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Curious Sunday observation

I’ll have my usual philosophical Sunday entry, along with the full Strategy Session up in a bit. But I wanted to drop a quick note about an interesting observation I just made. Since switching my research over from Exodus to cocklabs back in October, the bias scores generated by IndexModel have been moving nearly in lock-step with the hybrid/technical algo scores inside Stocklabs. Until these last three weeks. These last three weeks have seen the line diverge. Check it out, starting on April 4th Indexmodel has grown more-and-more bullish while algo score remain slightly bearish:

What does it mean? We don’t know.

It will be interesting to see how this abnormality in recent data resolves, and whether occurrences of this nature continue to happen, and if we can derive an objective means of action based off of it in the future.

Okay for now, back to work on the Strategy Session. Stay tuned.

Raul Santos, April 18th 2021 9:40am New York

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