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iBankCoin Labs Is Bullish into Month End

Greetings lads and pardon my late entry!

As much as I wanted to make good time crossing the country by land there are so many natural views along the way that require additional examination.  Thus, it was not until 4pm pacific that I reached my initial destination, the pleasant hills of Santa Barbara.

But the model is the model and without dedication to updating the data inside it faithfully, it will lose its objectivity and efficacy.  Therefore it was the second matter of business after washing off a thick layer of desert dust.

Once updated, the model returned a bullish reading.  Nothing crazy, just a call for a calm drift, perhaps with a slight upward bias.  How absurd will it be if this forecast materializes?  If we continue rallying, sans pullback, clean into December?

Then a few weeks of locking in capital losses to work through before the holidays add some sparkle.  And then we can put 2017 to rest.

We are still focused on healthcare and biotech this week, and will be using this sector/industry to gauge direction of the overall market.

We discuss why to watch healthcare, and other actionable information in the Exodus Strategy Session, which is now live.

Distinguished Exodus members, the 158th edition of Strategy Session is live, go check it out.


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