Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Why Do We Even Work?

Sometimes we work hard at something because it’s our passion.  Other times we bury ourselves in the mundane, perhaps something easily delegated or put off, because it takes our mind off other parts of life.  I like both of these.  It’s hard for me to call trading work.  The research doesn’t bother me either.  All the data gets fed into my mind, and then I apply it to my whole life.  As hard as life can be in America, if you diligently make good decisions there’s no better culture to thrive in.  Studying successful businessmen and their companies gives me confidence to walk into any boardroom, mobbing my boots rugged, and throw down.  My life is improving rapidly, and 2013 is my busting out year.

This is about the point where my handsome face gets shoved in a blendtec.

My readership reached record lows this week and now I’m getting fired. My blog isn’t something people want to read and share with their friends.  I act weird on the internet.  I’m the first to admit that.  It’s fun and ads color to my otherwise grayscale day.  I really don’t think that should matter.  You should see some of the characters I do business with in real life.  I wouldn’t take them to a baseball game with my corporate coworkers but I trust them in their profession.  I rely on people to be good at what they do, so I can be great at what I do. Contrary to what commenter “Fly Fraud” would have you think, I trade well.

The hits are rolling over here.  I really thought being right more times than wrong would build readership.  I’m not going to lie, I pumped the election boxes a bit.  Do you really think I had a shot at being top three?  Obviously you weren’t hanging around the blogger network where I rarely ranked top ten.  I figured grab the stage, crush some trades real time, and sit back and watch my viewership explode. Boooooom, didn’t happen.

With all of that in mind, I’m lightening up most of my positions these next few sessions, and strategizing March.  Being right—doesn’t matter.  Juggling hand grenades—not impressive.  Funky You Tube grabs—yawn.  I’m going to get increasingly selective with my positions even if it means delaying gains.  To keep your interest I’m taking this show on the road, and heading back to the dark dungeons of the Blogger Network.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Po Pimp

    The BN is where the true hustlaz roll. Front page is for the P. Diddy sell outs.

    Welcome home.

  2. elizamae

    We shall commiserate over an old soup can filled with hooch when I return to “The BN”.

  3. The Fly

    Ragin Cajun fought for you.

  4. Raul3

    Thank you Ragin Cajun for going to bat for me.

  5. bobbin4apples

    I liked the spot light that was shined on all of you (Raul3 and elizamae) and being new to iBC I will now know you guys are worth venturing into the dungeon for.
    This song more fits the times at hand:

  6. Sooz

    Rhino has his work cut out..

    just saying..

    Thanks for all your dedicated work.
    ditto to that rodeo clown, large simian brained cross walker..
    great work!!

  7. RaginCajun

    A sad day. I would share my tab with you if Fly would let. You killed that ZNGA trade, you killed that TPX trade, I’ve watched you murder many things in real time inside 12631.

    And, that is what this site is about, banking coin.

    Fuck traffic, I see you over there.


  8. Rhino

    Give them fucking hell.

  9. Jworthy

    Really enjoyed reading your posts everyday and will continue to follow on BN. You did a great job.

  10. Jack

    I have really enjoyed your posts. Please keep it up in the blogger network.

    The real metric should be who had the best ROI. Readers
    will keep increasing as they see u banking mad coin!

  11. MFalke

    Traffic is overrated. In the trading world the best traders do not get the most traffic, in the same way that the best movies and video games don’t get the most sales. Personally I have found your posts to be very valuable.

  12. BathSaltTrader

    I thought you brought a lot of good trade ideas over to the front page, not to mention your blog was usually humorous and a pleasure to read. I look forward to following you over at the BN. Best of luck

  13. Raul3

    Thanks for all the positive feedback people, I really appreciate it.