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Tucker Carlson Takes on Idiot Huffpo Columnist Over Russian Hacking Claim

Robert McElvaine has been a busy little bee on Huffington Post, fomenting strife, disunity and complete horseshit, following the electoral college win by Donald J. Trump.

Let’s review some of his recent ‘work’ and then segue over to Tucker Carlson’s debate with the good Professor, attempting to get to the bottom of this great big Russian ordeal.

Source: HuffPo

How Putin Would Be Able to Control Trump

Ronald Reagan completed the winning of the Cold War. Donald Trump as president would be very likely to transform that American victory into a Russian triumph.
Are Republicans prepared to live with that outcome? Those who aren’t need immediately to join with concerned Democrats and hammer out a Compromise of 2016 that will create a National Unity Government without a Putin puppet in the Oval Office.

Where Is the Outrage? Where Are the Patriots?

We have only seven days to save the Republic from a hostile takeover by billionaire American oligarchs and their Russian backers. Are there no courageous patriots in the top ranks of the news media? How about political leaders from both parties who could come forward and work out a compromise Government of National Unity not including Trump, such as the one suggested here, that could be presented to the Electors. Are there not at least 38 Republican Electors who would be willing to put their nation above their party and do what the Framers of the Constitution intended Electors to do in a crisis such as this: prevent the election of a dangerous demagogue and a foreign power gaining, as Alexander Hamilton put it in The Federalist No. 68, “an improper ascendant in our councils … by raising a creature of their own to the chief magistracy of the Union?”

Save America through a Compromise of 2016

After each side comes up with a proposal, leaders from each group can enter negotiations to reach an agreement acceptable to both by next weekend that can be announced before December 19, with a call on Electors from both parties to support the chosen candidates. In light both of her large margin of victory in the actual vote and of the Russian intervention against her, it is entirely reasonable that the president chosen in these negotiations should by Hillary Clinton, with a Republican Vice President. Only if acceptance of that outcome proves impossible to achieve should Mrs. Clinton agree to step aside and call for the Electors from both parties to join together in choosing a ticket of sane people not under the influence of Mr. Putin.

Hillary Can Be A Hero By Saving America From Trump

Given the general disarray of the Trump campaign during the primaries, it is likely that a good number of the people chosen as Republican Electors in states that he carried are not particularly loyal to him. One, Chris Suprun of Texas, declared on Monday that he will not vote for Trump. “I am here to elect a president, not a king,” he said. He is leaning towards voting for Gov. Kasich. If Hillary Clinton and Democratic Electors get the ball rolling, it is likely that more Republicans who are fearful of what Trump might do can be brought into the compromise for the good of the nation.

It is a no-lose proposition for Democrats, because, as Mr. Cannon says, “If Democrats believe Trump poses a unique threat to the republic, and signal this is not okay by reaching across the aisle to marginalize and stop him, then win or lose, Democrats could legitimately claim they put partisanship aside for the good of the country.”

This is an opportunity that must be seized immediately. Go for it, Mrs. Clinton and Democrats! There’s not a moment to waste. This proposal can determine, in Lincoln’s words, whether we shall “nobly save or meanly lose the last best hope of earth.”

Such a selfless, patriotic act would be a crowning achievement for Secretary Clinton’s career of public service.

What in the actual fuck?

You get the gist. Sorry to have put you through that drivel. Now bear witness to Professor Robert McElvaine’s complete and total destruction.

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Tucker Carlson Takes on Washpo Reporter Who Claimed Trump Won Because of ‘Angry White Men’

The warm blanket that democrats wrap themselves in at night is a dream that angry white men will die off in large enough numbers so that a true renaissance of psychotic illiberals — like Jennifer Rubin — can rise to power and lead America into the next phase towards its ultimate demise. It’s a very potent and divisive thing for journalists to say, pretending to know the spirit and soul of men based upon the color of their skin. The lie, or fake news, of massive hordes of white men descending from their trailer park thrones on election night to vote for Trump, en masse, is a myth.

The same, so called racist, white men were the good folks  who voted for Obama twice, once in 2008 and again in 2012 —  so there’s always that.

Specifically tackling the argument of who voted for Trump, the numbers don’t lie. He received less white votes than Romney and 3x the amount of black Americans. Perhaps the very nervous and mentally addled Jennifer Rubin should set aside her confirmation bias prior to making scathing allegations about a race of people. Then again, it’s rather trendy to deride and to shame white people these days, isn’t it?



Jennifer Rubin and her ilk are perfect examples of why democrats have lost over 900 legislative offices over the past 6 years and hold just 11 governorships. The party, literally, is dying.

When it comes to the discussion of race and moving on, I believe Morgan Freeman had the best public response to a journalist in recent times. It was short, poignant, and absolutely true.

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Tucker Carlson Triggers Liberal in Vicious Beat Down Over Trump is Like Hitler Claim

Jesus Christ this was brutal.


This is the face of defeat.

This one had all of the classic trimmings of a vicious beat down. In this episode of ‘You Can’t Cuck the Tuck’, Tucker, from House Swanson, made this poor woman look like a drooling fool, over her Time Magazine cover comparison of Trump to Hitler, by suggesting ‘we should fucking examine this shit, to avoid making mistakes.’ Tucker was relentless in his assault and offered no quarter, only the black flag.

She delved into Trump’s EPA pick as being a shill for BIG COAL and how Bannon is a white supremacist and how HATE CRIMES are on the rise again — in lieu of Trump.

Perhaps she’s right. Last I checked, all of the hate crimes being committed were from the tolerant left. Even still, this was another magnificent display of verbal annihilation.

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