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Ping Pong: Your Move Bulls

So we’re neutral today, after a trend day down, so to be skeptical of this afternoon’s strength is reasonable. And though I’ve been buying back into the market this morning, I am leaving ammo in case we see more weakness. In fact, I welcome weakness as it will allow to properly position my book.

But here’s the thing with timing. You want to have the in general right spot but to think you’ll be subjected to no heat is wishful thinking at best and a recipe for squirrel-like waffling at worst. So we may be 100 Nasdaqs up tomorrow and I will only be riding half steed. So be it, this happens all the time.

I took an old school QLD long this morning. And since I endeavor to buy a used car in the future, I started a new position in TRUE. It’s more a technical trade than a story trade, thank gawd, but I like the website nonetheless.

Aside from that Apple is faring well, Twitter is my largest position, Tesla is up to boot, and people are finally waking up to how sweet a deal DOC is right now.

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