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Small Craps Again

Hey gold is above $2,000 now, something the goldbugs have been waiting for since 2018. Well you finally made it, morons. Congrats.

Market response is limited today with a bias to the DOWNSIDE but I am not moved. I am unmoored in my obstinance and added to my longs, now 110% LEVERAGED LONG with a penchant for pain. Maybe if I lose some money today I’ll feel something and it can motivate me to do really great tomorrow.

Aw shucks — markets legged down just when I wrote that — penning me in down 75bps for the session. Breadth is 42% and there isn’t much to love early going. But come on now, give it an hour and we’ll be lifting up again — since we really can’t help it.

Before I go, here’s an interesting graphic for you to peruse.

Looking at that would lead anyone to guess we’re, at some point, doomed. But I rather like the idea of American supremacy, laying waste to everyone and all. I am finishing up a book now on Imperial Japan and it’s a terrible thing what we did to the Japanese, uneven combat against a literal death cult of people intent on dying in the war as opposed to winning it.

Don’t die in the market plebs — win in it.

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