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Newark, New Jersey Ruined Christmas for Last Minute FedEx Customers

FedEx is playing it off cool, blaming their failure to meet Christmas day deliveries on an ‘unprecedented’ e-commerce surge, but some suspect it was also the crap weather Newark was experiencing during the days leading into Christmas.  Either way, people are going ape-shit, saying FedEx is the Grinch and whatnot, ruining their Christmases.  Jackasses and their first world problems.  Anyhow, Bloomberg has the FedEx mea culpa up on their site.

Rumor has it everyone received their packages in the days following Christmas.  Someone on reddit posted my cover pic, which is a package from 1996 that rattled loose in the UPS systems during the holiday surge.

Package delivery is reaching a new realm as online retailers swell in size.  It is no wonder Amazon is getting creative with their delivery methods, becoming the Uber of the postal game, toying with drones and whatnot.


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  1. TaoOfPatrick

    I order a lot of shit online this month and was surprised that 70% of my stuff was delivered on time,early in the day by the USPS.Maybe they will give a new meaning to going postal!…………… NAYYYY!

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  2. Marc David

    Poor Americans. Didn’t get their stuff they desperately needed on a certain day to shred gifts. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, people can’t drink clean water.

    I saw this story and just laughed. 1st world problems.

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