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And That’s a Wrap Folks — Enjoy Your Weekend

Well, that was a fun filled week. I had the pleasure of driving to and fro the ends of the earth, all for the sake of some scenic rocks and shrubs. I did, however, get to meet some good friends up in Newport, RI, where we cavorted amongst fellow racist white people — who seem to hog all of the money in that part of town.

My vacation, more or less, was chauffeuring around the family, eating lobster rolls. I had an opportunity to frequent several antique shops and add to my ancient book collection. It is one of my favorite past times, that and collecting old newspapers.

Did you know back in the early civil war days soldiers were ‘paroled’ instead of imprisoned when captured? The way it worked was, if you got caught your info was taken and you abided by an honor system to go home and wait to be exchanged for someone of similar rank, and then go back into the war to fight and die. When the north finally started to realize this was prolonging the war, this practice was suspended and then horrible things happened as total war descended upon the south — including the atrocities by the south at Andersonville.

While some out there carelessly discuss civil war and how it is needed to ‘fix things,’ I don’t think you realize what you’re asking for. Extremes on both sides are stupid and get in the way of progress. Sometimes I just feel like walking away from it all, running freely, naked, in the green fields of Ireland — amidst my ancient brethren.

America sucks, truth be told. The culture is a hamburger and milkshake and its people are boring and violent. Because we’re all so greedy, the country is constantly trying to fuck everyone over, including its own people. The money supply is a laughing stock and the financial system, as a whole, is built to collapse. I suppose it’s the best worst system, aside form Switzerland. But they won’t let any of you losers there, unless you have something to offer.

For now, enjoy your polarized nation, bereft of healthcare and dignity, warring across the globe for the benefit of people you’ll never meet or see in your entire lives.

For my current market analysis, read this post.

Ciao and yes I’m still a vegetarian, with an occasional feast of lobster.

NOTE: The singer of this song, Bea Wain, is still alive at the tender age of 100.

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Here’s How Huffpost Reported Bannon Firing

UPDATE: Now the CEO of the ADL is thanking Polgreen for changing the offensive ‘Goy Bye’ headline (sigh).

UPDATE: John Podhoretz calls out Polgreen for publishing the headline.

Is it possible that I am dreaming or did Sam Levine from Huffpost really post this?

It looks like he felt a little bad about being so insulting to us goys and changed it to a much more appropriate headline.

Ah, there, feel better now?

Correction: I originally reported Sam was the villain for posting that derogatory headline, when in fact he merely posted the White one. The author of the title was Chloe Angyal. Let’s keep the cycle of hate going, folks. Good stuff.

Here’s the editor of Huffpost, Lydia Polgreen (I have no idea what gender that is) proudly displaying the headline.

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Traders on the NYSE Cheer Upon Hearing Bannon is Out at White House

Wall Street is trying to paint this in a positive light for stocks, suggesting that Bannon out means Cohn gains power. Truth is, the White House is a god damned mess.

Here are the cocaine addled losers from the NYSE cheering in a drunken rage upon hearing Steve Bannon had resigned two weeks ago.

The top story on CNBC is the market jumping off the Bannon news, but it has faded since and now looking like it wants to give it back.

Today’s top performing sector is the utilities, not exactly a shining example of virile spirits.

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Former Breitbart Employee Says Bannon Firing ‘The Worst Nightmare’ for Globalists

Investigative journalist and former Breitbart employee, Lee Stranahan, offered a quick quip on today’s news that Bannon has resigned from the White House, suggesting that Steve would ‘unleash the beast’ through his online publication and call out those working against the Trump agenda in the White House.

Stranahan has been a long time loyalist to Bannon and ardent opponent to several people inside Trump’s White House, namely McMaster, Powell and Cohn. The theory he’s putting forth is that Bannon will have more power outside the White House than inside. While that might be true for Steve, I fail to see how fomenting more internal strife inside the Trump White House will be constructive at this point.

Nevertheless, it’s about to get real interesting soon.

Breitbart’s top White House reporter


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In this week’s episode of The Apprentice, the President fired conservative stalwart and heart of the Trump ascendancy, Steve Bannon. Critics of the President have been clamoring for Bannon’s head from day 1, due to his aggressive ‘American first’ platform, which some believe upset the globalists elite.

Finally, amidst the lowest point in Trump’s Presidency, Bannon has been removed from the White House.

Incidentally, a reporter from Circa said Steve had resigned two weeks ago.

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This Market Looks Dreadful — Preparing For Swan Dive Lower

For the week, the Nasdaq shed around 1.4%. My allocation is now so bearish, I’ve moved out of the house to seek shelter inside of a nuclear fallout bunker. All of my positions are chosen using quantitative methods using the Exodus platform, so I have no artistic license when it comes to my investments anymore. Bear in mind, the program and the rules were developed by me, so in a direct way, my philosophical theories on markets, backed by big data, is the true captain of my pirate vessel.

For the week, I performed in line with the SPY — but my GLD and TLT positions trounced the indices. As a result, my allocation to both of them was increased to a record 15% a piece. In order to get to 15%, these risk off assets had to beat the SPY for 3 consecutive weeks. With 20% of my assets in cash, I am now half out of equities, with the rest of my money strewn out amongst large cap stocks — all new picks chosen today.

What does this mean?

As of right now, it means the market has been sucking giant moose nuts for at least 3 weeks. Don’t get it twisted, we’re undergoing some serious distribution. You’d be wise to protect your portfolios and prepare for the very worst.

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Report: Bannon Might Be Sucking His Own Cock Alone Soon

Axios is reporting the end is near for Steve Bannon. At this point, I wouldn’t care if Bugs Bunny replaced him. As long as Steve gets to suck his own cock in private, without leaking information to the press, that’ll do.

On this news, stocks jumped — because Bannon has proven to be cancer, a malignant tumor that must be exorcized from the administration and cast out far into the night.

H/T: Zerohedge

I’ll be making my weekly asset reallocations shortly.

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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Wonders if Barcelona Terrorist Attackers Were Inspired by Charlottesville

In July of last year, ISIS introduced the concept of mass killings by way of vehicle, killing 86, injuring another 458 — some very severely. Today, a terror cell in Spain conducted two separate vehicle attacks, killing at least 13, wounding 100.

This comes on the heels of the events in Charlottesville, which of course was an act or terror — but completely unrelated to the goals of ISIS.

Enter Wolf Blitzer and CNN’s national security expert, Jim Sciutto, who pondered out loud if in fact ISIS was inspired by the events in Charlottesville, causing them to become copycats and carry out the horrible events in Barcelona today.

This is reporting at its very worst.

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Markets Close On Lows; Trump’s Leadership in Turmoil

If you thought the markets were immune to the destabilization of Washington, today’s session proved you wrong. Whether you like Trump or not, believe his Presidency is being sabotaged by ‘fake news’ and ‘deep state’ shills, all of that is immaterial when it comes to how it will affect markets.

As of right now, hardly anyone is supporting Trump in DC, from both sides of the aisle. Moreover, his own cabinet is leaking daily and aren’t loyal to him. Foreign leaders despise him. The media is his sworn enemy and vice versa. And now the business community of greedy vile subhumans have abandoned him.

The writing is all over the wall, folks. Here’s a statement from Sen. Corker, regarding Trump.

Stop getting upset, hyperventilating over neocons and democrats combining to form an evil Trump killing robot and deal with the facts that The Donald played this very, very poorly.

For example, why would he tweet this today, in response to the Barcelona attacks?

While on the campaign trail, Trump told this story about General Pershing, which cannot be proven to be correct.

“He took 50 bullets and he dipped them in pig’s blood,” Trump said. “And he had his men load his rifles and he lined up the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people. And the 50th person, he said, ‘You go back to your people and you tell them what happened.’ And for 25 years there wasn’t a problem.”

Is it possible that this happened 100 years ago in the dank jungles of southern Philippines? Absolutely. Lots of retarded things happened back then. That doesn’t mean you should be promoting that sort of backward thinking today. What is his point, his end game here? Should we drench ISIS in pig’s blood before leveling their positions?

Earlier in the day he tweeted about the confederate monuments again, calling them beautiful.

Sure, maybe the craftsmanship of the statues are nice; but if you’re interested in beauty, I am 100% sure a government funded grant program for the arts would motivate plenty of talented citizens to come up with replacements for Stonewall Jackson’s visage.

These are inappropriate statements from a man who’s letting the pressure get to him. He isn’t acting in a serious manner. Therefore, none of his policies are being taken seriously. At this point, we might be better off with President Pence, who would have an easier time prosecuting Trump’s policies than Trump.

VIX was up more than 30% today. Fear is in the air.

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In Other News, Scores Dead and Maimed in Barcelona Terror Attack

Let the anti-Muslim rhetoric commence.

Muslims are going to take over the world. Therefore, you should sign up for the military and encourage your politicians to wage more wars in the Middle East. That is the only way to stop them from attacking here, by attacking them there.


Spanish police, who are treating the incident as a terrorist attack, said the “massive crash” happened on Las Ramblas in an area of the city popular with tourists.

This is the latest terrorist attack using a vehicle in Europe, following similar atrocities in Nice, Berlin and London that have claimed more than 100 lives in total.

Television pictures showed a crashed van stopped on top of a Joan Míro mosaic halfway down Las Ramblas. It reportedly entered the wide boulevard where it meets the Plaça de Catalunya, then drove towards the port area, meaning it would have covered more than 500 metres.

Police have released a picture of the suspect, Moroccan man named Driss Oukabir.

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