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Mixed Bag of Donuts

I have had more time to observe and participate in the market this week and as a result I have taken more positions and been more active socially.  It has been good fun.  Thank you all for your interaction.  It is making me better, faster, and stronger as a trader.

Elroi, my newly retooled algorithm is doing what robots often do when you first turn them on, failing misrebly.  It just so happens I activated the robot into a tape he struggles in.  He does not like choppy markets, and this can be seen in the 2 day drawdown that occurred.  Behold:


This is when most people switch their algorithm off because it is broken.  However, this drawdown is still very normal when compared to past statistics.  I will keep him running live.  He is only being fed one contract at a time anyhow.  Once I see him performing well for a month or so, I will get him up to size.

Very early on, I was surprised to see Facebook in the red.  My homework steered me to the name last night, and I wanted it very early.  As I mentioned earlier, I bought Jan and Feb calls.

The rest of the day I was selling.  I sold down my exposure to CREE and LITB and closed CLNT entirely.  After these moves my cash is nearly 30 percent.

Remember when I regretted closing C ahead of earnings?  I told you I was a genius!

I am up almost 8 percent YTD with 30 percent cash and plenty of risk in place.  Yes, I am all grins.  Let’s see who we can fleece tomorrow.  Be well.


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  1. matt_bear

    Wedge it is for Facebook. Just means that the profit is on layaway and we’ll pick her up next week.

    I saw you were very active today. Be careful swinging that sword all over the place sir.

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