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We reported last night, via Mike Cernovich, that Obama’s former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, was responsible for ordering the unmasking of surveillance done that ensnared Donald Trump. If you’d like to explain to me how this isn’t exactly like Watergate, if not worse, I am open for an honest debate.

Fox News reported earlier today that Trump had been surveilled for a year prior to the inauguration. In other words, the dirty Obamaites were spying on Trump from the very beginning of the campaign.

Bear in mind, several weeks ago, in an interview with PBS, Susan Rice said she knew nothing about ‘incidental’ spying on Trump, let alone being responsible for ordering the unmasking of it. It’s also worth noting that Susan Rice has a rich history of blatantly lying to the American people, as was the case when she told America, via Face the Nation, that the attacks that led to the deaths of Americans in Benghazi were the direct result of an anti-Muslim video being posted on Youtube.

Eli Lake from Bloomberg news is now reporting that Susan Rice was, in fact, the person who ordered the unmasking — making it the first main stream media report of many to come out on this scandal.

White House lawyers last month learned that the former national security adviser Susan Rice requested the identities of U.S. persons in raw intelligence reports on dozens of occasions that connect to the Donald Trump transition and campaign, according to U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

The pattern of Rice’s requests was discovered in a National Security Council review of the government’s policy on “unmasking” the identities of individuals in the U.S. who are not targets of electronic eavesdropping, but whose communications are collected incidentally. Normally those names are redacted from summaries of monitored conversations and appear in reports as something like “U.S. Person One.”

The National Security Council’s senior director for intelligence, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, was conducting the review, according to two U.S. officials who spoke with Bloomberg View on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it publicly. In February Cohen-Watnick discovered Rice’s multiple requests to unmask U.S. persons in intelligence reports that related to Trump transition activities. He brought this to the attention of the White House General Counsel’s office, who reviewed more of Rice’s requests and instructed him to end his own research into the unmasking policy.

The intelligence reports were summaries of monitored conversations — primarily between foreign officials discussing the Trump transition, but also in some cases direct contact between members of the Trump team and monitored foreign officials. One U.S. official familiar with the reports said they contained valuable political information on the Trump transition such as whom the Trump team was meeting, the views of Trump associates on foreign policy matters and plans for the incoming administration.

Rice did not respond to an email seeking comment on Monday morning. Her role in requesting the identities of Trump transition officials adds an important element to the dueling investigations surrounding the Trump White House since the president’s inauguration.

So much for the establishment controlled media shills laughing at Trump for suggesting Obama had ordered surveillance on him and his team.

Rep. Schiff on March 22nd, 2017: Trump’s ‘wiretapping’ claims are ‘baseless.’

Apologize now.

And then there’s the curious case of ABC getting a scoop on the Flynn story. Susan Rice is married to an exective producer there.

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Private Equity Shills at it Again: $PNRA Takeover Rumors Spark Furious Rally in Shares

Bloomberg is reporting that ‘people with knowledge of the matter’ are spreading illegal rumors that PNRA is for sale. This is typical Wall Street bullshit, which doesn’t serve the public’S interest. Either someone is profiting from the press release or a potential acquirer wants this info out to apply pressure on $PNRA.

Panera Bread Co. is exploring strategic options including a possible sale after receiving takeover interest, people with knowledge of the matter said, Bloomberg News reports.

Shares are spiking to new highs, which is having a halo effect on $CMG, which has been outperforming as of late.

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Report: Trump Was Spied on For Up to a Year Before Inauguration, Susan Rice Implicated in Unmasking of Trump in ‘Incidental’ Surveillance

Ok, it was a crazy weekend with lots of things sensitive to national security taking place. Let’s get you up to speed.

The fake news main stream media is ignoring the real scandal, which is the unmasking of Trump during ‘incidental’ surveillance by our intelligence agencies. When Chairman Nunes came out and told you that some very troubling surveillance had been taking place against Trump, which was not related to national security, the DNC controlled media tied themselves into little pretzels of rage because it validated what Trump was saying all along — that he’d been ‘wiretapped.’

What happened next is lunacy prevailed inside the democratic party, amplified by the media. Instead of investigating who ordered the unmasking of Trump and who leaked this information, the media wanted to know who told Nunes. You can’t make this stuff up. Ignore the crime, go after the whistleblower.

But now the pieces are beginning to fall into place.

Fox News is reporting that an ‘unprecedented’ amount of spying was being done on Donald Trump — for up to a year before the inauguration. Think about that for a second. None of this, according to Fox’s sources, was related to national security or MUH Russia.

“Electronic surveillance of Trump and supporters for up to a year before inaugurartion. That information was disseminated through NSA channels.”

Mike Cernovich broke a story last night that the person to authorize the unmasking of Trump was none other than Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice. More than that, Katie Walsh, former White House’s deputy chief of staff for Reince Priebus, was, in fact, the conduit working between Rice and Maggie Haberman from the NY Times. Last week, the White House became aware of this connection and summarily fired Walsh. According to Cernovich, the treachery doesn’t end there. In fact, Reince Priebus hired Walsh and might be involved in undermining the Trump team as well.

In a recent interview with PBS, Susan Rice said she knew nothing about ‘incidental’ spying being done on Trump and also knew nothing about safekeeping of Russian-Trump intelligence, which was purported by Dr. Farkas.

Now on the conspiratorial end of things, the tweets of some random person imagining what might’ve happened between Russia and the Trump administration garnered the attention of General Flynn, causing him to follow him on Twitter.

His stream of consciousness is posted below. In a nut shell, he said Russia told Trump that Watergate level spying was being done against him by Obama, but the Trump team couldn’t say anything before election because Russia was made toxic by media and democrats.

This all has a feeling of imminence.

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Chartfags Get in Here: Is the VIX Fixing to Break Out?

I know some of you non reading types have gone through great lengths to learn about geometrical formations and how it might help predict the future for stock prices. Well, explain this now, will you?

The god damned VIX is fixing to bust loose — taking with it any semblance of normalcy you won’t thought you had. North Korea to wipe out California from the map, forever fucking democrats into an electoral jambox? Possibly.

However, following the revelations that some deep pocketed lunatic is idly tossing tens of millions at VIX options contracts, one should be alert of chicanery of the first order.

So pray tell me, Chartfags, what do you see in this here chart?

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Washington Post Does Article About 4Chan vs Shia LaBeaouf and Gets Trolled in the Process

The Washington Post is out with an article today, attempting to chronicle the exploits of members of the community at 4Chan — with regard to destroying the delicate fabric of Shia LaBeaouf’s mental state and his ‘art project’ known as ‘He Will Not Divide Us.’

We covered this story several weeks ago, much better than Wapo could ever do.

But the interesting part of the Wapo coverage wasn’t how 4chan defeated Shia over and over again. Instead, it was when they embedded the Twitter account of the person who, allegedly, was responsible for capturing his flag.

Observe what happened to the Wapo article after the lad changed his username.

Wapo beat the fuck down, again.

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Despite Zero Percent Interest Rates, Obama’s Economy Ranks Worst Post WW2

Before you begin to mention the grandiose gains in the stock market since Obama took office, bear in mind a few things.

1. The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to zero percent, making bonds and interest bearing accounts untenable for retirees, effectively forcing people into stocks. Also, the Fed’s balance sheet went from ~$750b to $4.5t over that time frame — rigging both equity, currency, and bond markets over Obama’s entire 8 year term.

2. Due to the financial crisis, drastic measures were taken to transfer the risk from the banks onto the national balance sheet. Moreso, in order to prevent the economy from slipping back into recession, the Obama administration underwent a methodical process of deficit spending that kept the economy artificially afloat. The side effect of this reckless spending was an additional $9t in debt added to America’s balance sheet.

Fun fact: Obama accumulated more debt in his 8 years as President than all previous President’s combined.

GDP growth, post WW2
Johnson (1964-68), 5.3 percent
Kennedy (1961-63), 4.3 percent
Clinton (1993-2000), 3.9 percent
Reagan (1981-88), 3.5 percent
Carter (1977-80), 3.3 percent
Eisenhower (1953-60), 3 percent
Nixon (1969-74), 2.8 percent
Ford (1975-76), 2.6 percent
G.H.W. Bush (1989-92), 2.3 percent
G.W. Bush (2001-08), 2.1 percent
Truman (1946-52), 1.7 percent
Obama (2009-16), 1.6 percent

Typically, coming off wretched economic growth, as we endured under Bush, the economy would snap back fiercely and register some impressive numbers. But that never happened under Obama, for a variety of reasons — namely because his administration opted for a Frankenstonian approach to economics that resuscitated and kept it artificially afloat, in order to progress an aggressive socialist agenda wrought with public entitlements and high taxes.

The net result, as the numbers show, was extreme failure — judged solely by ROI. As a nation, we stimulated the economy with more than $13 trillion in debt and Federal Reserve market interference, and yet the Obama years will forever be remembered as the only administration since Hoover to not grow the economy by more than 3% during his entire 8 year term.

Hey, at least we got an awesome healthcare plan out of it, yes?

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Matt Drudge In Rare On Air Appearance Declares: ‘Trump Saved the Media’

Celebrating Michael Savage’s 75th birthday, Matt Drudge, founder of the largest news aggregator site in the world, DrudgeReport.com, paid him a surprise visit and guest hosted for a short while, fielding some calls and offering his opinion on the ongoing struggle between Trump versus the world.

Almost begrudgingly, Drudge declared that Trump, single-handedly, saved the main stream media from death spiraling amidst catastrophic ratings — thanks to public disinterest. Because of Trump, Drudge believes, the opposition has ‘consolidated’, ‘following every bouncing ball’, which has created a revitalization in the media not seen in years.

“I’m getting a little bit nervous about the media situation. Do you know, the media was near death. The New York Times was hanging on the short hairs. Do you know Vanity Fair was going under. CNN barely had a fraction,” Drudge said during an appearance on Michael Savage’s radio show.

Trump saved media

Case in point, the share prices for all of the major media companies are sharply higher this year.

Being a provider of both financial and political news, I can tell you, first hand, our finance traffic pales in comparison to the political stuff. People are simply transfixed by this administration, because the man, Donald Trump, love him or hate him, is a lightening rod for controversy. We’re living through a reality show, the White House edition, and the media loves it.

Drudge also touched on Twitter, suggesting their audience is inflated and not that big. Largely, it’s an echo chamber for junkies.

Twitter’s audience isn’t that big. It’s for junkies.

Lastly, he cited recent Rasmussen poll numbers that showed Trump with a 44% approval rating. He said he trusted Rasmussen and that the bad polling data was ‘a danger’ for Trump and a consequence of having been dealt a bad hand, with everyone working in concert against the President. Drudge believes taking some time away from the limelight would do the President some good, judging the tree by the fruit it produces.

Drudge is worried about Trump’s poll numbers.

Here’s the full clip.

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The Russian Embassy Trolls American Red Scare Propagandists With New Voice Mail Message


Mother Russia has updated their voicemail message so that anyone could speak to a Russian hacker about election interference.

I think, as pragamatic individuals, we should acknowledge that Russia is truly in charge of all elections now, presently capable of infiltrating the thoughts of billions of people by way of fake news bots and hackers that are literally able to appoint leaders in any country they want.

Western powers are defenseless against these high tech magicians and have made it clear that they can do nothing to fend off these vipers, other than to bitch and moan about how diabolically savvy they are.

Think about it. Russia is able to install entire regimes without firing a single shot. They’ve truly revolutionized the ancient concept of aggressive imperialism, done in a very genteel and modern non violent way that only the Russians are capable of pulling off. Such hipsters.

Behold, the Russian Embassy in the U.K. has revealed their new voice mail message.

“You have reached the Russian embassy, your call is very important to us. To arrange a call from a Russian diplomat to your political opponent, press 1. To use the services of Russian hackers press 2. To request election interference, press 3 and wait until the next election campaign. Please note that all calls are recorded for quality improvement and training purposes.”

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White House Financial Disclosures Reveal Trump’s Top Trade Advisor Was Short China and Presently Leveraged Short Treasuries

Last night while most of you losers were out vomiting on your dates, following a night of wanton drinking, I spent my time combing over the financial disclosures that were released by Trump’s staff. For the most part, it was garden variety money management shtick, vast portfolios spread out across numerous asset classes, real estate, and bank accounts.

I was surprised to learn that Sean Spicer was well off, with various real estate and stock holdings. Kellyanne Conway is worth anywhere between $10-40m and is a consultant for at least two dozen organizations.

The one that stood out most, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering he authored a book titled ‘Death by China’, was Trump’s top advisor on trade, Peter Navarro.

According to financial disclosures, Mr. Navarro was short China, via $FXP. Interestingly, he was also long China, via $FXI. Perhaps he was trying to arb or hedge a trade. It doesn’t make much sense to have both, certaintly not at the same time.

Additionally, he presently leveraged 2x short US treasuries, via $TBT. That’s sort of intriguing, our top trade advisor being short bonds, betting for rates to head higher.

He divested long bets on Germany, India, Taiwan and Europe. He’s long Canadian oil via $CNQ. And it looks like he booked a loss in piece of shit internet security stock, $FEYE. Who hasn’t?

Peter is a life long Democrat, a professor at the Univesity of California Irvine, who owns rental properties in the shithole known as Troy, Ny. Anyone who’s ever been there can attest to my opinion as being wholly accurate.

Lastly, Mr. Navarro received $10,500 for a keynote speech for the Casket and Funeral Supply Association. You really can’t make this shit up. The lad is so bearish even funeral directors want him to give speeches.

Disclosures below.

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