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Sell Your Brain…

…and buy some fucking stocks, on margin, with your life insurance money.

We’ve got fuckballs on CNBC saying “[[SOLF]] is going higher,” after a 25% intra-day move. We have record oil. Hell, I’m paying $100 to fill my tank. That’s nothing. I have a bottomless pit of money. Don’t you?

Thought so.

We’ve got Chinese Solar Burritos annihilating the bears, on the back of a natural disaster, of biblical proportions.

Clearly, nothing will stop the savage bulls from “caveman clubbing” bears to death, until their sticks are taken away. In my opinion, we are very close to a top, if not at it.

In the meantime, I got drunk and bought bullshit. I went long a busload worth of [[FTK]] and [[FNSR]].

In addition, I bought [[PCZ]] and sold some [[SKF]]—which was purchased last week, sub $96.

For the week, I pretty much broke even, due to [[FXP]] and [[SRS]] holding me back. I had massive gains in [[NOV]], [[RIG]], [[NOEC]]—with minor wins in a variety of other names.

For the year, I am up 18%.

In closing, if a shotgun were put to my head, in order to extract one stock pick, I’d say: “shoot me Sir, if you must, but before you do, get long FTK.”

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Fly Buy: FNSR

I bought 10,000 [[FNSR]] @ $1.52.

UPDATE: I bought another 40,000 @ $1.53

Disclaimer: If you buy FNSR because of this post, soccer will become America’s favorite sport. And, you may lose money.

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Fly Buy: FTK, PCZ

I bought 10,000 [[FTK]] @ $16.95 and I bought 2,000 [[PCZ]] @ $ 57.60

Disclaimer: If you buy FTK or PCZ because of this post, Willie Randolph will never be fired. And, you may lose money.

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“Get Out of My Face”

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EUoyVo1p5U 450 300]

NOTE: This is my technical analyst. He’s golden with a straight ruler and paper.

“Don’t turn your back on me, sucka.” 

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Fly Buy: AUY

I bought 4,000 [[AUY]] @ $15.

UPDATE: I bought 2,000 @ $15.03

Disclaimer: If you buy AUY because of this post, you will find yourself long banks, on margin, when the next “hammer of certain death” falls on them. And, you may lose money.

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Impressive Action; Now Sell

We’re still going lower, at least for today. Too many sectors are red. Plus, I travel around in a fucking plutonium powered time machine. Generally, it’s a bad idea to bet against the guy in the time machine.

I’m too jaded to dive into empty pools. It’s not my cup of coffee, over here. However, knowing many of you enjoy to take concrete swims, I will share my intra-day momo screen.

[[JRJC]], [[SEED]], [[CPSL]], [[WBD]], [[KR]], [[EWST]], [[LNG]], [[CPE]], [[UPL]], [[XTO]], [[STO]], [[SU]], [[ROYL]], [[PDO]], [[BEXP]], [[HOS]], [[OXY]], [[PXP]], [[MXC]], [[FPP]], [[SOLF]], [[MPET]], [[SUF]], [[EGY]], [[BIDZ]], [[BCSI]], [[NTES]], [[OSTK]], [[ZOLT]], [[BVN]], [[NEM]], [[SWC]], [[RIO]], [[FNSR]], [[OPTM]], [[LVLT]], [[LLNW]], [[EXTR]], [[AWRE]], [[IKAN]], [[HLIT]], [[CAVM]], [[DRYS]], [[DSX]], [[GNK]], [[EXM]], [[MBT]], [[QCOM]], [[URS]], [[WLT]], [[TITN]], [[BG]], [[CX]], [[SI]], [[SQM]], [[BMC]], [[TIBX]], [[TDS]], [[CYBS]], [[VMED]], [[WLL]], [[CNX]] and [[TOT]].

Currently, my favorite sector is oil/gas. I’m long several names, as you know. However, I am looking to add a few, on a pullback, if possible.

Based upon valuation, I might buy the following:

[[NE]], [[ESV]], [[PKD]], [[NTG]], [[TTES]], [[CRR]], [[CAM]], [[BOLT]], [[HES]], [[REP]], [[PCZ]] and for a swing at the fence: [[FTK]].

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Welcome to Crazy Country

All of a sudden, my bullish friends are worried about a pullback. Like, out of nowhere, oil above $125 scares them.

I told them: “don’t worry, pal. It’s already priced in. Oil is going to $2,000 per barrel by 2012, and it’s priced in. The market is a marvelous instrument that is constantly pricing stuff in, while its participants do lines of blow.”

I think that settled him down. He’s buying more [[RIG]] and [[NOV]] here.

The banks are shitting the closet. Good for those satanic “tree fuckers.” Come Monday morning, I want to see like 50 bankruptcies and 200 dilutive deals, to go with another 300 billion in write downs.

Speaking of which, is anyone taking notice of “The Fly’s” mastery, regarding [[CORS]], [[FHN]], [[FED]] and [[DSL]]? If you didn’t know, they are my “reverse four horsemen,” who are all riding down to zero.

In other news, “The Fly” is on the verge of multiple wins. I cannot disclose how “winfull” these wins are. But, just know, “The Fly” is in a constant state of victory, even when he appears to be losing, badly.

Just to sum things up. Let me give you some ideas:

Long: [[SKS]], [[LAZ]], [[BAP]], [[AIZ]], [[NOV]], [[RIG]], [[CLNE]], [[NOEC]], [[VSE]] [[OMNI]], [[ARD]],[[CLX]], [[SKF]], [[SRS]], [[REW]] and [[FXP]].

Short: [[CORS]], [[FED]], [[DSL]], [[FHN]], [[POT]], [[MER]], [[LEH]] and [[WM]].

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