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Baking a Layer Cake

We’re starting to get several layers of profiles building upon one another.  Seeing this tight consolidation after the monster run we had to start the year is impressive. It suggests a strong bid is present in the market.  Support levels are holding.  I’m always on the lookout for a rug pull, but I continue to give upside the benefit of the doubt.


First level I want to draw attention to is 1456-1457.  I highlighted the price level yesterday morning for its confluence of multiple reference points.  Yesterday added another reference point to the mix after trading above the level for most of the day only to give it up going into the afternoon.  The result was a very low volume “slip” zone.  I won’t look too far into the level except to say interesting activity has occurred at the level and where we sustain trade relative to this price is our tell going into the weekend.

Key overhead resistance for reference today is the VAH from 01/04 which also was the globex high as of this writing.

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