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A Good Week to Be Bullish LEDs

I was able to advance my portfolio by seventeen percent to start the month pressing my high water mark while the market consolidated/traded lower.  As the month continues, the risk continues.  This is a risky environment and stock picking continues to be paramount.

I love open water swimming.  It is explorative by nature and makes me feel small.  Perhaps I feel the same enjoyment trading in the futures.  And although I enjoyed swimming in the /ES these last 6 months, the /NQ has a much better feel.  /ES is like catching the shore pounding waves in Huntington Beach California where /NQ is like the warm rollers down in Costa Rica.

We will however continue profiling the /ES as it bakes the finest contextual cake in town.

Tesla came out and defended his technology like a true gentlemen after the bell today.  Much like Henry Ford would stop and repair any broken down Model T’s he passed, Musk came to the modern day rescue, producing a detailed report on the event.

I do not know any CEOs who are behaving as fantastic as this guy.

I like my book of stocks and I only wish I wasn’t sidelined on ADHD.  Everything else about this week was perfect.

LEDs will continue to be a disruptive tech.  Keep your eyes peeled for them and do not hesitate to report your findings to Raul.  Better yet, use your AMBA cameras to gather intelligence.

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  1. gatorsun

    RVLT..Bought way way in the blood bath,,and reaping wins…TSLA ,,well Musk is akin to Steve Jobs..long the stock..Hat tip to fellow futures trader /es my weekly paycheck

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  2. Raul3

    Akin, I was looking for that word when I wrote this. I would love to tAlk /ES strategy with you some day.

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  3. gatorsun

    I keep /es as my bread and butter..keep up the good work

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