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11-21-2014 Trading Journal

The bull is now galloping as a faster pace.  I think it is seeing a mate ahead…


While a red bar, you can’t dispute the upward momentum.  This spike up is telling.

Two of my biggest holdings were down today- $LRAD and $DMRC.

Despite a great future prospect, day traders decided it was not worth the trouble to hold- mainly because the potential mass notification sales to the large Middle-East cities have been pushed to Dec-Jan time frame.


Again, I would not let the short-term trader dictate my long-term view.  To me, my expectation of a great run-up will have to wait; this I can do.

$DMRC continued to head lower and penetrated the 79 MA line.  It might have to do with the VP- Marketing leaving.  The way I see it, VP-Marketing leaving can be many thing besides that poor sales effort.  It could be a take-over being imminent, the same as $ORBC.  Except in this case, $ORBC is taking over someone where as $DMRC may be taking over by someone.


But again, possible theories is part of the risk in holding stocks.  I’m holding to see if my take-over theory is correct; after all, I believe they have a very strong IP technologies for the future direction we are heading into.

$AMRN had a strong showing with an up bar that put it in a position to penetrated the 79 MA line in the next move up.


If price can move higher, I may add more with remaining cash.

$ORBC bounced some and that was a good sign.

Due to $LRAD and $DMRC being large positions, my port gave back 2.8% with YTD gain at 15.8%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, DMRC, ORBC, AMRN and 5.1% cash.

My 2 cents.


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