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ATTENTION: iBankCoin is Offering Very Diverse Free Exodus Trials, Based on Race, Gender, Religion and Politics

I woke up in a gregarious mood and felt like donating to the people — the small plebs toiling about the hot fields and coal mines in search of a better life. Truth be told, I’ve figured it out for you. All you need to do is sign up to the free trial and then embrace yourselves in the rapture and splendour that is Exodus.

To make all parties comfy, I’ve created different versions of the software for our diverse iBC readership — based on political, gender, religion, racial and occupational differences. I wouldn’t want to deny any of you the right to discriminate.

Enjoy. Trials end Wednesday.

White Male trials

White Female trials

Non-Whites (gender neutral)

Asian (ex-Japan)


Southeast Asian

Europeans (ex England)

British aristocracy

British normies

The Irish

RUSSIAN (ex hackers)

Russian hackers










Bernie Sanders supporters

Covert CIA ops

NSA employees

Media Matters Watchdogs

SEC/FINRA personnel

North Koreans

Canadians (not welcomed. If you know someone who can sneak you in, please do so, otherwise, seek algorithmic excellence elsewhere)

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Revelations of No Links Between “The Russians” and The Trump Campaign Is Not News

Ahead of the FBI director’s testimony in front of Congress this week,  House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes, confirmed that there weren’t any links between “The Russians” and The Trump campaign. But that isn’t news and many on the right are applauding this ‘revelation’ as if it somehow vindicates Trump from a crime he never even committed.

More to that end, Nunes is suggesting there was Russian meddling in the elections — a fact that has never, ever, been confirmed. Moreover, there are no links that can be proven between Wikileaks and Russia.

“I’ll give you a very simple answer: ‘no,’ ” Nunes said. “Up to speed on everything I have up to this morning. No evidence of collusion.”

“The one crime we know that’s been committed is that one: the leaking of someone’s name …,”

“That’s what we’re trying to get to the bottom of: were there any other names that were unmasked, leaked and leaked out?”

What exactly are the establishment shills mad about? What is the nexus of their anger?

They’re still mad that one of their own, John Podesta, was revealed to be a corrupt operative, cavorting with other corrupt DNC officials — who used the media as an arm of the democratic party. Instead of addressing “Russian hacking” when the leaks were coming out, they waited until people forgot the details of the revelations. And now, they obfuscate what “Russian meddling” means. It means John “Has a Map that Seems Pizza Related” Podesta’s email box.

At the end of the day, they do not like their laundry being aired out in public. They do not like pizzagate accusations and they certainly do not like that these emails might’ve contributed to Trump’s victory.

In summary, there aren’t any ties between Russia and Trump because the Russians didn’t leak the emails to Wikileaks — white hats inside the CIA did.

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Facebook is Now Exclusively Reserved For Leftists; Fake News ‘Fact Checkers’ Have Been Activated

A few weeks ago, iBankCoin’s Facebook account had been disabled. Clearly, we cast out because of our political leanings. We do not create news or break any stories. We merely interpret the news as we see fit — all reported on by major media outlets. In other words, we editorialize the news to decipher the bullshit and some cuck at Facebook didn’t like it — so they revoked our access.

The subsequent result of our banning has been a 50% drop in our Facebook traffic and I am perfectly fine with it. After all, it’s their platform and they can do with it as they please with it. I find it laughable when conservatards lament over the left wing controlled social media outlets censoring them, yet do nothing to compete. If you’re unhappy with the exposure you’re getting, create your own media outlet.

Along those lines, Zeropointnow and yours truly have been contributing to Zerohedge for the past three months and have attracted over 8 million page views through the giant that Tyler created — providing cutting edge and precise interpretations of the news in both politics and finance. We are, easily, Zerohedge’s top non-staff contributors, which has resulted in referral traffic for us that dwarfs what we used to get from Facebook.

About a week ago, Facebook rolled out their ‘fake news’ policemen, including left wing ‘fact checker’ such as Snopes and AP. Subsequently, right wingtards are whining about being labeled.

Is it fair?


Will right wingtards get beat the fuck down on Facebook?


What will you do about it?

Hopefully, stop using Facebook and make them understand that censorship has consequences.

While Facebook’s monthly active user growth is definitely overseas, the earnings they enjoy, which has driven the stock to record highs, are  predominately made here. Per active user, revenues derived from North American (US, Canada) users are 15x than that made overseas.

The future of Facebook’s growth lies overseas, with North American markets already saturated. It should come as no surprise to anyone using the platform that Zuckerberg and co. have a vested interest in suppressing news that might be deemed ‘anti-globalist.’

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Details of the Southern Border Wall Have Been Released: It Shall Be ‘Aesthetically Pleasing’ on the American Side

Details of President Trump’s glorious border wall plans have been released, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The southern border wall will be an imposing structure, hopefully seen from space, standing at least 18ft tall, ‘aesthetically pleasing’, and resistant to Mexico’s favorite tool, sledgehammers.

It’s worth noting, the arresting beauty of the wall will only be insisted upon where it faces America. The Mexican side can look like the inside of a prison cell, and Trump couldn’t care less.

Hundreds of contractors are bidding for the job, which will run into the billions of dollars — stretching 1,933 miles — which has caused Senate democrats to chimp out and use whatever power they have left, from the Obama years of party self destruction, to block the wall by shutting down the whole government.

The wall must be climb resistant, grappling hook resistant, and prevent tunneling from within 6ft of the surface. If Mexicans want to make it into the country illegally, they’ll need to keep digging, to truly earn their crime.

Source: Bloomberg

The wall must also be able to repel someone equipped with a “sledgehammer, car jack, pick axe, chisel, battery operated impact tools, battery operated cutting tools, Oxy/acetylene torch or other similar hand-held tools,” the government said in its order. The concrete wall should be strong enough to delay a breach 12 inches (30 centimeters) in diameter by at least an hour, the alternative wall for at least 30 minutes.

And in a Trumpian twist — the New York property magnate did pledge a “big, beautiful wall” — the north-facing side must be “aesthetically pleasing in color, anti-climb texture, etc., to be consistent with general surrounding environment.”

Contractors will be asked to build mock walls of 10x10ft in San Diego before being approved and hired by the government.

Concepts are due by March 29th.

The wall cost is expected to run anywhere between $12-21b, all of which will be paid for by the Mexican people. The Trump budget has called for $4b in funding for 2017 and 2018 to get the project started.

“Does that build the whole wall? No. It doesn’t. But it gives us a start on the program, and you see some of the wall being built this year,” Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney said at the White House press briefing on March 16. “Obviously we increase funding in 2018. But the wall will take longer than two years to build.”

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Trump Savages Merkel in First Meeting to White House

Trump is an absolute animal running loose in the White House and I am going to prove it.

Exhibit A

Look at this body language here with Merkel and his refusal to shake her hand for a photo op.

Exhibit B

Trump told Merkel that they had at least something in common, with regard to Obama wiretapping the two of them.

Exhibit C

After a German reporter accused Trump of being an isolationist, calling him out for labeling reporters as ‘fake news’ and making wiretapping claims against Obama, Trump answered her and then called her fake news — which evoked a funny head snapping response from Merkel.

This is the best timeline. Hopefully, the Mandela Effect will not make any alterations to it.

UPDATE: Happy St. Paddy’s you liberal morons. This one is for you to pass around to your retard friends and family.

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EICHENWALD’S REVENGE: Man Who Sent Him Seizure Inducing Tweet Arrested By FBI

Several months ago, after Einchenwald performed miserably during a Tucker Carlson debate, a troll on Twitter sent him a strobe tweet, which then actually caused Kurt to have a fucking seizure.

At the time I thought it was hilarious, not because having seizures or causing them is funny, but because in order to activate the deadly strobe tweet that was sent to Kurt, he had to have clicked on the image to activate it. In other words, stupid Kurt gave himself a seizure.

But now the fun is over and the twitter prankster is likely going to prison, alongside another 40 people who thought it was funny to tweet strobe causing images to people who are prone to getting them. Trolls BTFO.

When will you fuckers realize that the social media ghettos are nothing more than honey pots? I strongly advise that you start hanging out more on sites like iBankCoin, who don’t give a shit about strobe causing GIFs, in favor of ‘send a tweet, go to prison’ Twitter.

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How Does it Feel Europe? Erdogan Tells Euro-Turks to Have 5 Kids, ‘You Are the Future of Europe’

Turk President Erdogan lashed out against Europe again today, telling Turks living in Europe to have 5 kids and to enjoy themselves inside the continent, for they are, in his words, ‘the future of Europe.’

Imagine had Merkel told Germans living in Turkshitistan to procreate towards the goal of being the future of Turkey. What do you think would be the local response there? Perhaps a small spate of church burnings?

“Go live in better neighborhoods. Drive the best cars. Live in the best houses. Make not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. That will be the best response to the injustices against you,” Erdogan said in the city of Eskisehir on Friday, according to AP.

Earlier today, Turkey’s foreign minister, Suleyman Soylu (nice fucking name, jackass), warned the EU to stop ‘playing games’ — reminding them that without Turkey the migrant hordes would be flooding into Europe unabated. He said Turkey could send 15k military aged men (migration demos suggest 74% of migrants are military aged men) into Europe to ‘blow its mind.’

Maybe this is a good thing for the cucked continent? While they ponder about whether or not they’re men or women, perusing transgender rights for a rapidly shrinking population (Italy and several other European nations will lose 50% of their population inside 40yrs, based on current demos), which is inherently anti-populous, the Turk-roaches will swarm in and fill the void — returning a sense of normalcy into the idiotic state of affairs in Europe.

Face it Europe, you’re too weak to stop it. You’ve elected men who are scared to do anything that might garner ridicule in leftist propaganda rags. Ergo, you’re in the process of being conquered, but slowly.

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Fed’s Kashkari Explains His Rebellion Against the Yellen Hegemony

The smartest person on the Federal Reserve Board, the man cherry picked from Goldman’s ranks to lead the TARP program during the darkest days of the financial crisis, Neel Kashkari, explained today why he dissented from Yellen — voting against the Fed rate hike.

His explanation borders on the comically insane, frankly. He wants the Fed to issue a report on how they intend to draw down its $4.5t balance sheet before enacting hikes. In other words, he wants to Fed to sell all of the bonds they bought in order to prop up markets since 2008.

LOL. Good luck with that Neel.

“The announcement of our balance sheet plan could trigger somewhat tighter monetary conditions,” Kashkari said, resulting in the equivalent of a rate hike of unknown size. “After it has been published and the market response is understood, we can return to using the federal funds rate as our primary policy tool, with the balance sheet normalization under way in the background.”

“If we are surprised by higher inflation than we currently expect, we might need to raise rates more aggressively,” he said. “Some argue that gradual rate increases are better than waiting and having to move aggressively. It isn’t clear to me that one path is obviously better than the other.”

The Fed isn’t going to do that because they don’t have to. They can do as they like, without ever having to answer to anyone. Bear in mind, what Neel is asking for is 100% logical and should be done. But they don’t want to do it and the fact that Neel is saying this publicly leads me to believe he’s trying to redpill the world on the fuckery taking place at the Fed.

There’s no other logical explanation for it.

This man should be running the board.

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One Hundred Percent of My Account is in This Stock

What a fucking shilled title to this post. But it’s true, I’ve lost my god damned mind and have decided to play blackjack with my brokerage account.

The stock that I dumped my entire trading account in the other day is $WLK. This is a chemical company with a lot of ancillary ties to construction and infrastructure.

All of my investment ideas tie into a singular theme surrounded by industrial might reasserting itself.

Based purely by the numbers, WLK should appreciate by 50% from current levels. Their PE has remained somewhat of a constant for the past several years and I expect their business is about to enjoy a material upside surprise.

To buy WLK in size, essentially, means two things.

1. Global growth will strengthen.
2. Crude prices will rise.

Westlake is a major producer of ethane, which is used to produce ethylene — used to produce a sundry of plastics used in every day life and building materials. Ethane is natural gas based, whereas its chief competitor, naphtha, used primarily in Europe and Asia, is oil based.

Thanks to our abundance of natural gas, Westlake enjoys a massive advantage by cracking ethane and that arb gets increasingly bigger as the price of crude rises.

Here are some info graphics that can better describe what they do.

And here is last quarter’s conference call.

My play here may not be long term. I might just trade the damned thing and move on, since I do get bored from time to time. But every way I look at this thing, there is big upside — especially with natty depressed and oil rising. Should WTI collapse again, this stock will quickly become an anathema, so be wary of that.

The stock is trending up, pushing my YTD gains to 10%. If it doesn’t get acquired by another company, it should crest above recent highs sometime this year, and more.

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The Older I Get The More Irish I Become

Growing up in a dominant Italian household, with pasta served every god damned night, I never bonded with my Irish side. My Father had died when I was 4, so I never got to know him or his side of the family. It was only when I got older did I begin to embrace my Irish side — especially on St. Paddy’s Day — a day designated for everyone to embrace the Irish culture. It might bemuse you to learn that I regale myself in all of the traditional accouterments — a full blown leprechaun trotting around in green garb, with dastardly designs at becoming as drunk as humanly possible.

Over the years, I’ve had many memorable St. Paddy’s days, none of which included the fag parade. Typically, upon waking up, I toss the corned beef in a pot brimming with water, beer, and mustard seeds. After several hours of boiling the bastard, I always open up another beer (maybe 2) and pour it into the pot. Spending my time wisely, I drink a half dozen beers in record time — write a bunch of shit on the internet, trade a few stocks, then I peel a bunch of potatoes and dice up some cabbage.

Making sure the beef is progressing according to schedule, I open the pot and poke at it — as if I know what the hell I’m doing. Then I simply drop all of the potatoes and cabbage into the pot, cover it, and then forget it ever existed for the next two hours or so.

Dinner is well on its way.

My house is usually filled with guests, all wanting to eat boiled food and drink lots of strong beer, so we make more than one pot of corned beef. Sometimes I crock pot one — or as my good friend likes to say, when pretending to be a world class chef, ‘slow cook’ it.

Soon enough, the company begins to pile in — most clad in green garments or off-white cable knit sweaters — looking like old seamen just back from a month at sea. “How was the catch?”, I ask them. “Pretty good lad — now get me a fargin’ beer, would ya?”


We’re playing the songs from the old country, naturally. Here are a few crowd pleasers.

After we’ve been properly inebriated, the fatty meat, potatoes, and cabbage are served, liberally. People usually bring their own corned beef — so there’s plenty to go around. The music is blasting and the beers are being consumed at an industrial rate. Not before long, whiskey and single barrelled scotch are being passed around like bubble gum in a little league baseball dugout. The men venture outside to smoke a pipe or cigar, any sort of tobacco, and the rest of the night becomes a slow motion blur — intermingled between laughter, comical moments, and juvenile foolishness.

Alas, by the end of the night, we’re all Irish — outraged, mind you, by the treatment of ‘our people’ by those fucking Brits.

We wait one year hence and then do it all over again.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day.

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