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My last post as an Interim Tab Blogger

I’ve been notified by The Fly that I did not make the cut of getting 3% of traffic; therefore this is my last post as an Interim Tab Blogger.

It has been a privilege and pleasure to blog among so many great bloggers here so I’m grateful for the experience.

I’ll continue to blog at the blogger network when I’ve some new ideas.

However, I’ll post my daily portfolio adjustment at my own site if anyone is interested.  I learn that if you keep a daily journal of your trading activity everyday, you will see subtle improvement as a trader; therefore, I encourage trader to keep a daily journal either at your own blog or on your personal log book.

Bon Voyage to everyone and thanks to my loyal readers for reading my blog.

Zen out.

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Today Portfolio Adjustment (05-31-2013)

Today was a mixed bag of nuts.

Market opened negative but was able to come back up for air for a little bit before it sank back to the bottom of the sea.

First thing first, $UNXL was quite a disappointment.  On the bright side, I was stopped out for “another” losses in the morning for the nth time of trying to catch the falling knife.  The good news was that I stayed away from this lemon after I was out.  For those trying to catch the falling knife during the day day-trading this one will be getting deep cuts all over.  Not to mention traders getting “tilted” across the board.  Of course, only the ones who shorted this one would be walking to the bank.

With $NUGT opening down, I immediately reduced position size but later in the morning, I was stopped out of the rest of my $NUGT position which pushed me to give back my paper gain from my re-entry yesterday.  Good news is that I get to keep the profit I’ve made yesterday before the re-entry.

Having stopped out of $NUGT, I decided to add to $ABX as a substitute.  $ABX was doing fine in the morning when it took out yesterday high.  Unfortunately, by afternoon, it gave back all the gain and I was stopped out at breakeven.

I like $TBF price action and have added more today to round up my position size.  Let’s see if it can break out to the upside next week.

$CERS price action looked good in the morning so I added; but by the end of the day, price fell apart due to a negative DOW so I dumped my whole position near the bell to raise cash.  I like to take my losses when it is still small.

$CRIS was struggling all day so I dumped it near the bell as well.

$AMRN was doing great in the morning but was also affected by the negative DOW.  At least, it only gave back the gain and did not turn negative for the day.

$TINY, on the other hand, finally wakes up.  Several start-up technological companies inside $TINY portfolio are getting attention:

Metabolon, Inc. has launched a new blood test for stratifying prediabetic patients based on the Quantose(TM) insulin resistance markers.

D-Wave Systems that its new 512-qubit quantum computer, the D-Wave Two, will be installed at the new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, a collaboration among NASA, Google and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA).

Bridgelux and Toshiba entered into a Joint Development and Collaboration Agreement for the development of GaN-on-Silicon LED technologies.

And $TINY owns quite a few shares of $SZYM which price action has been acting very positive recently.

Thanks to $TINY, my portfolio was up for the day.

I see $APRI, $DNN, $AMBA, and $BCRX  holding up all day without giving up too much ground so I decide to keep them.

Current holdings:


Still holding my $TSLA put option on my other “day-trading” account.


The trades I made in the journal were time-stamped in twitter

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Zen sees $TSLA running out of battery

Well, $TSLA finally takes out the low of Wednesday and drops below $99.00.  Does this correction has more room to go?

Stay tune for next week.


Yes, I still have my put option on, so I’m doing fine.  My target is low $80.00.

For those die-hard believer, please save your breath trying to convert me.  Believe me, I do believe electric car has a future; a distance future is how I see it.  But for now, what goes up can come down as well.

My 2 cents.

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Zen sees $TINY waking up

Is $TINY finally getting some attention?

From the weekly chart below, current weekly bar is making a new high for the last seven weeks.

Notice that the last drop in price bounce off the support and is not longer below the downtrend line.


Notice both momentum indicators are bottoming out and is heading back to the upside.

$TINY is the 3rd largest position in my portfolio; so I’m not adding anymore for now.

Btw, this is a low float stock, so volatility is the norm.

My 2 cents.

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Zen bets $TBF for rising interest rate

I’m referring to the long-term 20 years bond interest rate.

Take a look at the weekly chart.  With today being a Friday, the current weekly bar has the highest volume for the last two plus months so far and the day is not even over yet.

From the weekly chart below, price action is playing around with the resistance level @ $30.7x.  I’ve a good feeling that next week, price action will  break out to the upside and the long-term uptrend will begin.


Notice also that the momentum indicators are heading up and the 5ma average is crossing over the 15ma to the upside.

I added to $TBF today and may add more if price action continues to the upside next week.

This stock may not run like a rabbit but I’m quite content to see this tortoise move up in its slow steady pace.

My 2 cents.

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Today Portfolio Adjustment (05-30-2013)

Today was a gold fever day.

Market opened neutral and then took off afterward.

$NUGT gapped up beautifully and I waited.  After a couple of bars (5m chart), I decided to take profit before any possible retracement.  However, price took off not long after I took profit so I bought my shares back after the intra-day high was taken out.  Price was strong in the morning and I was quickly in the money on my re-entry.  Later on, I peeled off some shares to lock in profit but I also keep some for a longer-term play.  Price continued to stay strong all day.

As a result of my taking some shares off $NUGT, I decided to buy some gold minings stock for replacement.  I chose $ABX due to its large size.  The chart looked good for a possible near term breakout.

$UNXL was acting positive in the morning so I bought some shares.  Unfortunately, price action was not doing well later in the day.  I had a mental stop below yesterday low but price did not close below that today.  Instead, price recovered a bit so I decided to hold it for tomorrow.

$TSLA price action took out half-way point of yesterday bar, so I closed out my put option for a small losses.  Later when price action dropped below $105 (put strike price) and turned negative for the day, I bought the put option back.  I’m still holding it for tomorrow price action.

I was watching $CRIS and like the bounce-like pattern on the chart so I decided to buy some for the bounce.  I later added more $CRIS when price continued to climb up.

I believe long-term interest rate will continue to go up so I added more $TBF.

$BCRX had a big green bar yesterday but I was suspecting its ability to hold on to the price level.  Today proved that price could hold well and not dropped back to the low of yesterday.  Therefore I bought a starter position to see if it would take off from here.

$AMRN had a strong recovery today so I was glad to jump back in with my swing trade position yesterday.  Whew!

Current holdings:



The trades I made in the journal were time-stamped in twitter

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Zen catches the $ABX gold fever

Seeing that $NUGT has such a strong morning open and a follow-thru after the gap, I bought a starter position on $ABX to replace some of the $NUGT I sold this morning to lock in profit.

I like $ABX because of the potential breakout on the chart:


If price action can take out the early May high of $21.70, I will add more.  Did you see the higher low formed on May 17th?

The Fly has mentioned the seasonal down-turn of gold minings stock in June which is something not to be taken lightly; however, I feel that the severe downtrend since October of last year has thrown this seasonal pattern out of whack.  Nevertheless, I will be mindful of any sudden drop in price.

My 2 cents.

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Today Portfolio Adjustment (05-29-2013)

Today was a recovery day.

Market opened down but the stocks I like showed recovery.

The first thing I did was to dump my $EBAY position to take the small losses.  Once that was out of the way, I looked at $APRI.

$APRI showed strength in the morning so I bought back some position I sold yesterday.  By day end when I didn’t see surprised waterfall price action, I bought back the rest of the shares to bring my position back to full size.

$AMRN bounced in the morning so I bought a starter position on my swing trade.  By the afternoon, I decided to buy back the rest of the swing trade position I sold yesterday.  Let’s see if price action will sling back to the upside the rest of the week.

I’ve been watching $NUGT ever since the appearance of the bullish engulfment bar back in May 20th.  With an upside momentum today in the morning, I decided it was time to go back in.  Bought starter position and added twice.  Stopped out on the 3rd add but I bought it back when price action took out $10 resistance line.  Let’s see if price will fly up tomorrow (or not).

I think uranium will soon see the light so I added to my $DNN position.

With $TSLA going thru a parabolic move, I’ve been waiting patiently for a big red bar to happen.  It happened today so I bought starter position on the June 105 put option.  This electric car bubble will either float or sink tomorrow.  I placed my bet.

After years of low interest rate, I think it is time for interest rate to raise its head.  I took the opportunity to buy some $TBF during today minor correction.  If it takes out the resistance line at yesterday high, I will add more.

I bought $AMBA today because I’m convinced the technology behind it will proliferate.  HD video in a small chip is the way to go in our near future.  I believe this is also one of The Fly’s long position.

Current holdings:



The trades I made in the journal were time-stamped in twitter

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Zen pulls $TSLA electric plug

A housewife has her Tesla Model S towed into the auto mechanic shop in the nearest town where her car broke down.

“Can you fix it in a day?  I don’t want to stay in this town for the night.”

I bought put option on $TSLA to short.  My bet is that the short-squeezed has reached its climax.  If any of you folks who is long $TSLA but hasn’t reached your climax yet, I feel sorry for you. (grin)

Here is a good looking chart that tells me a correction is imminent.  Remember, just because I say so doesn’t mean it is so.


Notice the divergence in the momentum indicator and the high volume today.  I see support around low 80.00.

Edit: I just learn that ChessNWine has a keen analysis on $TSLA as well, it is a must read.

My 2 cents.

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Zen hunts $NUGT for nugget

I still think the bullish engulfment bar we’ve seen on May 20 is the tell-tale sign of a bottom.  Statistically speaking, if the bullish engulfment has not been debunked by price action making new low after a week, the probability of a bottom is increasing.

Take a look at the chart below:


I like to see price action taking out $10 resistance soon to begin the rally back up.

I bought starter positions with stop below yesterday low.

My 2 cents.

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