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The Heat is On (Yes, Song Included)

Well summer is full swing, market volume is low low low, and it’s hotter than @QueenXenia’s sunburnt thighs outside. That could only mean one thing: it’s time to grill…SHORTS. And meats and veggies of course, sure sure. But shorts require a special grilling vessel known as the brazen bull. Weber makes one and you can find it at your local HD.

Joking aside cool headed iBC resident chessNwine has laid out the strategy for the week. We’re looking for low-float stocks with significant short interest. Fly is squeezing fuckers too. Just as my TPX position could not catch a bid this morning and resulted in rapid price discovery to the downside, short squeezes levitate the offer resulting in a pump higher. The moves may be temporary however, and by no means should it be your only strategy.

Current positions by weight are as follows: P, ADS, Z, YELP, and EXK. Pandora I’m huge in, now 17% of my port.

50% cash and 5% AWK .

Pandora is getting wiry into the close. That is all

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