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Regarding Twitter

Twitter shares had their second worst daily performance in history Friday after meeting, mind you, meeting Wall Street’s earnings expectations and exceeding their pointless banker ass analyst estimates for sales.

I can tell very quickly it was the second worst single day for TWTR by using Exodus.  I just filter the ‘% Chg’ column and voila, a list of every ultra violent day in the company’s brief history of public trade:

Before I go into why I’m bullish on Twitter let me reiterate that I use Exodus as part of every single trading decision and I use Exodus when I blog.  If that turns you off, let me set the record straight—no matter what you say or what you do, you’ll never work this game like me.  I don’t make a penny off Exodus.  Maybe one day if I add value instead of taking value The Fly might pay me.

Free access. That’s it.

Meanwhile the shit I’m doing this year?  Insanity.  I’m running a book of 54 stocks that’s rising faster than the NASDAQ.  I own and keep adding to a massive Tesla position despite an army of Luddites who tweet me in all caps at night.  I’m climbing volcanoes like David Attenborough while trading OVERBOUGHT signals with leverage to victory, putting photos to market on Shutterstock and Getty, reading old fiction and new philosophy.  Running summer camp for Detroit investors.  They open auditoriums for me in the murder mitten and I kill it.  The fuck outta here with that Exodus to pay the bills shit.  I pull cash out the NAS-100 faster than some rich kid at a ATM speed dialing for a yatch re-up.  I’m putting a fucking bocci ball court in the backyard.

Twitter had a good quarter.  They sold $710 million dollars worth of internet stuff in 3 months.  They made a profit.  They boosted interaction rates.  They deleted a few million robot accounts.  Jack Dorsey is still a handsome dude.  Kanye and Kim invite him to their barbecues.

Flashback to 2016.  Trump beat the entire world at Who Wants To Be A President?  For better or worse.  This is America.  The old guard got caught sleeping.  Predators made a move, predominantly using Twitter and it worked.  Too bad.

Now ‘conservatives’ think they’re shadow banned because of their political standing.  They aren’t.  They tweet like foul beasts.  The algorithm censors their crass behavior.  Guess what?  It happens to me too when I tweet about eating humans like a meat lover eats swine or chicken.  The platform down ranks violence.  The opposite of WorldStar.

As for robot accounts.  They are pervasive across the internet.  I have 12.4k followers on Instagram (@vincalim, get at me!).   Those are robots.  I’m sure of it.  I bought them off fivverr as a joke in 2014 and now I can’t be rid of them.  Instagram, Facebook’s pride.  Everyone thought Mark was nuts when he paid $1 billion for Insta in 2012.  Now he’s a skin suit full of lizards that Washington DC fears.

There are millions of bots on every platform.  If Twitter is being proactive about removing them it will eventually be rewarded.  Monthly active users (MAUs) is a stupid data point tracked by vest-wearing choads in midtown.

Twitter is the most powerful platform in the world.  My stance on this matter is permanent.  You can command an army using hashtags and retweets.  My money is long until all-time highs or total bust.

I’m not some scared baby who only wants to be with a stock or crypto-thingy for the good times.  Long on the up moves, short on the downs.  Those people probably tried riding through bad times once and choked.  Maybe they don’t know how to win in America, how time and hustle play out.  So now apparently, these market timers loaf around swimming pools, trading forex on laptops.  Try that out sometime and see how it goes.

Ask me how I know.

Twitter can go lower in the days and weeks to come.  I’m not here to make predictions.  If you want predictions, go away.  I am here to tell you that I am long TWTR and to encourage you to augment your approach with robots before you’re put out the game by better equipped competition.  I need you around or it’ll just be me verse the institutions.  Which is fine, but we could all be chipping away at the pillars of finance so they crumble sooner.

I bought more Twitter at closing bell Friday.  I will buy more next quarter.  And the quarter after.  Said shares will remain on my book until we take out all time highs or until the stock trades $0.00 or some other bastardized form of zero.

I dollar-cost-average any stock that isn’t chosen by Exodus robots.  If I am buying a stock then I’m loyal.  The world needs more loyalty but it probably won’t happen.

Finally, an edit tweet feature is absurd. Stop asking.  Maybe you don’t understand how to tweet.  Bring your a-game.  Twitter isn’t for pikers.

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