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Working Another Pro Gap into Month-End

Nasdaq futures are priced to start month-end/quarter-end with a pro gap up. Prices worked higher for most of the overnight session and managed to print an above average range on above average volume. The action, overall, resembled an imbalanced drift higher and was confined to the bottom half of yesterday’s range.

At 9am the Case Shiller Composite was released and saw little reaction. At 9:45 we have Chicago Purchasing Manager, and at 10am Consumer Confidence. Overall, these economic events are likely to contribute to a volatile, choppy environment this morning.

Yesterday we came into the week pro gap down, an extreme gap that was driven by news over the weekend about Greece. After bulls mounted a half-gap fill they ran into sellers and the market rolled back over. We spent the rest of the session trending lower. There were signs of balance in the morning, but that quickly gave way to OTF selling. The volume was high at end-of-day and enough to shift the VPOC down near session low.

According to market profile theory, any entry in the direction of yesterday’s trend (short) is a risk free entry into today’s session because we are very likely to exceed its session low by at least a tick. Therefore my primary hypothesis today is for sellers to push into the overnight inventory to close the overnight gap down to 4380 setting up a test of yesterday’s low 4368.25. Look for sellers to target a move down to 4353.75. Look for responsive buyers north of 4347.25.

Hypo 2 buyers gap-and-go higher, stall out around 4411.50 and we roll over and close the overnight gap to 4380, test below yesterday’s low 4368.25 and quickly find responsive buyers and two-way trade ensues.

Hypo 3 buyers push up through 4414.25 and we work through the upper distribution to target 4430 then a stretch target of 4440.



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