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$RVLT Becomes a Flaming Bag of Garbage

Clearly we’re just beginning to see the panic set in with shareholders of RVLT.  Something about a stock being up 600 percent in a year’s time has folks a bit…oh I don’t know, spooked?

Meanwhile, a company I hold near-and-dear, OESX, a company I bought for $2.60 then sold for $2.30 in March is running circles around the old men with their stupid CREE and RVLT.  And I liked OESX MONDAY, for the love of bologna.

It’s all simply too much to bear, for a coward.  However, I don’t care about the severance pay RVLT dished out, it’s peanuts.  I don’t care about how RVLT’s stock price slashes through one support level after another.  All these jackasses need to do, and please excuse my retarted penmanship, is retrofit.  RETROFIT.RETROFIT.RETROFIT.  That’s why the purchase of Relume and Seesmart got me excited.

They now have the technology on hand to measure the savings their clients receive from retrofitting their bulbs.  This allows them to structure financing deals based on the savings they produce—eliminating the capital outlay a business may be hesitant to forego.  And they have a line of stupid LED bulbs to peddle: total vertical integration.

CREE’s bulbs are no better than anyone else’s.  It takes China like 72 hours to bootleg anything American companies do. Hence, RVLT’s bulbs are in fact stupid, but no stupider [sic] then Cree’s.

So as long as RVLT hones in on retrofits, focusing on the low hanging fruit, they have the tools in place to go Johnny Appleseed on the USA.  We’re in the management’s hands now.  Are they closers or not?  That’s all the matters.

Forget everything else.

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