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A Few Observations of Nature

I am back from my mini adventure. Truthfully, I was back Friday evening, as I could sense the rains coming. Looking back on the marketplace it seems avoiding the control panel was a wise choice as Friday turned out to be a real chop-fest.

The late-spring conditions created river levels high enough for me to kayak deeper into the woods then I even have. In the serenity of nature, a symphony of sounds, I proceeded to inebriate myself drinking in all the colors and sights around me.

I watched a red winged blackbird hop from one cattail to another until finding one that bent him right down to the river water, slowly. I noticed how much like a blade of grass, the tops of towering trees gently stretched large distances in the gusts of wind. Each gust loosened more helicopter seeds into the sky that glided down for what seemed like hours before landing in the river where they accented the water’s gentle current.

Nearing my 30th year I finally pieced together how clever the makers of Play-Doh were, how the toy allows us to form crude renditions of real-life things—just like the fiery shadows in Plato’s cave.

Then I returned, refreshed, covered in mosquito and spider bites, and put in some heavy strategy sessions. TWO MATES, like a fork in the river, Weekly & Exodus Strategy Sessions. As soon as next week the two rivers will converge into one, great river.

Subs, the latest reports are out. There are signals-on-signals and I do my best to keep all the currents untangled and simple to understand.

One last note, on how my friend the bald eagle soars, his wingspan so wide it touches the tree tips on both sides of the river. He always makes the soul burn with patriotism.

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    Raul, Boss!!! I’m coming to see you fellas at IBC conference!!

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  2. Raul

    No fucking way. I look forward to meeting lesurgeon. I expect nothing less than a Frenchman wielding a scalpel.

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