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Vision of the future (aka the sleeping giant) portfolio

The Fly already mentioned DDD and SSYS so I’m not going to regurgitate this one; but they are in my “vision portfolio”.

Today, I like to bring to your attention SZYM.

Solazyme specializes in biofuel and they have been very successful in turning science into practical use.  Instead of trying to explain the science; please visit their site and do your due diligence.  You can start with this link below:


Today, Solazyme announced a joint venture with Bunge Ltd. (BG) to build a plant in Brazil.


I believe this is just the beginning.  The fact that a plant is going to be built speak volume to the effectiveness of SZYM’s technology.  If you do your DD, you will find that the application for SZYM biofuel expands across many industries.

Of course, SZYM is in my “vision portfolio”; but remember my vision can be wrong.  Therefore, I’m prepared to take action to save my portfolio when necessary.

Good Hunting!



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  1. zenhunter

    BTW, since this “vision portfolio” is meant to grow into the future, I’m ignoring the daily up & down movements of the stock prices.

    Needless to say, if there is a change in fundamental that compromises the prospect of the company future growth, then it will be something I’ve to take action on.

    In summary, this “vision portfolio” is my buy-and-hold portfolio.

    Good Hunting!

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