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Falling knives caught today






Edit: New addition:  GMCR

So far, no cut on my hand “yet”.  Stops are at yesterday low or today low.

These are highly volatile stocks; therefore it is not a recommendation.

Come to think of it, nothing I trade is a recommendation since I’m trading thru my personal “tunnel vision” glasses.  Use your own “tunnel vision” glasses please!

Good Hunting!



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  1. zenhunter

    Update (half hour before market close):

    Stopped out of ANR, CCJ, MCP with small losses; however, the paper gain on SINA and AMRN more than offset the small losses (including small paper losses on GMCR). Since both SINA and AMRN both have great storybook adventure, I’m inclined to hold them overnight. Nevertheless, if next Monday open poorly, I’ll take whatever gain I can keep.

    So far, a productive adventure in the game of catching falling knives.

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