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General Motors Spikes Higher Tuesday After Adding $5B To Share Buyback Plan

Share of government bail-out entity General Motors are spiking higher Tuesday after the car maker announced they will add $5 billion dollars to their buyback plan.

You are witnessing the real catalyst to a stock on Wall Street, artificial financial crap moves, not innovation.  But, alas, when dealing with a giant, shouldn’t exist (at least not in this capacity), type-business like $GM, it is tough to innovate.

A reversion to the mean is more likely.

That is, unless you do some financial funny business to stimulate the investor class.

The announcement came during the Deutsche Bank Auto Conference, where according to Benzinga the company also said they will, “have an active voice as NAFTA policies shift.”

There is one car to get excited about from Government Motors, however.  At least, if you’re into efficiency and love planet earth—look at this kick ass Chevy Cruze.  It’s diesel and is aiming to achieve 50 miles-per-gallon:


It may not arouse you visually, but a compact diesel offering has been missing from US fleets for decades.  Instead you had to go to the Germans if you wanted to drive a diesel car in USA.

The share buyback is an admission by GM that they cannot think of a more fruitful use for their (our, yours, what?) money.


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