Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Blood Everywhere

The sellers went to work into the close yesterday and continued their onslaught overnight driving price to new lows as I write.  I’ve also been axed from the iBankCoin roster.  And this morning, when letting my hounds loose to bark at the schoolchildren one doggy caught her ear and spilled blood, literally, everywhere.  I’m off to the vet after this.

The way we’re all overreacting you would think something bad actually happened yesterday.  Yes we gave back some gains, but nothing is lost.  We may be entering a bracketed trade for now.

Here are some important levels to keep in mind as you sashay through your gay day:


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  1. Mr. Cain Thaler
    Mr. Cain Thaler

    Sorry to hear Sir Raul. You’ve been doing well. Keep writing in the Blogger Network.

  2. Fly Fraud

    HLF rolling down the river just nicely

  3. Sooz

    keep your eye on RVLT ,Sir Raul.
    very nice move today..
    especially if you managed to scoop shares yesterday(?)

    02/28/2013 YOU BOUGHT
    Cash Shares: +*,100.000 Price: $1.049

    Believe it or not!!!


  4. Raul3

    Here you are mam:

    $RVLT is on my radar today for sure