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I sold SOXS after the SMH broke $105, as discussed — for a 4.5% loss. These are the fucking rules. You either play by them or you die.

Looking for some action, I stepped in and bought AGTC and only recently OMED.

Both companies are trades and I dare any of you to stand in my way. I will kill you where you stand.

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Another Day at the Gambling Factory — Markets Poised For MOAR

I’m fucking busy, God damn it. WTI is sharply lower. Perhaps this could end up being a matter of concern today. But I would remind you that markets do not trade lower on Friday’s. See, the opposite of that is true when in a bear mode. Friday’s are a very polarizing day, with most fags worried about the weekends, where to waste time and money, how to fuck themselves into an inextricable situation that shall cast a pall upon their house in such a way — it will stand as a pivot point towards ruin for the next 50 years.

Lots of ‘ideas’ floating around this morning. I’m sure you’ve got your little fucking lists ready and you’ve been listening to some social influencers about what stocks are going to go up today. Perhaps you can make a little money and maybe that will make you a little happy — because you might use said money to buy some nice clothes and said clothes might make you feel better about yourself — because you got the ass-end of the genetic helix in your family, and perhaps you might attract a female to give you the time of day, and perhaps you might get laid.

Life is a game of fuckeries and by the time you figure it all out — it’s time to die a very horrible and miserable death.

My best ideas will be shared inside Exodus. Truthfully, I love writing and the main site is my baby — but the majority of my time is spent inside the hallowed halls of Exodus. Should you subscribe and join the league of gentlemen? That all depends if you need money to buy a nice shirt in an effort to get laid.

Exodus will get you laid, believe me.

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Final Purchases of the Day: $PCTY and $FHL

Need to get of here now.

I bought PCTY and FHL into the close. I am particularly fond of FHL — new issue runner of the Chinese varietal. They’re a god damned online brokerage house.

What wonders are in store.


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Burned by the Fires — Revenge Trading is Served Hot

I lost a fast 13.5% in KTOV. It all happened so fast, maybe within an hour. A younger Fly might’ve held on for glory, affixed some wrong-headed emotional bond with this piece of shit and either end up with a giant win or loss. Nowadays, I don’t really care about anything, really nothing at all. I glide through life without a care in the world, helping others because that’s what I was made to do — a public servant who enjoys TALKING SHIT on the internets.

Being angry and upset over the discordant treatment I endured with KTOV, I immediately bought LABD — hoping to profit from some blow off top in the biotechs. I could show you a double top in the XBI — but that might be gratuitous.

Additionally, I bought SNAP. This is probably a mistake. I have anecdotal evidence with three kids that suggests the app is no longer relevant amongst youngsters, at least in the way it used to be. But technically speaking, I like it here and now and could envision fucktarded 50 year old hedge fund managers allocating into this stock — in search of a fountain of youth and some gains.

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Reminder: Peak Degeneracy is a Sign of a Top

I used to live in Staten Island for a period of 9 years. It was a vaudeville of circus acts tripping over each other, splashed by drugs and money and really bad grammar. Betwixt in all this was an undercurrent of privilege, ignorance, and hedonism. It was, quite frankly, the very worst place I’ve ever lived.

MOBB BOSS WAS WHACKED there today, in a very quaint a rich part of town — the wealthiest enclave in Staten Island and one of the most elite in NYC.

This is how the fucking neighbors viewed the heinous crime, of being shot 7 times and then run over by a car.

The gunman sped off in a blue pickup truck after the hit, which one source described as “disrespectful” because it took place near his family home in an outer borough.

Cali is the first mob boss to be slain in New York City since a fresh-faced John Gotti ordered the murder of then-Gambino boss Paul Castellano in 1985 at Sparks steakhouse in Midtown.

“Even Gotti had more respect,” one police source told The Post. “He did it out in Manhattan.”

I bought some KTOV this morning, but the trend is failing. What’s also failing are many of these micro caps, a sign that excess is teetering out. When it happens, and believe me it will, I’m afraid your little stock exchange is going to be flummoxed and cast aside — like a cheap toy on Xmas day. Trading these small names are obstreperous, but necessary for my inner peace. The only way this resolves itself is by me injuring myself thru several trades gone astray. I only learn by the fires and the boot. Yesterday’s +24% day trade did not help in extricating me from these stocks.

Top picks: AGEN, SOXS, OKTA

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Markets Set to Move Higher Again — New Highs in Sight

I’ve been long MDB, off and on, for the whole year. I didn’t want to own it into earnings and will regret that for the rest of my life — seeing shares up 20% in the pre-market. Finding MDB was easy. I wanted SAAS and I wanted growth and I wanted stocks will high Sharpe ratios — which is a fancy term for technicals — but longer duration technicals — like on a 1-3 mo scale.

I see SNAP caught an upgrade. I see GE missed earnings. I see gold is sharply lower — bringing forth my fears of a head and shoulders top to the surface.

Lots of things interest me in the pre-market. I’ve always been one to prepare the night before for the next session. What ends up happening, however, is that everything I thought I’d like the next day turned out MEH and I’d simply buy or sell things I viewed in the moment. There’s nothing like looking at a stock and feeling it’s direction — the way the volume ticks and how the offers are ripped out. You can sense when a stock is going to drop by the jarring moves lower and small upticks, like a dam tipping and heaving from the pressure — moments away from being ripped apart.

I suspect biotech stocks will, once again, lead the degeneracy, with maybe some Chinese Burritos, if UXIN is any indicator — another stock up sharply in the pre-market. Another space that has been strong is alternative energy, and of course solar. Who wants to buy oil up here? Anyone?

Semis are a tough buy here, and I’m talking my book — short via SOXS.

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Potential Runners For Tomorrow’s Trade

I have a lot of cash to allocate into stocks in my trading account. I intend to go as high beta, shooting for alpha, as humanly possible. To accomplish this, much to your chagrin, it entails gunning for small cap stocks.


Here are some names that crossed my favorite Exodus momentum screen. If you want to know this screen, join Exodus you absolute catamites.

Here goes.


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Here are the details.

U.S. President Donald Trump said he issued an executive order grounding all Boeing 737 Max jets.

Of the more than 350 Boeing 737 Max jets in global fleets, 74 are flown by U.S. airlines, according to the FAA.

Those include United Airlines, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

BA is lower by 3%, putting downward pressure on the Dow. Other than this news, a non-event for markets.

I sold out of CNAT for +24% — day trade.

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Trading Environment is Conducive to Winship — But the Risks Are Abundant

I just sold SEEL for a 10% loss and NDRA, a double sized position, for a 3.5% loss. This is a perfect example of how trading can fuck you and not permit you to appreciate with the overall market. You see me doing crazy shit here every day; but let me accentuate a point that I’ve mentioned here before.


Let it sink in.

I’m sure there are people who do get rich trading and that’s great for them. There are also people who get rich by playing the lottery. That doesn’t make playing the lottery a high probability strategy. You will make the bulk of your money by having a diversified portfolio over an extended period of time.

Case in point: My Quant — now up nearly 4% the past week — vs a paltry 2.2% gain for the SPY.

That being said, I cannot help but to feel the rush of a good trade — which is why I still do it.

I bought CNAT here — for the glory of it all — hoping this too will go parabolic and rinse away the bad taste in my mouth left by NDRA and SEEL.

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