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In a rush…too busy to discuss things with you. You can’t keep relying on me to fix your fucking issues. You have the mental capacity of a fish.

Watch this and see it run. You were warned, so no kicking yourselves in the nuts when it prints $2.

Geez, I sound like a pumping fool. Full disclosure, the company is likely worthless and also a piece of shit. I’m just reading the tea leaves for you. The majority of my portfolio is SAAS related, bogged down in HUBS, TEAM, ZEN and BL.

Looks like HDP bought out CLDR after hours.

It won’t stop running higher, so grab hold of the rocket and try not to get burned.

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This Time Isn’t Different — Bulk Up on SAAS

Listen to me. The character of this market hasn’t changed. There is nothing to fear, but trade wars, political instability, kinetic war, and fear itself. That being said, I stepped up and grabbed my nuts, bought some HUBS and TWLO.

The HUBS purchase is an increase, now a double sized position. Truth be told, I now have three double sized positions: HUBS, TEAM and BLRX.

During this recent ‘downdraft’ in tech, I’ve been incredibly predatorial, acquiring shares of the best companies on slight discounts. One shouldn’t expect large discounts in great companies, otherwise they wouldn’t be great. What I’m leveling for now is some epic sort of grandeur — a market loose and pinless, free to explore the outer boundaries of hedonism. There is nothing that will stop us, not even a young and drunken Brett Kavanaugh.

Here is the present oversold nature of the SAAS sector, courtesy of Exodus.

By the way, and let it be noted, if you’ve been freeloading off Commodore Fly for the past year, enjoying his picks and living fat off the land and not joining Exodus, I would like to express my severe dismay. This is not the behavior of a gentleman, certainly not of a lady of good quality that still has a honorable reputation to uphold. You should be ashamed of yourselves, feeding off the giant shark that is Le Fly, whilst summering in exotic locales and eating white fish at $30lb — and not demonstrating a minimum appreciation by way of tipping your hats inside The Pelican Room.

Top picks: BLRX, TEAM, HUBS, and EB

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You Can’t Cure Stupid — But You Should Conceal It

Nothing is worse than a big mouthed fool, spewing things he/she isn’t qualified to lecture. You know the guy, talking greasy and with energy, entirely bereft of facts or an argument that can be deemed cogent. While you might think I’m ranting about random things, all of this philosophical stuff can help you become a better trader and investor.

If you’re dumb and unable to learn, outsource. If you’re sharp, judged by a career in school, self-educate yourselves now and try to become an expert in a field you’re interested in. That entails ~10,000 hours of study/practice.

Pro-tip: if, by chance, you’ve always been a C student in school, you’re likely not an academic. However, you can still possess extreme intuitive skills, coupled with work ethic, that can become very valuable and lead to success.

The first step in any awaking is self-awareness. Best way to avoid being viewed as a fool in public is to reserve oneself. Best way to avoid trading into bankruptcy is to avoid entering areas of the market you’re not well versed in.

Case in point, I largely avoid biotech — unless I am being directed by someone whom I deem an industry expert. I do not have the proper training to be an authority in the field; but I have made some excellent contacts over the years with people who are experts and lend invaluable advice.

If you’re in the money management business, it’s important to drum up new business, but it’s equally important to network with people who know more than you on certain subjects. Keep those lines of communication open and brain drain these people when it’s most opportune for you.

In my next life tip, I will discuss the wife/husband and how their poor habits often lead to ruin, casting a horrible pall upon an otherwise sanguine household, barreling towards a lifetime of self-inflicted poverty.

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A Resumption of the Bull Market Shall Commence Shortly

Nothing irritates me more than people who complain. Believe me, I get the irony of complaining about complainers, but how else will I drive my point home? There are some people, and I’m sure you know some of them, who complain from the moment they wake up until bed. They blame the world for their struggles, make decisions based on spite and jealously, and live insecurely — always disgruntled and utterly miserable.

Everything about your life is fair. It is the sum total of all of your actions, rooted in the place you started — your family bloodline. If you have a poor bloodline and a sense of awareness about this, do something about. Create a new legacy. It can start with you now, and improve over the generations to come.

These are extremely salient points that many people never quite grasp, nor understand, so think about it and try to go a day without complaining about things. Blame yourself and then take action to do something about the problem.

Nasdaq futures are +25, Dow +100. It looks like there are gains to be had this morning. But it’s probably not a good idea to chase pot stocks barreling lower.

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Zero Muscle in the Russell — Small Caps Disintegrated


There isn’t anything to worry about — believe me. The small caps are weak and I’m brooding a bit — unrelated to the market. Just when you think life is easy, BAM, you get smacked in the face by life.

Barreling into October, one could only wish for something dreadful to happen. But it probably won’t. Right now I’m situated like a clown, mostly in high beta tech stocks strewn in with cannabis and some off-shots that will likely fail. My Quant went mega cap yesterday, $100b+, effectively escaping the wrath of this shit.

For those of you trying to read into this loss, don’t. It’s merely a pit stop en route to more hedonism. All you need to do with genuflect to the altar of capitalism and then wait in the pews for things to work out and then walk out of this place of worship with lots of money.

What will you do with the money? That’s an interesting topic.

Will you save it? Spend it on trendy shit? Travel? More stocks?

Tell me.

I used to spend my money on all of the above, especially trendy shit. Now, with age and wisdom, I’ve calcified around the idea that consumerism is for asshats and my money is best served building an Orbital Space Cannon (OSC), designed specifically for offensive purposes only.

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The Cannabis Trade Shifts into High Key Degeneracy — $BLRX is a Buy

I thought the trade was gonna fizzle out — but it didn’t. It only morphed into high key degeneracy, ingratiating companies of low standing and quality.

IGC — through the fucking roof.

DTEA — through the fucking roof.

PYX — through the fucking roof.

TRPX — through the fucking roof.

The last one is important, and not just because I sold it last week for +9%. I told you Israeli cannabis plays were ripe. Now TRPX is running. Well, what is the other only Israeli cannabis play here?



I bought more and made it a double sized position.

Let the good times roll.

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Pot Craze Fizzles Out — Markets Soft

I suppose we should all be concerned with trade wars again, or whether or not Kavanaugh threw some ice at someone back in 1991. My dreams of selling NEPT at $7 today have been cracked asunder and it looks like losses are on the horizon, at least for the first hour of trade.

WTF sort of position sizes are you taking anyway? I’m sick and tired of hearing about accounts being blow up due to one stock going down. What the fuck are you doing to yourselves.

Positions should not be more than 5%, initially. Remember it and repeat it and obey it.

Gold and silver are strong this morning. In other words, go eat a sandwich and wait for something more exciting to materialize.

Cannabis plays should NOT be bought on dips. They should be bought into strength.

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Pot Stocks Continue an Epic Sort of Grandeur in the After Hours

Regrettably, I was away all day and wasn’t afforded the opportunity to buy more pot stocks. I sold NBEV for a staggering 45% profit and it kept going higher afterwards.

Now, all of the pot stocks are running this evening, spearheaded by my new position NEPT — higher by 10%.

Separately, it was a weak day for a lot of stocks and several SAAS plays are currently OS. You want to accumulate tech now, ahead of the Xmas season and certainly on any dips. I cannot think of a better stock, a more charming stock, than HUBS.

You should fade this move in cannabis and wait for a reversion against the mean. We’re hours, if not days, away from an abrasive pullback. However, enjoy the lift and the times we’re living in now and make lots of money. With said money, I hope you buy things that make life better and also become members of Exodus. We are, as you know, all distinguished gents, fitted with top hats, white gloves, and canes, which double as swords. Said swords can and will be used to defend the auxiliary outpost against mongrel elements, thrusting steel into their black hearts and releasing their evil spirits back into hades.

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We’ve Got Another Cannabis Runner — This One is Gonna Blow

Fresh off my TLRY and NBEV victories, I perused the Pelican trading room and bore witness to NEPT on the move higher. This was discussed before and apparently they’ll presenting in a conference next week.

This was posted to the NEPT site, a brief discussion about how awesome cannabis is and what not. You must understand, I don’t believe in any of this horseshit. I’m just following trends, trying to get in and out before others, having fun.

I’m long NEPT from the $4.70s, looking for a vertical move thru $5 and then onto $1,000.

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Exited Weed Stocks in a Plume of Smoke Victorious

I sold NBEV this morning, which was a double sized position, for an outrageous return of 45%. If you recall, incredulously, I bought MOAR on Friday, while it was +30% for the day. This is how I roll.

Additionally, I sold TLRY for a modest 21 point gain, or +15%.

Those two sales put my cash position back to 20% and now I’ll be reallocating the Exodus Quant for October.

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