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“Resistance is futile” from an antibiotic to the bacteria infection

I’m sure you already know that I like to “gamble” in biotech stocks.  Normally, I don’t like to pitch my biotech picks since they are all highly speculative.  While the risk is high, the reward can be superior as well.  Just check my recent win in DNDN.

But recent new development in the antibiotic sector is so revolutionary I felt like I’ve to at least bring a cursory introduction to you guys.  Remember, this is a cursory introduction, not a recommendation to buy.  There is no guarantee that this new science will take off.

The problem with our current batch of antibiotic drug is that the bacteria eventually learns to mutate around it and make the antibiotic less effective in the long run.  Now, we may have a new weapon.  An antibiotic that destroy the bacteria so that it simply cannot mutate at all.

Check the link below and please do your own due-diligence if you are thinking of “gambling” on this.


Btw, PYMX is an OTC bulletin stock; so the risk is doubling crazy!  If you buy this stock based on this post, you could go crazy as well.

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