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Understand that YOU Know Nothing

Some of you are new to iBankCoin and do not know whom you are speaking to, when commenting on “The Fly’s” blog. That’s alright to a certain extent, as all of us deserve a good talking to and education to expand, mentally. I’ve watched most of you make heinous jackasses out of yourselves for the past 5 years, with unique and unparalleled consistency. It’s entirely understandable because you are retail aka “goat fucking misfits” who are here to serve as bag-holders for the managing elite.

Oh, by no means are these so called hot shot hedge managers any better, mind you. They are simply holding a bigger bag.

Thanks to my rocket ship technology and time machine capsule, “The Fly” has never participated in the holding of bags. The very notion of it is somewhat foreign and arcane to him. I’ve determined the direction of this market far in advance of your newspapers and know when to press bets and when not to.

You should know, most of iBC is bearish now, including RC, Wood, Jakegint, Scott, Caine, Chess (to a certain extent, although more open minded) and myself. This is a very rare occurrence. The last time we were all in synch was late 2007, just before the proverbial and literal dismantling of the stock market.

A great many of you are optimistic about the price of shares only because “everyone else is bearish.” Frankly, that’s an asinine investment thesis, hinging upon the outer-banks of sanity. If you are buying XYZ, you should have a reason to own the shares that are based upon the companies fundamentals, not the color of your fucking mood ring.

With regards to your investment portfolios versus net worth: you shouldn’t have more than 50% of your worth in stocks. If you are placing all of your eggs in one crooked basket, do not blame anyone but yourself when your mood ring wipes out your 5 figure ThinkandSink accounts.

What is the bottom line to all of this drivel you ask?

See the title of this post.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yY_3sSzPPKI 603 500]

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