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10-30-2013 Trading Journal

Market opened a bit higher and then proceeded to dive underwater for the rest of the day.

Well well well, I was wrong about $CERS going over $7.  Actually the earnings report wasn’t so bad.  Although profit was down due to lower margin and higher expenses, these expenses went to build out infrastructure for the introduction of $CERS’ Intercept in the US.  At first, price did not gapped down big.it was slightly down.  So I took the opportunity to nibble some.  Then price continued to head lower; then headed even lower.  Once it passed below $6.50, I started to unload my shares as well ’cause I could feel the desperation in the selling.  After selling 80% of my shares with price still dropping.  I sat back and waited.  While price tried to go further below $6, it was met with buying.  Once the price began to bounce above $6 and refused to go below $6 again, i started to buy back my shares.  As price continued higher, I kept buying until I got all my shares back.  Now, I just have to dig my heel in and stay for the long haul.

While I proclaimed that I won’t sell my $AMRN shares yesterday, I was keeping my promise when price bounced off the gapped down and traded back up to above $1.9x.  I was content to hold on to my shares then.  However, when price began to drop again back to low $1.9x; I began to sense some bad vibes there.  Without hesitation, I started to unload my shares.  At first I sold 50%; then when price continued to see $1.90, I just dumped the rest ’cause I didn’t want to see price dropped below $1.90 with me holding the shares.  Good thing I sold ’cause price began a steep waterfall action to hit $1.80.  When you look at this, seems like $AMRN has been going thru some bad Karma here.  As in bad karma, after you have gone thru enough of it, good thing may come back to you.  So, I like to see price settles down at some level before I start to buy back for the bounce.

$KNDI continued to head lower and I was glad I was flat.  I did bought a starter position when price hit the support from early October.  If price can hold at these level tomorrow, I may start to buy back some more.  Take a look at the daily chart below:


Price is now sitting on a 50% retracement level as well as the support from Oct 9th low.  If price bounces tomorrow, I’m buying back my shares.  However, there is a Form S-3/A filing today. See link here.

$KGJI had a nice recovering day after an initial drop in the morning.  Take a look at the daily chart below:


Did you see the long-tail doji here?  I like the fact that the price close right at the intersection of the 5 and 15 SMA.  If the 5 SMA bounces off the 15 SMA from here, we are heading higher.  Because I expect to see price bounces when the $KGJI executives come to the US in November to talk to investors, I wasn’t worry when price dropped in the morning.

I’m still scratching my head on the $NCTY trade.  Price went down today but then almost all small caps went down today.  So I’m going to give it a bit more room.  The daily chart below shows the support line that I’m willing to see if it will hold.


I like to see price bounces from here though.

Like everyone else, $TINY also dropped but the daily chart still reflects an uptrend.  In other words, the mini-uptrend hasn’t been violated yet.  Therefore, I am still hopeful this won’t be dead money soon…  See chart below:


Giving that most of my stocks corrected today, my portfolio went down today.

Current holdings:


My 2 cents.

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10-29-2013 Trading Journal

The market gapped up and went up up and away.

While the market was going up, I was getting slapped and kicked at.  First off, $KNDI kicked me down below by trading up and then dropped like a rock.  I immediately sold 64% to reduce risk and cut losses.  I was premature in buying back my shares yesterday looking for bounce.  And when price hovering around low $7, I got sick feeling that it would break below $7 and triggered a bunch of stop; therefore, I sold the rest of my position above $7.

As predicted, price dropped below $7 and quickly traded down to $6.8x.  I didn’t want to buy then ’cause I didn’t know why there were so many sellers.  My major fear is another round of dilution coming.  After all, they have just paid for the 50% partnership; I’m always wonder where they get the rest of the money to pay payroll.  We won’t know all this until the next earning report.  If I’m think this, perhaps others are too; hence the selling.  I decided not to buy the shares back today and see where it will go tomorrow.  For now, I’m flat on the stocks but I still have some call options on the Dec $7.50 call and the March $10 call.  These should cover me in case price shoot up without me.

Next, I got slapped on the face for being stupid and not following my own words.  I had carefully rebuild my $CERS position for the last few days and I gave it all up by selling 62% of my position today when price took out yesterday low.  As it turned out, I sold at the low of the day.  While I made a promise not to get rattled by this one and to hold on it for long-term.  My old habit of selling when price took out previous day low just turned me into an autopilot.  Without thinking, I just clicked my buttons and sold.  One more click and sold.  Then I realized what I did.  “OOP!”  Obviously, if I was to buy back my shares, I would be chasing it all the way up.  I wait and wait for the price to come back down but it didn’t.  It kept going up.  Finally, I gave up and just bought most back at a much higher price.  I’m still out 31% of my original position.  Let’s see if I can get them back tomorrow at a cheaper price; however, I’ve a feeling that I may have to buy them back above $7.  Oh well, if that is the case, it is what it is.   You see, if I’m expecting $20+ or higher on this stock, who care about 50 cents premium.  Now, if I can remember this the next time my finger is on sell button…   Btw, you know all my rambling here on $CERS are due to the benefit of the hindsight, right?  If price had dropped instead of going back up, I’ll be having a different form of discussion…

In summary- bottom line-> forget the price you buy for entry or re-entry, the KEY point is to catch the momentum on the right direction and make money.  Thus, if I have to pay above $7 to buy the shares back if I see momentum will continue to $8, I’m game.

There were a big buy at $2.80 for $NCTY so I followed alone and added some more myself.  So far, this is still an instinct play.

$GALE traded down but  due to my strong conviction, I wasn’t concerned.  Now, I should be “feeling” the same way with $CERS but I couldn’t ’cause price was too high relative to $GALE.  And when price shot up with high volume back to the $2.2x area, I decided to add more for better day ahead.  Take a look at the daily chart below:


Did you see the hammer candlestick?  That was a very good looking “potential” bottom reversal pattern.  All price has to do tomorrow is to take out today high.

Now, there was one more slap to my face here.  I just read that the FDA has rescinded the ANCHOR study special protocol assessment agreement.  Oh Great! One more bucket of cold water over $AMRN head when it was still down on the ground.  After hours price is now down 16%.  Would I sell my shares tomorrow to cut losses?  I was going to but then I decided against it.  You know why?  ’cause now no one has to wonder if FDA will go against the Adcom recommendation by approving Vascepa for Anchor indication.  That boat has sailed and we all now know that FDA will NOT approve on Dec 20th.  So why wouldn’t I sell then?

Remember, I bought back $AMRN not for the slim chance of possible approval but for the possibility of a buyout or partnership with BP.  With the Dec 20th being a forgone conclusion of a “no” answer, $AMRN should be able to entertain a buyout now before Dec 20th if there is such an offer.  No more waiting to see what happen in Dec 20th first.  So, I’m going to take the heat of the loss tomorrow and wait for the possibility of a buyout.

Due to the drop in $KNDI, $KGJI,and $AMRN price, my portfolio took another small hit.

Current holdings:


My 2 cents.

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10-28-2013 Trading Journal

Market yoyo a bit underwater and then flew back up to the sky only to fall back to touch the waterline before spiking up a bit to close.

$KNDI opened higher and I proceeded to scale back in some of my shares I sold last Friday.  Although price traded back down to near Friday close, I decided to hold on to my shares to see what happen tomorrow.

$AMRN opened higher and took out Friday high, so I added more to fatten up my position.  The way I see this, at $2.00 and some, there are more upside than downside.  You never know when there will be an offer from BP that is now more “reasonable” to their eyes.  At this point, $AMRN can’t be too choosy or greedy.  While a positive REDUCE-IT trial will turn $AMRN into a giant winner, the waiting (all the way to 2017) is far too long for $AMRN to weather the storm.  Best to sell out or partner with BP for the long-haul.  At this point, if price goes back up to $5, I’ll be making all my losses back plus some.  At $7, I’ll be smiling my way to the bank.  So, any offer under $10, I’ll be quite happy.  Of course, assuming BP is still interested.  Don’t forget, I’ll dump my position if price can hold above $2.

I added to $NCTY for the bounce.  Upon looking at the daily chart, I was dumbfounded that I even added!  Take a look at the chart.


Price traded below ALL the MA lines!  However, my instinct told me to add so I added.  We will soon find out if my instinct is correct or not.  I’m sure this downdraft has $NQ to thank for.

When $KGJI traded down to the 15 SMA line and bounced, I bought back all my shares I sold last Friday to make my full position whole.  Take a look at the daily chart below.


We have a doji formation today with a low touching the 15 SMA.  I like to see today doji represents the interim low for the bounce higher this week.  But first, price has to take out the 5 SMA line first.

$TINY had a last hour high volume spike and I immediately added more to round up my position size.  If price continues higher later, I may even add more.  Take a look at the daily chart below.


Did you see the breakout that took out both the 79 & 89 MA lines?  Next target is to take out the high of early August at price $3.22.  By doing so, it will confirm the bullish trend and perhaps begin a long-term rally to the upside.  I believe 2014 will be the year for Nanotechnology.  There are several companies under $TINY portfolio that has huge potential.  To start with, look at Hz0 here.

HzO looking to make splash with smartphone waterproofing


Do you think Samsung or Apple will go for this technology?  Why not?  If there is a deal struck with either Samsung or Apple, $TINY will fly the same way $GSVC flies because of Twitter IPO. While the picture above was taken in Jan 2012, there have been almost two years for both Samsung and Apple to review and test the Hz0 technology (assuming they are even looking at it).  Making the smartphone waterproof may be the “next” improvement to support a next upgrade.  Better yet, perhaps either one will simply just buy Hz0 outright to lock in the technology.  Don’t forget that $TINY also owns a piece of D-Wave quantum computing company- the most advanced super-computer to date.

Take a look at the portfolio mix of $TINY here.

I believe the period of “dead-money” is over for $TINY.

Due to the correction of $LRAD and its,being my largest position, my portfolio took a small hit today.

Current holdings:


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10-25-2013 Trading Journal

The market had another up day.

I placed a hard stop on $NUGT below yesterday low and got stopped out in no time for some profit.  Price, however, recovered nicely without me on board since I decided not to chase it on a Friday.  Moving on.

I added to $TINY today.  Take a look at the daily chart below and I’ll show you why I like $TINY for potential breakout:


Did you see the recent uptrend that brought price action back to the long-term support line?  While it went below the LT support line, it managed to break out of the “resistance” and climbed back above it.  On top of that, the daily 5 SMA has stop zig-zagging around the 15 SMA and is now trading above the 15 SMA.  Both lines are now point upward.  Furthermore, both the 79 SMA and 89 XMA are coming close to the price action.  It could mean that price is now ready to break out of the long-term 79 & 89 MAs.  Did you see price action has  taken out the 79 SMA but is still working on taking out the 89 XMA.  I’m betting that it will happen soon.  That is why I am accumulating $TINY shares and added more today.

I also added to $GALE today because of fundamental reason.  Its breakthrough cancer pain drug- Abstral is a better drug in the US ’cause its fentanyl-based product has the fastest absorption and relief of pain than the other competitor’s product that are available in the US now per the article from the link here.

“First off, Abstral has the fastest absorption and relief of pain compared to other drug in its class, in just 5-10 minutes. For cancer patients with breakthrough pain, rapid relief is the sought benefit. Next, Abstral has already had some commercial success.”

Take a look at the chart below.  It looks pretty bullish to me.


While today may be a down day, the overall trend is still up.  Price is already trading above the 79 & 89 MA lines.  The daily 5 SMA has crossed the 15 SMA line.  So all in all, a positive fundamental and a uptrend chart prompted me to add more today.

Meanwhile $KNDI was getting slaughtered today.  When it took out the lower opening range, I unloaded 70% of my position pronto.  Obviously, I was getting lousy fills but that was part of the cost of trading.  I tried to buy back some for bounce play but was immediately stopped out when it took out the new low in a NY minute.  Afterward, I decided to stay away to let it settle.  Good thing I did since price continued to head south.  I believed today slaughter might have to do with $NQ situation.  Guilty by association since $KNDI is a China stock.  I’ll be looking to buy back my 70% shares at cheaper price next week if possible.

$KGJI was suffering the same fate since it is also a China stock.  So I sold 75% of the position when the bids were there.  Later, I added back 25% to make my position 50% of original size when price stabilized a bit.

$CERS continued to head higher and I added more.  Take a look at the daily chart below.


Need me to say more?  The chart tells the whole story.

$LRAD was also doing great today.  Take a look at the weekly chart below.


Isn’t it a beauty?  $LRAD is my largest position in my portfolio.

Despite the large “give-back” on my $KNDI and $KGJI position, the gains from $LRAD and $CERS more than offset today losses so my portfolio still ended positive for the day.

Current holdings:


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10-24-2013 Trading Journal

Market opened high and proceeded to climb higher for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, knowing that I was holding $SPXS, I placed a market order to close out at open so I didn’t have to worry about it.  I got out with a small losses.

$NUGT opened higher so I added back the balance of the shares to go full size since I only went back in on starter position at market close yesterday.  I then placed a hard stop below the low of the last hour bar.  It was a good thing I didn’t get stopped out.  As of now, the hourly chart shows a potential cup and handle breakout.  If price continues higher tomorrow, the cup and handle breakout will be confirmed.   Take a look at the hourly chart below:


Regarding $KGJI, since price opened with a bang, I added back the remaining 25% position size I sold yesterday.  While price gave back all the gain by the close, the daily chart still shows an uptrend.  I will be careful to watch the price action closely since I like to see price stay above the daily 15 SMA if not the 5 SMA.  Take a look at the daily chart below:


Regarding $KNDI, price also opened with a bang but price did more than gave back the gain, it fell below yesterday close.  Unfortunately, I added a bit more due to strong opening.  Well, the only good news was that price bounced back to close above the daily15 SMA line.  Since the 5 SMA had crossed over the 15 SMA, I like to see that current correction will stop here and bounce back.  We will know more tomorrow.  Take a look at the daily chart below:


I placed a limit buy on $NCTY and picked up some shares (starter position only) when price reached my level.

Due to my much more diversified portfolio, the fall of $KNDI have been offset by gain on my other positions.  In summary, while the market had a good day, I was at breakeven.

Current holdings:


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10-23-2013 Trading Journal

Market was down all day but struggled to climb back up from below to reduce the fall.

Meanwhile, I got a little “too” busy today and all for naught (only in hindsight speaking, of course).

First, I moved my stop quickly to intra-day low on $NUGT after the open and got stopped out quickly to protect profit.  Price bounced around before tanking further down than my stop out point.   When price looked like stabilizing, I re-entered a starter position with a stop below the new intra-day low.  Price did bounce well but collapsed again to stopped me out.  Later again, when price bounced back up from the 5 SMA, I bought back starter position one more time.  By closing bell, I wasn’t stopped out.

$INO again was trading below yesterday close and I decided to bail again simple because price action was trading  below the 5 SMA line.

$KGJI was trading below yesterday close again and I thought price would collapse soon.  I sold 50% of my position to reduce risk and when I saw a large bid was still there, I decided to sell the other half.  And when I saw price did not collapse like I feared. I then look for an opportunity to buy shares back.  Before the closing bell, I was able to buy back 75% of the shares albeit at a bit higher price.

Although I said I wanted to hold $NCTY for longer term bounce, the morning price collapse cut thru the 5 SMA and touched on 15 SMA and it triggered my protection mode.  I decided to bail when there was bids large enough for me to sell.  Price eventually bounced back some.  I may buy back if shares continues to bounce tomorrow.

$CCJ was correcting like everyone else and I sold half when price took out the lower opening range.  Later, when price did not bounce, I sold the rest for small losses to raise cash.

$AMRN was doing well after open when it climbed back up to $2.30; however, later in the day, price collapsed quickly and I moved quickly to get out to protect profit from my entry below $2.  Later when price did not go further down, I began to buy the shares back for a bit higher than my sales price.

$CERS continued to head south and both 5 and 15 SMA converged and pointed down.  I decided to sell all my shares looking to buy back cheaper.  And when price was holding, I bought back 50% of my shares before closing bell.

Due to the general down market today, I decided to buy the ETF $SPXS to short the market.  I still have the position with a small losses at closing time.

Due to falling price of $KNDI, $AMRN, $LRAD, KGJI, $CERS my port was down 2%.

Current holdings:


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10-22-2013 Trading Journal

Market opened higher and stayed high all day.

I didn’t do much except to add to $CCJ to round up my position size.

$NUGT took out yesterday high with a gap-up and it pretty much validated my thesis that the bottom was in.   What I like about today $NUGT action was that price kept going up after the gap-up instead of retracing back down from the gap-up point.  Price closed near the upper Bollinger band so it was a strong move.  Let’s see if there is a retracement from the Bollinger upper band tomorrow.  If not, momentum still has a lot of firepower underneath.

$KNDI gapped up but collapsed after about ten minutes.  However, it was a good thing price closed above $8.00.  I didn’t trade in and out of this one since I believe price will continue higher before the year is up.

$KGJI recovered from falling off the cliff after the gap-up.  Position unchanged.

$NCTY corrected somewhat today so I practically gave back the gain I had from yesterday.  Now, I’m at breakeven level.  Since I believe yesterday up day is the start of an upward trend, I’m holding my shares for the ride.

Despite a down day on $KNDI and $NCTY, my portfolio still ended up higher thanks to $NUGT and the minor increase of the other positions.

Current holdings:


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Wakening of the Golden $NUGT

Here we go again, my x number of times to catch the bottom of $NUGT.  I had a good run back in August and a few attempts afterward that didn’t quite work out.  Now I’m trying again for the $100 roll by getting back in yesterday.

Today is a good sign that $NUGT may be getting ready to run hard.   With a strong gap-up and a persistent momentum that hasn’t shown any weariness yet, the odd of $100 roll is increasing.

Take a look at the daily chart:


The 5 SMA has finally crossed over the 15 SMA today and a solid green bar even after the gap-up.  I like to see price action takes out the upper Bollinger band to show proof of strength.  There are two overhead resistances however- the 79 SMA and the 89 XMA.  In due time, both of these resistances may be turning up in direction as well.  If that is the case, the resistances may be weakened for $NUGT to pierce thru.

Now take a look at the hourly chart:


Did you see the cup and handle breakout?  Statistically speaking, I’ve made more money trading cup & handle breakout than other methods.  This strong break out bode well for $NUGT today.

My 2 cents.

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10-21-2013 Trading Journal

Market had a yoyo day today.  Up and down up and down…

I had been watching $NUGT last week and decided to jump in when price action opened positive.  Once it took out the 20 minutes opening range, I added more.

Take a look at the daily chart below:


What I like about the chart so far is that the 5 SMA line is at the intersection point of crossing over the 15 SMA.  Take a look at the Stochastic indicator as well.  It is turning up.  As you can see, there is a resistance line from the low of late June.  That is why it is important the price takes out the high of today tomorrow.

Although I added some more $TINY today, I was disappointed with the lower price closing.  Nevertheless, price closed around the support of the up-turn 5 and 15 SMA.  These lines act as support and I like to see them hold the line.

I was also watching $NCTY last week but got too busy to act on it.  This morning when I saw price took out the 20 min. opening range, I decided to jump right onto it.  Although price was running at the times, I knew I had to buy market (aka chasing) to capture any shares available.  I didn’t care, I wanted those shares and I kept on buying market until I got the shares I wanted.   The reason I kept buying at market was because this was a very low float stock and I knew that if I didn’t chase it now, somebody else would.  I just had a sense that this would run hard.  Fortunately, I was right about the running hard; thus even though I bought at the low $3.xx, I was still in the money at the close.  Let’s see if this one will hold.  Fundamentally speaking, seems like the new games they are launching may be popular in China.  If this is the case, current price is still cheap.

I bought $TTWO again for taking out the opening range; and yet I was stopped out when it took out the lower opening range later in the day for small losses.

$KGJI continued to correct and I felt uneasy when it went to the low $1.9x; I decided to unload some shares to protect profit; and when price stabilized around $1.93, I bought back the shares I sold and is now back to full size position.

$AMRN started off trading around the low $2.0x.  However, later it started to bounce hard.  Once price reached the early morning high of $2.09 again, I decided to add to my already large position I bought a bit under $2.00 to catch the bounce rally.  Remember, it is my opinion that $2 for $AMRN is undervalued and oversold.  Thus, I’m taking this trade as a brand new momentum trade and not as a “make my loss back” trade.  It was a good thing I bailed before the AdComm meeting because I was able to see the value of $AMRN without carrying the bag of heavy losses along with it.  Thus, I was able to look at $AMRN as a bottom-picking trade and trade it for the bounce.

$LRAD and $KNDI  were behaving very good today!

Thanks to the rallies of $AMRN, $LRAD, $KNDI, $NCTY, and $NUGT, my portfolio today went up 3+% today.

Current holdings:



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Can $KGJI be the girls’ best friend?

Why not?

Kingold Jewelry, Inc. ($KGJI) engages in the design, manufacture, and sale of gold jewelry, ornaments, and investment-oriented products in the People’s Republic of China (the PRC). It provides a range of gold products, including gold necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and gold bars. The company sells its products under the Kingold brand name directly to retailers, distributors, and wholesalers covering 25 provinces and municipalities in the PRC. Kingold Jewelry, Inc. was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Wuhan, the People’s Republic of China.

Although I am late to the party, I don’t think the run is over yet.

Take a look at the daily chart:


Yesterday, price had a correction to the downside but was stopped by the support of the daily 5 SMA.  With the 15 SMA right below the 5 SMA and both are still heading upward in direction, I took today as an opportunity to initiate position looking for trend continuation.

Take a look at the weekly chart:


Price action has taken out both the 79 SMA and the 89 XMA with the 5 and 15 SMAs pointing upward.  There may be a long-term bull run here.

My 2 cents.

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