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L Brands Crushed After Issuing Massive Warning; Sales of Victoria’s Secret Apparel Set to Plunge

The gayification of America is having a profound effect on the sale of sexy lingerie — as the younger generation finds their innerselves and ‘explores’ the depths of their depravity via ‘alternative lifestlyes.’

“DO NOT JUDGE MY GENDER” said the cucked male — as he applied lipstick to his bearded face.

This culture intervention is a form of eugenics — weeding out a portion of society — ensuring they do not procreate — so that the gene pool can continue clean and without impurities. Do not yell at Le Fly for delivering this message. Eugenics has been attempted for thousands of years and has been the dream of all elites, as old as history itself.

As such, no one is buying Victoria’s Secrets, mainly because she’s a female and that’s gender insensitive.

Reports Q4 (Jan) earnings of $2.03 per share, $0.13 better than the Capital IQ Consensus of $1.90; revenues rose 2.1% year/year to $4.49 bln vs the $4.51 bln Capital IQ Consensus.

Comparable sales for the fourth quarter ended Jan. 28, 2017, were flat. For the fourth quarter, the exit of the swim and apparel categories had a negative impact of 2 percentage points and 4 percentage points to total company and Victoria’s Secret comparable sales, respectively.

Co issues downside guidance for Q1, sees EPS of $0.20-0.25 vs. $0.49 Capital IQ Consensus Estimate.
Co issues downside guidance for FY18, sees EPS of $3.05-3.35 vs. $3.69 Capital IQ Consensus Estimate.

The 2017 earnings per share forecast includes negative impacts related to the exit of the swim and apparel categories at Victoria’s Secret, continued investment in China and investment in real estate at Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works.

The company expects to report a mid-to-high-teens decrease in February comparable sales, below expectations for a mid-single digit decrease, reflecting a decline of about 20 percent at Victoria’s Secret and a mid-single digit decline at Bath & Body Works. The exit of swim and apparel at Victoria’s Secret is negatively impacting total company comparable sales by about 6 percentage points.

Shares of $LB are lower by 12% in the after-hours. No mall operator is safe from the savagery of Amazon and social justards.

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RECORD HIGHS: Household Debt Now Highest Since Lehman Crisis

Everything is hitting record highs these days. We’re enduring record hysteria by the left, record levels for equity markets, record amounts of money is being produced by central banks, and of course record amounts of debt in American households.

There was a brief respite in the debt narrative during 2012-2013, when debt actually decreased and savings rose. Incidentally, markets soared by 35% that year. Ever since then, Americans have, dutifully, tethered themselves to the debt bandwagon — beguiled and afflicted by predatory lenders who borrow at 0.5% and dole out at 32.5%. Some people increase their debt load because they must, in order to survive. Others do it because they need a new car or perhaps something stylish to wear at their next ballroom gala.

Either way, these numbers only increase the risk of a gigantic blow up — a la 2008.

Here is the only outlier, home equity debt — down 35% from its peak, thanks to stricter standards. Everything else is up.

The accumulation of debt runs in tandem with population growth. Although recent trends might suggest all is well on that front, the social dysfunctionality of the new millennial generation, who all seem to be gay or attracted to anime, has created a very stark and gloomy outlook for people who are paying attention to actuary tables. In other words, western societies must continue to attract and accept immigrants from nations who still believe in having babies, in order to keep the banks replete with new customers to pay them 32.5% interest rates for their money — which is given to them by the Federal Reserve and ECB for practically nothing.

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The $SPY is up 5.6% for the year, thus far — but the gains have been much greater amidst sector specific ETFs.

Here are the winners.

DGAZ +120%
JNUG +93%
KOLD +73%
LBJ +59%
NUGT +48%
LABU +46%

Those are all leveraged shit ETFs, designed to bankrupt people are drive up the revenues for estate attorneys.

Here are the best non-leveraged ETFs.

XIV +39%
URA +33%
BRF +28%
SIL +19%
BIB +19%
CQQQ +18%

Question: with static returns like that, why do you bother retaining the services of financial advisors?

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Commodity Stocks Continue to Get Clubbed to Death in Do-Nothing Session

On the surface, stocks are gently gliding higher. But underneath the hood, pure evil persists.

Crude oil closed lower by 1.4% and the Trump trade seems to be in doubt, after a flurry of reports indicating the catamites in the uniparty are uninterested in cutting taxes. After all, that might help the middle class. No one wants or needs the uppity middle class — craven beats trying to enlighten themselves with news.

Sir, you will take the FAKE NEWS that I giveth to thou and digest it whole. Meanwhile, I shall raiseth your taxes and send animals to distribute drugs and gender neutrality pamphlets into the schools where your children reside.

At some point you will all come to realize that if you’re not an establishment shill or ward of the state, you’re the enemy — irrespective of your political leanings.

Back to the topic at hand.


Look at the far right corner there. See the breadth? Dreadful.

On the plus side are beverages, plastics and other defensive issues. This is not a good day for stocks — regardless what the Dow Jones index says.

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Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, Blames Trump for Sweden’s Riots

Liberals are god damned crazy people. Don’t try to convince me otherwise. I sat here for a good 10 minutes trying to frame this small story, not wanting to overhype or trivialize it either.

Here’s a former cabinet member of Bill Clinton, a man who has worked in 3 democratic administrations, blaming Donald Trump on the riots that took place in Stockholm the other night — which happened after police arrested a local drug dealer.

If you’re just catching up, Trump made reference to an incident that never happened in Sweden in a speech, which then caught fire on social media. The left said Trump was spewing fake news. The right said Trump was playing 4d chess, making a purposeful faux pas in order to bring to light the horrible ongoings in Sweden, a country that has taken in more Muslim migrants, per capita, than any country in Europe. The whole country is being raped and beaten up on a daily basis now — a complete and utter nightmare.

So then the very next day after Trump’s comments, this happened.

Which then resulted in crazy Reich going off the rocker, blaming Trump for the violence. This is reminiscent of Obama blaming Benghazi on a YouTube video, isn’t it?

Quit apologizing for savages, you stupid shits.

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Goldman Predicts Trump’s Tax Cuts Will Be Delayed Due to Obamacare and Republican Dysfunction

Goldman analyst, Alec Phillips, issued a note today suggesting the Trump proposed tax cuts will, inexorably, be delayed — because he’ll be too busy trying to unravel the wondrous nightmare weaved by Obama’s ACA.

“This process is likely to take longer than expected, which is likely to delay the upcoming debate over tax reform,” they said. “The difficulty the Republican majority is having addressing a key political priority suggests that lawmakers might ultimately need to scale back their ambitions in other areas as well, such as tax reform.”

Truth is, the issue here isn’t Trump or democrats, but the republicans, who seem to be unable or unwilling to work on any of Trump’s bold initiatives. Tax cuts seem like a simply enough thing to do, offset by a border tax. Obamacare is something that will take time to redo, but that’s their god damned job, isn’t it?

Any delay in Trump’s tax cuts, or walking back, will result in a stiff uppper lipped correction, both cold and foreboding. The best way to ‘get rid’ of Trump is to make sure he fails. By doing so, the country fails too, with all of its citizens. But I don’t think anyone on the right or left honestly believes our elected politicians wouldn’t do such a thing in order to secure power.

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Analysts Are Speculating that Berkshire Will Acquire an Airline Next

Warren Buffett recently bought stock in 4 airlines, an industry that he’s called a ‘graveyard’ for money: Delta Air Lines Inc., United Continental Holdings Inc., American Airlines Group Inc. and Southwest Airlines Co.

Now analysts, namely from Morgan Stanley and Cowen, believe he might acquire one whole — just like he did with Burlington Northern.

Reading the tea leaves, Berkshire bought stock in several railroads before buying out Burlington. Perhaps he’s doing the same here, thinks Morgan’s Rajeev Lalwani.

“We view a full-scale acquisition of an airline by Berkshire as a possibility and not worth dismissing, particularly if the stocks weaken,” Morgan Stanley analysts led by Rajeev Lalwani said in a note to clients Wednesday.

Charlie Munger, the spry 93 year old partner of Warren’s, likens the current day airline industry to the railroads — perhaps suggesting an openness to being committed long term.

“It was a terrible business for about 80 years,” Munger, 93, said at an event last week in Los Angeles. “But finally they got down to four big railroads and it was a better business. And something similar is happening in the airline business.”

Buffett seems to be sucking airline dick too.

“There’s a certain romance to it,” Buffett told Rose, likening the business to Hollywood. “There’s no question that it’s been a graveyard for a lot of money.” Buffett wasn’t asked on the show about whether he’d buy an airline outright, and didn’t return a message Wednesday left with an assistant seeking comment.

Here’s Morgan’s note.

“While we have no knowledge of any potential transactions, U.S. airlines have structurally changed for the better following consolidation that has resulted in more pricing power, supply discipline, and a focus on margins over market share,” Morgan Stanley’s Lalwani wrote. “An interest in industries with structural improvement and the gradually growing stakes are fairly consistent with Berkshire’s approach to acquiring Burlington Northern Santa Fe.”

Cowen thinks the industry might surprise in 2017 — with a leveraged buyout, naming Berkshire as a possible suitor.

“Every year there is a surprise in the industry,” Cowen’s Helane Becker said in a note this week. “This year, we believe a surprise may be that a major airline gets acquired, potentially by Berkshire, or goes private on its own. Airlines are labor intensive and capital intensive, so they don’t make the best LBO candidates, but stranger things have happened.”

According to Exodus, $DAL and $LUV have the best fundamentals.

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Mika From Morning Joe Believes It’s Her Job to ‘Control’ the Minds of People

This is making the rounds today and conservatards are chimping out over it. But why?

Unlike her big headed partner, ‘Joe’, who spends most of his day shilling and cucking, Mika tends to just say things — without a filter. Even though I disagree with all of the things she says, I can appreciate the candor. There’s nothing worse than being disingenuous. Mika will never be guilty of that.

During this morning’s propaganda airing, the Morning Joe panel were besides themselves over the specter of Trump controlling the narrative, dismissing the main stream media as untrustworthy, by talking directly to the people instead of through the traditional conduits.

Mika posited that he was trying to control the minds of people, which is unacceptable because she thinks it’s her job.

How adorable.

It’s important to not let things like this upset you. They’re like children in a sandbox, throwing a tantrum because a baby Trump just snatched their favorite bucket and shovel.

Don’t worry Mika. After Trumo’s two terms, you can have your bucket and shovel back.

Wade through it.

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Stocks Ease Off Record Highs, Led Lower By Commodities

Stocks are down a little this morning, easing off the record levels. I wouldn’t get too frayed around the edges over it, even if your stupid stocks are selling off.

Most of my stocks are off by 1-3%, and I’m 160% lunatic long. There are a lot of narratives playing out now, with most of which coming from the political arena. No one has ever seen so much division, even amongst the republitards. This has been building for 8 years and the differences between people are only getting more extreme.

Over in France, Le Pen’s chief of staff and bodyguard was arrested for misappropriating funds. She’s calling it a politically motivated ‘dirty trick.’

What we want to focus on, with regards to markets, are FX crosses, stability in crude, and any progress, or lack thereof, in Trump’s proposed policies. We know the crazy Fed wants to hikes rates. If it weren’t for the specter of lower taxes and a gigantic infrastructure bill, markets would be selling off by the hundreds now. Bear that in mind.

Crude is off by 1.4% and the all important Dr. Copper -0.7%.

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EXPLAIN THIS: A Man Named ‘Trump’ Starred in 1958 Show Promising to Save Citizens by Building a Wall

I have a theory.

First, watch this spooky piece of teevee history, about a conman who promised to save a town from ruin, if only they’d build a wall. That man was named ‘Trump.’

Circa 1958

Not enough to rattle your cage?

Back in 1990, Heavy Metal comics published a story about Trump, who at the time was famous in NYC. In this story, named The Wall, he convinced the people to follow him to overthrow the rich establishment shills in charge of the city.

The result was Trump in charge and people writing ‘Dump Trump’ on the wall. Oh, by the way, part of his strategy to gain popular support was to hand out Trump hats. One of this key supporters was Mike Tyson, who, incidentally, was a vocal supporter of Trump this election.

Here is the 12 part series.

So are these incredible instances mere coincidence or are we living in a simulation and simply living out a script like in the HBO show Westworld?

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