Goose and his team of murderous trappers are an enemy to RAUL.  As of today I have taken bearish positions against the their company’s equity.

There is more to this trade then faith or karma.  First, the price chart.  I don’t like it.  It reminds me of GoPro circa November 2014.  Great run up after the IPO, consolidation, attempted breakout higher preceding what would become a long, long, march lower.  Much…much…lower ::said aloud with Liam Neeson effect::

Next there is the basic b*tch meter.  These coats are worn by basic b*tches, both genders.  There is a small market of people who actually wear the coats for arctic explorations, the rest are worn by young urban professionals whose dogs have their own instragram accounts.

Thirdly, we are about to enter summer.  The farmers almanac is calling for a dry and hot summer in the north—one that presses extreme heats into late August.  Ergo, nobody is going to buy coats filled with boiled geese bits and dog fur.

Let it be known that I intend to keep bearish positions in place on $GOOS through summer’s end.  I have also joined the PETA awareness campaign against Canada Goose.  We simply ask that they stop the use of animal fur and stop supporting the inhumane trapping industry.  There are plenty of faux alternatives that work just as well, if not better.

That is all I have to say.  Robots are leaning bearish.  My contextual cue is leaning bearish.  And faith-based investing methodology (which cannot be rationally explained) has me choosing $GOOS as a means of extracting fiat currency from the financial markets.

Be well and again, happy Earth Day fellow earth citizens.

RAUL SANTOS, April 19th, 2018

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  1. probucks

    Asian people could give a fuck about animal rights groups. They rock Canada Goose year round. Top trendy winter jacket.

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  2. ironbird

    Fake fur is most likely poison. Just wait til vaping spreads lung AIDS. If it is fake it will kill you.

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  3. sarcrilege

    Re, Tesla, this guy is asking Who in their right mind would continue to finance this money losing operation?
    so I sent him your link

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    • RAUL

      your first mistake was telling that nice man that RAUL is in his right mind

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      • Zach Allen

        $MGTI. Did I mention $MGTI? Not sure if I said $MGTI not. Follows the Wall Street Cheat Sheet perfectly, and it is just getting started on its latest leg up. Some volume shoots are starting to sprout, got all the way down to $1.05 from a high in Dec of $8.14. Cryptos aren’t going away, i.e. Lightning Network with MasterCard using LTC and BTC to settle transactions.

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