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YGE is The Bruce Lee of Solar Stocks and Other Market Observations

The Yen walked down the stairs lockstep with the SPY rise, like mirrors of one another—starting around lunchtime, which pleases me.

Anytime I trade counter-trend, taking a high quality and back tested setup, and I extract money from the market, I feel like I’m getting away with a sophisticated robbery.  I did it to EXK last week and over the last few weeks I’ve done the same long the Japanese Yen.  Now I’m out and a heavy hand is walking the currency lower.  This gives today’s move a carry feel and suggest we need to keep the carry not in the forefront but more so the back burner of our mind as we progress.

Solar stocks are getting the back ally beat down like they were flashing too much swag in the hood, which they were.  However, YGE is Bruce Lee, water, and deflected the aggressive bear bludgeons with finesse. They put out positive guidance before the bell that had everyone a bit taken aback  because they suggested shipments growth was “significantly better” than expected.  So they’re not jawboning about their FUCKING LEADS, like FSLR, they’re talking shipped product.  They’re shipping that Hanna Montana like Rick Ross, from the Phantom.

RVLT is cooling off a bit post earnings and I’m sitting here wondering if I’m about to get AMBA’d aka ambushed by sellers.  So I’m holding back the additional capital I intend to commit to this name.  But rest assured, I intend to own many more shares of RVLT before the year is through.  CREE on the other hand continues to rise, wall of worrying the old men on the sideline.  In other LED news, RBCN spiked lower after reporting unimpressive revenues but the dip was bought.

My only action today was to take a small position in USU.  I’m playing hot potato with a nuke in this name, but I figure I hate solar so much I might as well diversify my energy holdings.

Here’s my book of energy-type stocks, largest to smallest:


Goldman caught a nasty fade into the bell, I’m not sure how I feel about it, obviously I would have preferred some follow through since it’s my largest holding.  We’re practically back to my cost basis and all I have to show for it is the lint in my pocket as no scales were taken.

For in the futures I took one scalp, to the short side, in the middle of that big afternoon move higher.  I earned a modest $62.50.

My swing book made almost a percent today.  At one point it was up nearly 2 percent.  Cash level is 25 percent.


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Everyone’s getting their panties in a bind over tomorrow morning’s premarket jobs data, thus I thought it my public service to broadcast my book into the bell.




Here’s my book, by size, biggest listed first and cascading in size smaller and smaller as the list goes on:


Cashish, it’s high, about 50%


I like END the best baby

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Simply Put – We’re Not Making Enough Money

As the rally pushes on, showing small signs of exhaustion but by no means cueing the fat lady, stocks…well most of them…are simply not providing the returns necessary to support the superfluous lifestyle we desire.

How is one to afford three-tiered infinity pools when their variable income is only a few hundos?

And I get it, it’s a tough tape, a stock picker’s market if you will, but none of this matters.  I want my cake.

Let it be known that I crushed the EXK trade so far and the BPZ awesomeness.  And I needed to because my two jumbos ENPH and TPX and a pair of smitten homos at a pride festival: useless to society.  On the day, I was up just a tad below 1%.

Futures are considered a different beast by some, but I think you just have to sharpen your lens and get a good timeframe that works for you.  For some it’s the 2500 contract volume bar, for others it’s renko bars or minute bars.  I use a range bar, currently the 6-tic.  But if you find a chart and like the way it trades over a few 100 days of data, go for it.  It’s no different than trading a stock.

My futures game is getting tight as in I know it’s getting close to reaching the next level of profitability.  I need to make sure the next time we see a real intraday opportunity in the market I can stick to my plan and not go cowboy on the tape.

Anytime the tape is levitating and I’m not making money, I start jamming into lots of names.  Instead, I’m doing the opposite, trimming some long exposure where I have wins and cutting out a few names.  I sold GRPN for example…at break even.

I’m sick of talking about myself, what’s working for you?  Are you playing the biotech lotto?  Are you utilizing an option strategy during earnings?

Are you crushing some earning’s action?

I know someone is coming all over this tape, I’d love to hear about it. (no homo)

I’m off to peddle graveyard roses for grocery money…

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Quiet Morning – Unless You Pick Winning Stocks

The old me would be stalking EXK today like I did Miley Cyrus last time she was in town, but I’m comporting myself with a bit more grace and self-respect today…like Pepe Le Pew.  I learned not to chase miners, EXK in particular, through a long history of daggered hairpin reversals.  The name is volatile, I felt early on that I missed the action, therefore I did.  I’ll have to tickle my fancies with something else today.

I’ve quite enjoyed being kicked in the scrotum this morning by my newly minted long OCZ.  They came out with some preliminary earnings data rather out of the blue, and lo and behold they’re still combating supply issues.  “SUPPLIES!” …no surprise.  There are worse problems for a company to have, like no sales.  Anyway, the stock market is the final arbiter.  If the name doesn’t shape up into the bell I may axe it (no piker body spray puke).

I sold a bit more O which is fantastic, this trade played out LOCKSTEP, and now I have my final 1/3 which the market must work very hard to take from my person, as my cost basis (net of booked profits) is now $38.50 aka well below swing lows.  I hope we take out the recent swing low, run some stops, and then I’ll add some back on.  This is going to be my new AWK, collecting me a coupon while I skip to my lou though the market minefield.

My solar trifecta has me more pleasured than Lil Wayne ‘turked up’ on opiates at a stripper convention.  Take your pick: YGE, FSLR, and ENPH the sector is leading higher just as prophesied by the immortal Le Fly and other iBC cast members.  Use the green juice to power some CREE bulbs and you’re on the right track, guy.

DDD and PRLB did this morning what I like to call the bear pinch: drive lower, pullback for shorts to enter, make a new low, barely, than quickly rip higher, leaving asshole bears stuck in their underwater positions.  Have a great afternoon you harry bastards, it’s hot out there.

RVLT finally lifted off and it has done so without me.  I’m instead nearly balls deep in German LED play AIXG, down 1 percent.  All dogs have their day, RVLT is a decent company, but they’re no CREE or AIXG fundamentally.  RVLT is an instrument for degenerates to trade.

I’m happy to have paired my IMMR with some INVN because to me, they’re the same thing: new tech, chips.  INVN appears to be more en vogue.

F won’t let good Americans in unless their 401-k is set to ‘auto-allocate’.

FB still wants to win, while you’re looking elsewhere.

I’ll never own enough Z, but I own it nonetheless.

TPX is still my largest.  You will all feel its gentle wrath.

Who thinks BPZ has another squeeze in it?  (Raises hand)

That’s my book in a nutshell.  I’m considering an FXY long as protection.  Call it Kong hedging.  iBC is becoming a formidable beast.

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Sofa King Long

I’m watching these rusty shorts fail time and time again to break 1666 on the spooz in the most non-eventful trading session of the week and it got me adding long exposure.

I bought OCZ and then I bought OCZ again.  I bought some FSLR too.

These purchases were financed by sales of BPZ early on at 2.33 which was a pretty fancy fill and sales of Z at 64.14 which is only decent.  I still own pieces of both.

Cash, it’s low: 6 percent.

I would have loved to play some Friday lotto too, but my piker Think or Swim account got the 90 day ban hammer lol.  I totally forgot about that pattern day trader rule, but I like to segregate my pure degenerate money to ToS, my swing money to Fidelity, and my futures money to Mirus.

No trades in the futures.  If I don’t trade all willy-nilly, I get to smoke a stogie this afternoon.  No setups have triggered today.

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My office was rife with distractions today as the typically quiet folks of finance dipped into a barrel of beer and invaded my workspace all-too-frequently for its VIP view of the streets below.  Damn these fools, seriously, they’re demented humans who don’t get out nearly enough.

Pair that with Multicharts having an impromptu mandatory software update, and I was rendered useless in the futures market after the clock struck ten.

I’m brooding so hard right now.  But what the hell, everyone’s having fun, yes yes yes!?  Ben told the bulls, “we ridin’ round we gettin’ it.  It’s mine, I spend it.”

Ben put his flex on like an old tiger in his last fight—he’s not losing.

The S&P pit session was quiet today, but really fluid and without nasty trap action.  It went directional downward early on, and anyone with a brain would be trigger happy on their shorts, taking profits given the context.  So when a new low was never set, the market never even enticed chasing the shorts.  Then it marked time all session, then put in two nice little rotations higher to close out the day.

I missed the afternoon rotations, hence the brooding.

Perhaps that is why I bought BPZ at HOD today but let me explain a bit more.  They say if you feel like you’re missing out on the action, it’s already too late.  When I pulled up BPZ this afternoon, I didn’t feel a sense that I had missed anything.  I see this type of setup all the time, yet I never take it.  A stock launches over 10 percent higher in a single session on strong volume and closes near the HOD.  The next day it makes an even BIGGER move.  Pair that with the following bullet points:

1.) http://ibankcoin.com/flyblog/2013/07/10/a-titanic-shift-in-the-oil-markets-are-underway/

“On the other hand, surging oil prices is good for a number of sectors, such as solar, alternative energy and good old fashioned exploration plays who bank coin off the price of oil going higher.”

2.) It showed up on three of my favorite PPT screens too, including receiving an upgrade to BUY.

I’ll quickly run through today’s portfolio adjustments:

I took my first scale in O.  You have to get paid when the market pays you.  Now the move can either continue progressing or digest for a bit and I’m chill.

I took my first scale on TPX.  It’s still my largest position and top pick.  Next target is $50.

I bought PRLB, INVN, and BPZ like a cheetah chasing a gazelle.

I took cash down to 12 percent, and my positions, listed largest to smallest are as follows (top picks bolded):


I want some EXK too, call it position overload.  I did this last time we peaked out…FYI but I won’t be fooled twice.


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