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02-18-2014 Trading Journal

Market was basically neutral today.   It did not go anywhere except to pause.  Pause is good.  Like any moving bio-mind, it needs to take a pause to rest.  Yes, the market is a bio-mind since it is made up of millions of mind.

My port(s), on the other hand, were having a Great Day!

First thing first, I sold all of $APRI (for non-performance) and bought $MZOR.  I like to see $MZOR as the next $ISRG.  I may hold this one for long-term and make it part of the $LRAD, $KNDI, $KGJI team.


The weekly chart above pretty much showed a strong upward trend.  I don’t think it will retrace that much from here; thus my buying $MZOR today just to get on board. .

$KNDI had a strong and healthy gain today.


Notice that price is now bouncing off the 5 MA line which was a good sign.

$CERS continued onward without giving back gain for the last two weeks.


Notice how price marched upward since early February without giving back gain.  This is a strong stock ready to pop on good news.

$LRAD also moved higher today.


I’m not crazy about the doji bar today but it may not mean a top yet.  Confirmation is needed before today doji bar is considered a temporary top.

Today, my top three positions, $KNDI, $LRAD, $CERS all carried my port another notch higher despite some minor corrections on others.  I’m especially disappointed with $TINY performance today.  I’ll need to re-evaluate this position tomorrow.

Current holdings:

KNDI, LRAD, CERS, SEED, KGJI, HALO, TINY, MZOR (full speculated).

Now, to my other account…

What’s a Fantastic day for me!

I bought $XTRM after researching this stock over the long weekend.


As luck would have it, news from AccessWire brought awareness to this stock and the momentum could not be stopped.  The main reason I like this stock is because of the industrial hemp (more so than the medical cannabis) which is being legalized in the Federal level by Obama signing off the $1 trillion Farm Bill.   The other main attraction of $XTRM is its low float status ($55.92 million) for a pennystock and its being a super micro-cap ($8.15 million) as of today close. Correction: $XTRM actually has about 717 million shares outstanding.

Granted that this company is a newby coming out of nowhere and thus carries the stigma of being a possible pie-in-the-sky stock.  However, the alluring part is $XTRM purchase of 40,000 acres of land in California that will allow it to grow the industrial hemp as well as medical cannabis (I believe $XTRM will have to wait until the Federal law legalizes cannabis first; otherwise, it will be too risky to operate when cannabis is still included in Federal Schedule 1 dangerous drug list.)

For a micro-cap stock like $XTRM, I believe the industrial hemp business alone will pop this one up big time.


Look at the daily chart above.  Even though I bought it at a higher open, I still ended with a 50%+ increase on my position. Wow!

$FITX news today is nothing new to me since I already figured this one out when they announced the production facility that can produce 1.3 million lbs annually.  That was the reason I kept buying when it was correcting last week.


I like to see price takes out the resistance at $0.1149 established last week.  $FITX offered an open house next Saturday which I thought was a good idea.  This should put any doubting Thomas to bed as to rather this production facility is a real deal or not.  I already know (or believe) that this is a real deal just by looking at the Canadian news regarding Lakeshore with picture of the Mayor with the Cen Biotech team.

Since I bought a boat load of $XTRM in the morning, my port was up 18% by day-end.  Although this port is about 1/10 the size of the main account (see above); I’ve a feeling that if these two cannabis stocks can really take off, this port may even eclipse the main account in a year or two in term of dollar amount.  The race is on!

My 2 cents.

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