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Prediction: Crude Will Run to $100

One of the advantages of having an actual time machine is being able to know the future. I can tell you with a certain degree of extreme certainty, crude is going back to $100, as part of the deal President Orange forged with the evil Saudis. In return for arresting Prince Alaweed (sp?) and ransacking his fortune, Trump agreed to push WTI back to $100. While this might seem petty to some of you, the President does have his caprices.

With WTI pressing higher, you’d be wise to position yourselves in fracking stocks. Once WTI breaks $70, all of the absolute faggots on CNBC will begin to travel to North Dakota to see if another oil boom is underway. They will find oil drillers fracking their hearts away, blackening the land with their chemicals — laying waste of environmentalists — killing off weak animals and vegetation at rapid rates.

Stocks like FTK, EMES, PUMP, FMSA, and HCLP will triple from current levels. The oil sector, while being the worst sector of 2017 next to retail, will in fact by the best in 2018.

All that aside, I am making gains in MYSZ and RAS. You might want to check your opinions at the door before entering House Fly — for you’re small experiences and stores of knowledge are absolutely shit compared to mine.

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On Another Sojourn into the Orient

Markets are ransacking higher. Intel is +10%. Nothing you say or do can stop investors from expressing themselves through the purchase of stocks. In this regard, President Trump is a great champion, a hero of capitalism and business.

That being said, Le Fly took another trip into the jungles of the orient and purchased VNET. I like the MUH chart and believe, with all of my heart, that once it break 10 dollars per share, it will jump immediately to 20.

Indeed. This is the way capitalism works. If you disagree, you’re probably a racist.

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Morning Poppers (We’ll Never Trade Down Again Edition)

The President will be talking extremely greasy in Davos, lecturing the marxists on capitalism and making America great again. In anticipation of his eminence, futures are +70. This is almost getting boring.

I’m very exhausted and feel like sleeping an entire day — but the show must go on. Just crossing the wires, both AUY and EGO caught upgrades by Credit Suisse. That should be good for a +10% rally in my EGO position — however gold is lower this morning so it’s anyone’s guess.

WTI is flat and the dollar is getting crushed by the euro by 0.4% — which is promising for commodities. The Bitcoin is being thrashed about by the cheek and gums — off by 6% to $10,400.

Welcome to Friday, the last day to make extreme dollars for the week.

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Watch Out Below: Moviepass No Longer Working with AMC Theaters

The feud between America’s largest movie theater chain and the largest subscription service for movie theaters has reached a new fevered pitch tonight, which was brought to light by a random tweet by a Moviepass subscriber who complained on Twitter about her inability to use the card at an AMC theater.

In the thread, the official Moviepass twitter account confirmed the company was no longer working with AMC — which is likely a ploy to extract concessions from the company. My guess, they want in on the hot dog and popped corn sales.

The CEO of Moviepass, Mitch Lowe, responded to the drama with a brief statement.

“As of today, you’ll find a small handful of theaters are no longer available on our platform. Our number one goal as a company is to provide an accessible price-point for people to enjoy films the way they’re meant to be seen: on the big screen. Many exhibitors have been receptive to this mission, and we’re excited to keep working with theater chains that are closely aligned with our customer service values.

As we continue to strive for mutually-beneficial relationships with theaters, the list of theaters we work with is subject to change. We advise customers to always double check the MoviePass app for the most up-to-date list of participating theaters.”

According to Deadline, AMC stands to lose $2 million in weekly sales as a result of the ban.

It has been long rumored that AMC would, at some point, ban Moviepass from AMC theaters. Moviepass has made it clear they intend to extort concession stand revenues out of movie theaters by pursuing a purposeful ruinous business model which is intended to gain scale and importance, leading to power and mafia styled extortion. During AMC’s past conference call, the CEO insisted he would not ever share concession revenues.

AMC CEO Adam Aron: ”MoviePass paid AMC, according to our records, $11.88 for each and every ticket that it purchased for our mutual guest. That’s quite a gap, $9.95 a month versus $11.88 a visit. I must point out that’s very gracious of them and we appreciate their business, but I think it’s also important to make clear that despite claims they’ve made to the contrary, AMC has absolutely no intention, I repeat no intention, of sharing any – I repeat, any, of our admissions revenue or our concessions revenue with MoviePass.”

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Our Evil President Ruined the Rally in Commodities, Forced Dollars to Go Higher

You don’t realize what a degenerate you’ve been until you’re naked in the streets, getting hit with dog whips. I was having a fine day until our evil President talked up the dollar this afternoon, which ruined the rally in gold and the rout of the dollar, and forced all of my gold and oil stocks lower.

Ironically, I now find myseld HODLing, hoping for catastrophe to strike and forced dollars lower. This is why gold bugs can’t have good things. They are complete faggots, selling out quickly at the first sign of faint weakness. For the love of God, gold only fell by 0.6%, yet my NUGT was off by 6%.

My only respite was found in PPDF and FTK.

Do not worry lads, I’ve made enough money to last 10 exorbitant life times. I will now take a brief rest and then prepare to trade SHITCOINS this evening, making up any minor inconveniences I endured during today’s trading session.

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Trump Offers Lip Service for Dollar — Gold, Miners Sink

In an excerpt from a soon to be aired interview with CNBC, Trump said Mnuchin’s comments about not giving a shit about the dollar were misinterpreted. Moreover, he says the strength of the nation will ultimately lead to a stronger currency.

As such, both gold and gold miners, as well as oil stock, are sinking in unison — sadly depreciating in value thanks to our evil leader.

To think that I was on the verge of making grandiose sums of money at the expense of dollarFAGS and now seeing those gains dissipate is disdainful to me. As such is the ultimate fate of all gold bugs, I too wallow in misery, watching with a calm normality of horror as my NUGT, EGO and EXK sink. The dollar is on the rise again, wiping out a strong euro rally — imposing our nationalistic zeal upon the Forex markets.

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Sitting in the Furnace — Red Fucking Hot

JT opened down 6% and quickly annihilated sellers and is now hammering higher. All of the faggots using caps lock are rolling into the stock now because the candles are showing a MUH hammer, same goes with NUGT. The early morning weakness has given way to an uncontrollable tidal wave of buying. This isn’t a unique situation, since most stocks are finding their way higher and I certainly do realize that the high tide lifts all vessels.

But my spirits are higher than theirs and my skill set infinitely better, pulling from a deep reservoir of knowledge that has been curated over decades of hard work and labor, intense study — marked by stomach churning failure and mesmerizing success. “The Fly” is a champion in a field of broken arrows. BEHOLD, and bear witness to, and never forget the runs you are seeing in PPDF, JT and very soon NUGT and MYSZ and FTK and SN.

I gave you the blue prints, yet you chose to ignore the nice man smoking from an estate pipe traveling in a time machine. When you are poor and bankrupted, scrounging around for money to feed your pet turtle, remember the days of your insolence and always remember “The Fly” tried to help you.

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I have sad news to tell you. MYSZ does not own the app to measure cock size for condoms. That’s a filthy German company. This company measures for shirts and pants, a fine app that would mesh well inside of Amazon’s website.

I bought the stock for the love of the chart, God damn it. Air pockets are imminent. Israeli press releases to buoy shares are all but a foregone conclusion. I am in at more than double the price from when it was first recommended to me inside Exodus — but I am in nonetheless and here for the extreme wins.

Go and look at the MUH charts. It will make the stock trade up.

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Dollar Trashing Lower Again to Fresh 3 Year Lows

Do not think for a second this isn’t deliberate — because it is. Trump knows the value in a shitty dollar and has fomented an environment that had led to a weaker dollar, in spite of Fed interest rate hikes and a tapering of their balance sheet. When you put it into that context, it truly is remarkable to see the dollar making fresh lows like this — which is, of course, a boon to US exporters.

Gold is taking a breather today and many miners are sharply lower. This is an industry that has been overwhelmed with false starts and broken promises, so I will be mindful of my positions and make sure they don’t become anchors on my overall performance.

Early going, I have two notable breakouts: PPDF and FTK. The former is a blockchain/chinese burrito stock with a gap to fill 100% higher from present levels and the latter is a play on fracking. Look at WTI stare down $66, I like my chances positioned into exploration names, like FTK and SN. Once the sector gets going again, I will likely buy a few more oil stocks. In the meantime, I am only looking for momentum, tactical trades, by which I could profit from.

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The Hill is reported President Trump will reveal a $1.7t infrastructure plan during the State of the Union Address. Home Depot just announced, thanks to Trump’s tax cuts they will give employees up to $1,000 in cash bonuses. So much for the cuts only benefitting the rich.

FCX beat on the top and bottom line this morning.

CAT crushed earnings, and so did MMM.

Dow futures are +120 and Nasdaq +40.

WTI is higher by 1%, edge lording towards $67 and gold is moving up again.

We’re heading higher again, and for good reason. The animal spirits are in savage mode. You’d be wise to position for a sharp rally in commodities. Truth is, all of this win is inflationary. With tax cuts in the bag, an infrastructure bill in the balance, and Sec. Mnuchin saying a weaker dollar is a good thing, the dollar is likely to suffer and inflation is likely to spike. Watch the TIPs for confirmation. In the meantime, getting long gold, silver, and crude is probably both proactive and smart.

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