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Not trading today // letting Jacked Dorsey do all the work

Lads I’ve been on the wrong side of the tape all week and very early yesterday I hit my weekly loss limit. I am in good spirits but rules are there for a reason. Namely so I don’t blow my account up.

Twitter is my second largest position. Yesterday’s spike did well to shore up some of the bleeding. But with Jack giveth, Elon taketh.

I will spend the day working on installing my dang kitchen. I reportedly have Cousin Raul on the way to help.

Twitter is a never sell for me. Soon I will be charging 1 doge to see my tweet, and at the rate I tweet this will make be a very rich doge.

Trade’em well lads. I’ll be back Sunday with preparations for the week.

Raul Santos, February 26th 2021

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