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Sofa King Long

I’m watching these rusty shorts fail time and time again to break 1666 on the spooz in the most non-eventful trading session of the week and it got me adding long exposure.

I bought OCZ and then I bought OCZ again.  I bought some FSLR too.

These purchases were financed by sales of BPZ early on at 2.33 which was a pretty fancy fill and sales of Z at 64.14 which is only decent.  I still own pieces of both.

Cash, it’s low: 6 percent.

I would have loved to play some Friday lotto too, but my piker Think or Swim account got the 90 day ban hammer lol.  I totally forgot about that pattern day trader rule, but I like to segregate my pure degenerate money to ToS, my swing money to Fidelity, and my futures money to Mirus.

No trades in the futures.  If I don’t trade all willy-nilly, I get to smoke a stogie this afternoon.  No setups have triggered today.

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