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No Movie Saturday


I find myself arguing antiquity with orangutans, discussing the subtleties of Islam and how it’s not really that big a threat. It’s all very distracting and a pestilence to me, detracting time away from the art of money management. Nevertheless, I find these to be pivotal times, much more than some of you seem to believe. We’re at an ebb tide in the never ending struggle to conclude senseless wars and an abandonement of the American people.

As market participants, we’re isolated from these events, profiting from the globalization of our economy. The cheaper the labor, the higher the stock runs. If you hadn’t noticed, this is not being ignored any longer.

That being said, I’ll have plenty to write about tomorrow and throughout next week. I hope to be able to get back to strictly writing about finance. Let’s see if we can get a respite from the depraved terror attacks emanating from the east.

Expect a little something about DNCLEAKS next week, as I am unable to contain my rage regarding that topic. Other than that, I sincerely hope to get back to shitting on James Cramer, Goldman Sachs and Dennis ‘The Commodity King’ Gartman, in earnest, next week.

Go out and play with the kids.

NOTE: Bannings are back in effect at ibc. Like Twitter and Facebook, I seek to oppress the voices of those I disagree with.

Good day.

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Germany: Munich Massacre Not Terrorism


Good afternoon sheeple. As per the German authorities, yesterday’s attack that killed 9 and injured 27 was NOT an act of terror. Like some of you generous purveyors of news informed me in the comments section here, the boy was merely a confused lad, wearing neo nazi boots, crying out for attention.

Let’s dive into the NYT coverage of this and see what they have to say.

MUNICH — The 18-year-old man who killed nine people and injured 27 others in a shooting rampage in Munich on Friday evening had material at home indicating a fixation with violent attacks, but he had no apparent links to the Islamic State or any other organized groups, the German authorities said Saturday.

The killer had material at home, obsessing if you will, about killing lots of people. I’m sure this is wholly unique amongst all previous mass killings, especially amongst jihadists.

Sketching out an initial profile of the killer, the police and prosecutors said there was no evidence that his rampage, at a McDonald’s and a nearby shopping mall, had been driven by religion or immigration, issues that have been contentious in Germany and across Europe.

In the few hours Germany has had to investigate this matter, miraculously, they’ve managed to rule out any motive for this killing to emanate from religion or Germany’s contentious open door immigration policy.

The gunman, who was born and raised in Munich and held dual German and Iranian citizenship, killed himself with a single shot to the head, several hours after the attack began. He had a 9-millimeter Glock and a backpack with 300 rounds of ammunition in it. He had no criminal record, and turned up in police records in 2010 and 2012 only as a victim — once having been bullied by three other young people and once having been robbed. He had been treated for depression.

He was raised in Munich, but had Iranian citizenship, which means he likely migrated to Munich. He was a good boy, without a criminal record. And, most importantly, he was a viccccctim of bullying, which is probably the motive behind the attacks. I bet those racist white Germans drove him to this.

The authorities did not release his name, but he was identified by neighbors as Ali Sonboly, a student at a nearby public school. Some news reports identified him as David Ali Sonboly or Ali David Sonboly.

His adopted German name was David. What a nice bible name.

The nine people who died were mostly young: Three were 14 years old, two were 15, and the others were 17, 19, 20 and 45. Three of the nine were female. All lived in the Munich area. Of the 27 people injured, 10 were in critical condition, including a 13-year-old boy.

Aside from 9 dead, 10 are in critical condition.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, after meeting with top officials in Berlin, told the nation that the “night of horror” was traumatic for a Europe already reeling from attacks this month in Nice, France, and Würzburg, Germany.

Merkel waited a very long time to address the German people. I’m sure it had nothing to do with her attempts to spin this as a merely a lone wolf attack by a bullied boy named David, who was raised in Munich.

She said many Germans were understandably asking, “Am I secure? Am I safe?” when in public spaces, but she praised Germany’s security forces as “phenomenal” and said the cooperation between federal and Bavarian security forces was “seamless.” Munich, Germany’s third-largest city, is the capital of the southern state of Bavaria.

Security is phenomenal.

The attack occurred on the fifth anniversary of a massacre in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik, a right-wing extremist who killed 77 people in a bombing and shooting rampage. Asked about a possible link, the Munich police chief, Hubertus Andrä, said that “this connection is obvious” and was part of the investigation. “We must assume that he was aware of this attack,” Chief Andrä said.

The Munich police chief would like all of you to remember 5 years ago, when David was 13, there was a right wing attack in Oslo. It’s obvious to him that the killer must’ve been aware of this fact. Using the same logic, I am certain the Munich police chief must also believe that David might’ve been aware of the very obvious killing sprees taking place throughout the world by the Islamic State. No? Is that far fetched? Isn’t it more likely this depressed boy was more keenly aware of recent events conducted by persons of his culture than some isolated right wing attack by some wacko in Oslo many years ago? Just a thought.

The family lives in a fifth-floor apartment, and the gunman’s father drives a taxi, neighbors said. “He was always nice, kind, helpful,” said a 14-year-old neighbor who attended the same school on Alfons Street as the attacker and asked to to be identified only by her first name, Safete. “He was polite and friendly.”

Dad drove a taxi. David was nice, helpful.

Safete said the gunman had argued at one point with a schoolmate, “and said that he was going to go on a shooting rampage,” but added that she could not remember the name of the schoolmate or the date of the altercation.

His cousin recalls the gunman arguing with a schoolmate, saying he’d go on a shooting rampage. I guess they assumed he was joking.

Safete’s 15-year-old cousin, who gave her name as Majlinda and attends the same school, said the gunman had been bullied at his current school and a former one. “This has nothing to do with Islam,” she said. “It’s because he was bullied.”

His 15 yr old cousin said the killings had nothing to do with Islam, stupid shits. It was because he was bullied by racist Germans. Also, if you recall, the family of the Nice terrorist said his attacks had nothing to do with Islam. After all, he ate pork. Then later on ISIS claimed he was their soldier and we found all sorts of things connecting him to them.

But for now, this was not an Islamic inspired attack.

The gunman then made his way onto the roof of an adjacent parking garage. There, he engaged in a shouting match with one or more people at a distance, with the expletive-filled exchange recorded on video. One of the bystanders fumed at “Turks,” and the gunman replied, “I am German,” “I was born here,” and “I grew up here in a Hartz IV area,” a reference to a tier of unemployment and welfare benefit — meaning that he was from the bottom rung of society.

He was poor. Ergo, socio economic conditions pushed David to massacre children.

Thomas Steinkraus-Koch, the chief state’s attorney in Munich, said Saturday that his office was investigating the case, although it was being monitored by the federal prosecutor, based in Karlsruhe, who has jurisdiction over cases involving terrorism, espionage and war crimes.

“We are assuming at the moment that we are talking about only one perpetrator, one perpetrator who committed suicide,” he said.

Lone wolf.

Though Munich is known as open and fun-loving, Bavaria is politically conservative, and its leaders — including the premier, Horst Seehofer — have been at the forefront of criticism of Ms. Merkel’s policy of welcoming refugees. The Munich train station, which was evacuated Friday night, has been a major hub for Syrian refugees arriving in the country.

The boy lived in a conservative part of Germany, which is NYT speak for racist. Also, the leaders of Bavaria have been outspoken against Merkel’s suicidal immigration policies, unlike the fun loving and open society of Munich. Using that logic, it behooves me to grapple why David would conduct his killings in the fun loving Munich and not the small, Bavarian, seemingly racist, town he lived in, the place where he was bullied all those years. One theory, which might be a bit of a stretch, even for the NYT, is that he was a right winger neo nazi boot wearing Iranian.


Please ignore the eyewitness account that stated David screamed ‘Allah Akbar’ as he raged through McDonald’s.

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Sky News Made to Look Like Silly Gorillas: Munich Terrorist Revealed to be IRANIAN

GERMANY OUT In this grab taken from video, police officers stand outside a McDonald's restaurant, near the mall, in Munich, Germany, Friday,  July 22, 2016. A manhunt was underway Friday for a shooter or shooters who opened fire at a shopping mall in Munich, killing and wounding several people, a Munich police spokeswoman said. The city transit system shut down and police asked people to avoid public places. (NONSTOP NEWS via AP)

You stupid fucking shitheads. He was wearing ‘neo-nazi’ boots, eh? All day long, the insane, suicidal, leftists on Sky News, these weak minded feeble excuses for men, tried to tell people it was a ‘right winger’ who committed these heinous acts. Well, guess the fuck what? It was an IRANIAN who had lived in Munich for whole two years. Even better, authorities are investigating the possibility that he LURED children to this Mcdonald’s with a Facebook ad.Police are investigating a fake Facebook advert which offered free food at the McDonald’s where a gunman killed the first of his nine victims.

Police are investigating a fake Facebook advert which offered free food at the McDonald’s where a gunman killed the first of his nine victims.

Munich was in lockdown for a major police operation around the city’s Olympic Park, after the 18-year-old Iranian opened fire at the fast food restaurant, before targeting shoppers in a busy mall in the district of Moosach.

The killer’s body has been found half a mile from the scene after he reportedly turned the gun on himself. Police now believe he may have acted alone, after they initially went in search of three gunmen yesterday.

And at a press conference at 2.30am local time today, Munich Police President Hubertus Andrae confirmed the force were probing a Facebook page which was offering free food at the McDonald’s at the same time the gunman began his shooting spree.

The shooter has been identified as a dual nationality German-Iranian, who has been living in Munich for more than two years.

A total of 21 people were taken to hospital as a result of the incident – three are fighting for their lives in critical condition and 16 are still receiving medical treatment.

Terrified shoppers were seen running for their lives from the Munich Olympia Shopping Centre after hearing gunshots.

Witnesses said that the gunman screamed ‘I’m German’ and ‘Allahu Akbar’ before shooting at children.

He targeted children, while screaming out to his devil, ‘Allah Akbar.’
Fuck you, Sky News.
Ten are dead, scores wounded.

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Cover Up: Simple @Jack Pulls #DNCLEAKS From Top Trending on Twitter, Replaces it With Less Popular #DNCLEAK


What sort of fucking country do I live in? Why the fuck is @Jack curating the top trending list on Twitter? As as shareholder of this piece of shit stock, I want to know why Twitter is inserting their pro-Hillary bias into the news stream? Earlier this evening, unbelievable news broke that Wikileaks released over 20,000 emails, indicting the DNC for a massive conspiracy against the popular firebrand candidate, Bernard Sanders, attempting to paint him as a lunatic old man atheist who spends his days feeding the pigeons. It also revealed a plot to take out Craigslist ads on behalf of Trump, basically looking for hookers. And, it painted a very vivid picture of a wanton disregard for the democratic process, colluding with the corrupt and ethically bankrupt pro-Clinton media to propel her highness to the presidency.

People took to Twitter in fucking droves and made #DNCLEAKS the #1 trending topic, until the fucking CATAMITES of the DNC, aka Twitter, yanked it. After being called out on their horseshit, they replaced it with #DNCLEAK.


Do you see how fucking insane this election is making me? These establishment whores are driving me batshit, literally. I have no business being on the computer on a Friday evening, discussing infantile shit like this. But, then again, what the fuck is @JACK doing up this time of night, fucking with the Twitter algo?

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Eyewitness: Munich Terrorist Targeted Children, Screamed ‘Allah Akbar’


It is widely being reported that the Munich attacks were purported by ‘right wing’ extremists, who were mad over the influx of migrants. Using that logic, one has to ponder why they’d shoot up a German shopping mall and not a heavily migrant-populated neighborhood. One eyewitness said one of the killers had ‘neo-nazi’ boots on.

Nevertheless, there are conflicting reports coming out. One woman, who was there, said she saw terrorists targeting children who were eating, screaming ‘Allah Akbar.’

“I come out of the toilet and I hear like an alarm, boom, boom, boom,” she told CNN’s Dugald McConnell. “He’s killing the children (…) The children were sitting to eat. They can’t run.”

Loretta said the gunman was right behind her but had his back to her. She sd her 8-year-old son had been in the bathroom with the shooter, whom she described as heavyset and wearing dark clothing. She said the man yelled “Allahu akbar!”

The jury is out. However, the media seems to be convinced this was not an islamic inspired attack.

Police are reporting 8 people are dead.

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Sky News: Munich Killings Possible ‘Right Wing’ Attack


An eyewitness, who happens to be a Sky News employee, said one of the shooters was wearing ‘neo nazi’ boots. Moreover, he was ranting and raving about being a German and something or another about mistreatment of foreigners.

Some crazy person actually had a conversation with one of the shooters. BEHOLD.

The majority of the media I am consuming now suggests a ‘right wing’ nazi attack, nothing to do with the animals from ISIS.

‘IT’S TOO EARLY TO SPECULATE. We need to reserve judgement. It could be a jihadist or right wing attack.’ -SKY NEWS, 2016

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Markets Shrug Off Munich Terror Attack, Restaurant Stocks, Leisurely, Climb Higher


I’d like to remind you, terror is good for stocks. It gets people riled up, forcing more QE. Bear in mind, we’re all gonna end up in pods, like in the matrix, powering robots. But, in the interim, the virtual reality, created by our central banks, is all that matters.

Does it make sense for eatery stocks to trounce higher after a gunman shoots up a Mcdonald’s in Munich? Of course not. But if you try to understand the pretzel logic of all this, your heads might explode. It’s perverse and done almost in a mocking manner.


This is the ultimate wall of worry. Nothing can surpass the menace of Islamic terrorism at malls, beaches, celebrations of life. As such, stocks are rallying, squeezing the heads of all those shorting into this news flow. This is the very worst dislocation of stock prices with reality I’ve ever seen.

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