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Fly’s End of Year Top 10 Holdings

Sometime soon, I will post a year end summary for you (the internet leech). In the meantime, behold my top 10 holdings:

1. VMI


3. SKF

4. FXP




8. CLX

9. GME

10. GD

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Fuck You; Merry Christmas

I’m off to buy a new car, much to my chagrin.

Santa Claus, the prick, is in “full effect,” mudstomping my [[FXP]] position.

On the upside, most of my longs, with the exception of [[BWLD]] are going “tank crazy” on the bears.

By the way, I’ve been blowing out of some BWLD today. Not because I hate the shit stained restaurant, but for tax losses.

Sometime early next week, “The Fly” will wrap up the trading year, and give ammunition to his detractors and “fans.”

Just know, “The Fly” is destined for GREATNESS, one way or another. You can bet against him for a limited time only.


Merry Christmas.

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Financials Melting Like a Cheap Candle

With profound weakness in [[BSC]], [[WM]], [[ABK]], [[SOV]] and [[CORS]], I suspect many investors are biting the bullet and taking losses on financials.

Although the short financial trade is crowded, it may still work, for much of 2008. The share prices are down, but do not reflect a bad 2008, yet.

Most people are still gingerly optimistic about a 2008 comeback, particularly in the brokers.

How about a big bankruptcy?

Well, we haven’t had one yet. I suspect there will be some sort of capitulation day in 2008, on the back of a “gigunta” bankruptcy, which will allow the sector to bottom.

Until then, I want to be short [[C]], [[BAC]], [[JPM]], [[AIG]], [[WFC]], [[GS]], [[AXP]], [[MS]] and [[FNM]], via [[SKF]].

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