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10-28-2013 Trading Journal

Market yoyo a bit underwater and then flew back up to the sky only to fall back to touch the waterline before spiking up a bit to close.

$KNDI opened higher and I proceeded to scale back in some of my shares I sold last Friday.  Although price traded back down to near Friday close, I decided to hold on to my shares to see what happen tomorrow.

$AMRN opened higher and took out Friday high, so I added more to fatten up my position.  The way I see this, at $2.00 and some, there are more upside than downside.  You never know when there will be an offer from BP that is now more “reasonable” to their eyes.  At this point, $AMRN can’t be too choosy or greedy.  While a positive REDUCE-IT trial will turn $AMRN into a giant winner, the waiting (all the way to 2017) is far too long for $AMRN to weather the storm.  Best to sell out or partner with BP for the long-haul.  At this point, if price goes back up to $5, I’ll be making all my losses back plus some.  At $7, I’ll be smiling my way to the bank.  So, any offer under $10, I’ll be quite happy.  Of course, assuming BP is still interested.  Don’t forget, I’ll dump my position if price can hold above $2.

I added to $NCTY for the bounce.  Upon looking at the daily chart, I was dumbfounded that I even added!  Take a look at the chart.


Price traded below ALL the MA lines!  However, my instinct told me to add so I added.  We will soon find out if my instinct is correct or not.  I’m sure this downdraft has $NQ to thank for.

When $KGJI traded down to the 15 SMA line and bounced, I bought back all my shares I sold last Friday to make my full position whole.  Take a look at the daily chart below.


We have a doji formation today with a low touching the 15 SMA.  I like to see today doji represents the interim low for the bounce higher this week.  But first, price has to take out the 5 SMA line first.

$TINY had a last hour high volume spike and I immediately added more to round up my position size.  If price continues higher later, I may even add more.  Take a look at the daily chart below.


Did you see the breakout that took out both the 79 & 89 MA lines?  Next target is to take out the high of early August at price $3.22.  By doing so, it will confirm the bullish trend and perhaps begin a long-term rally to the upside.  I believe 2014 will be the year for Nanotechnology.  There are several companies under $TINY portfolio that has huge potential.  To start with, look at Hz0 here.

HzO looking to make splash with smartphone waterproofing


Do you think Samsung or Apple will go for this technology?  Why not?  If there is a deal struck with either Samsung or Apple, $TINY will fly the same way $GSVC flies because of Twitter IPO. While the picture above was taken in Jan 2012, there have been almost two years for both Samsung and Apple to review and test the Hz0 technology (assuming they are even looking at it).  Making the smartphone waterproof may be the “next” improvement to support a next upgrade.  Better yet, perhaps either one will simply just buy Hz0 outright to lock in the technology.  Don’t forget that $TINY also owns a piece of D-Wave quantum computing company- the most advanced super-computer to date.

Take a look at the portfolio mix of $TINY here.

I believe the period of “dead-money” is over for $TINY.

Due to the correction of $LRAD and its,being my largest position, my portfolio took a small hit today.

Current holdings:


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