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Chasing, Leaving No Stone Unturned

Something is happening to me, something I’ve planned and worked toward all year long.  The budding ideas are beginning to bloom.  I’m becoming a multi-pronged trader.  The tape, it only needs to move, and I’ll be there, making money from it.

I do things, quite majestically.  Take for example my NFLX weekly option trade.  I bought two units early, scaled one off for profit during that precarious double top intraday, and held one through a bit of a drawdown.  This option now stands to make a great deal of money in the morning.  The profit taking gives the confidence to stomach the pullback, at least for me.

My Google runner, I sold it.  It was worth more, and it may rip tomorrow without me, but I avoided turning it into a loss.

This LULU long may still be a loser.  I’ll keep quiet about that seeing as I nearly top ticked it with 3 calls.  You’re never supposed to lose on the internet.

I made money in the S&P futures today.  I can’t post these trades live as they require 100 percent focus and risk management.

My swing portfolio lost money today mostly, but it boasts a large cash position and some green shoots.  Not just pure red.  NBG is my current biggest loser.  New longs include JKS and FSYS.  Cash resides at 33 percent.

New long JKS was practically a mechanical entry.  PPT upgraded it to buy, the hybrid score shot up, and it has a look I know and love.

The green Tuesday streak is over, but I still stand to make a great sum of money tomorrow.  The fade exhibited on my longs only serves as proof that the sellers are in fact afraid and behaving overly aggressive.

Notice: As fast as these buds bloom they can be chopped to bits by a careless lawnmower operator.  It would not be the first time I’ve had fresh ideas minced by the motored blades of the market.  No one ever said it was a safe journey!

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    he’s like mid twenties, and you know that boy ain’t never had a tax payin job… LOL

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