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12-13-2013 Trading Journal

The market had another lukewarm neutral day. Perhaps a pause before the bounce for X’mas rally?

Meanwhile, seeing the $NUGT was up, $CUR was struggling but down and $WG couldn’t make up its mind in the morning, I decided to put my available cash into $NUGT.


However, price was under attack later in the day. Let’s see what happen next week.  If it continues to go down, I may just let this one go.

I bought a big bag of $PHOT with my other broker account for the long haul.  I chose $PHOT over $MJNA because it got the former Microsoft executive to take over the title of President as well as receiving a commitment of $40 million to be used primarily on acquisitions and expansion initiatives in a JV deal.


From the weekly chart, $PHOT is now near the high from earlier this year. I believe $PHOT has the best business model to capture the opportunity in legalized cannabis industry.

Meanwhile, $KNDI made a fantastic come-back for the day.  As I had said yesterday, price was so close to the downtrend line that it was only a stone throw away from crossing over.  Today, it simply walked over.


Today price action may be a sign that the time to swing trade $KNDI is over.  ’cause if you are not careful, price can simply take off without you; leaving you facing the dust while holding a small bag of coin on your hand.  I’m commit to holding this one as long as the fundamental stay intact.

From a weekly perspective, $KNDI took out the downtrend line this week.


It is as simple as that.

Despite $XONE, $KGJI, $CERS,, $GALE, and $TINY taking a dip today, the win on $KNDI takes my portfolio higher today; simply because $KNDI is my 2nd largest position on the portfolio.  It is a double-edge sword alright; but I don’t mind it at all if it is going in my favor.

Current holdings:


My 2 cents.

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