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Don’t Try to Make Sense of All This

How can oil be in the 50s again while BLNK and TSLA are at record highs? How can Biden promise to destroy oil and yet oil prices do nothing but go up? How can govt print money and inflation be non existent? How can inflation be non existent yet I see prices rising? How could the dollar go down yet gold also goes down?

Ever find yourselves trying to figure stuff out with logic only to be confounded and as a result malinvested?

Price discovery is the only arbiter when trading. Nothing else matters. You might think you know stuff based upon what people say or things that you read. But therein lies the problem. You might have false information or even worse unreliable narrators who either lie or exaggerate their claims, such as Biden saying he’ll destroy oil.

No he won’t.

The only thing that matters, not to be insufferably preachy, is what the stock is doing now. Everything else is simply bullshit.

Looks like another solid day, big outsized moved in alt energy led by PLUG and BLDP. I cannot believe how high these stocks are now. I’m trading small, 40% cash at most times, turning over 50+ trades per day now. In the past I rarely day traded, now it’s all I do.

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Markets Slide as NAZIS Get BTFO

Your fiat based economy shed some tears today, as the markets cracked lower, amidst the sorrows and the tragedies that unfolded last week when NAZIS stormed the Capitol in the hopes to violently overthrow the Trump regime. Luckily the Capitol Police were there to save the day. Now we have the fine folks at Twitter, Amazon, and Google doing God’s work by protecting the people against this NAZI scourge by removing them from their platforms.

It’s their right after all, being private companies and all. If you don’t like it, create your own tech giants and banking centers.

Luckily for us, the good people here in America, the Nazis are poor and have no funding. They used to have industry a long time ago, but have squandered it and the old NAZI money replaced with new and cool tech titans, who cavort Silicon Valley with the transfused blood of youth in their veins and the world in the palm of their hands.

This isn’t censorship, but just simply the way it is. If you are truly enamored by the current system, feel free to participate in it and keep a picture of Jerome Powell on your mantle. If by chance you’re slightly annoyed by it, buy BTC or ETH. The choice is always yours.

The country is combustible. It is ebbing towards total anarchy. Be careful about taunting people who feel they’re doing God’s work and have nothing to lose.

I finished up for the session, presently +10% for Jan.

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Markets Under Pressure — Small Caps Don’t Give a Shit

The Nasdick is getting hammered by 150 points today — but the degenerates who trade have boosted pennies up 1.1% for the day. As you could imagine, a man in my position had no choice but to partake. I started out the day down 3.5% and I traded all the way back, buying and selling this and that, to +0.6%. I have since given back a bit, but intend to fully assert my dominance into the close.

I feeeeel the market isn’t serious about trading lower and I also feeeeeeel we’re heading up again. Too much laughter and tomfoolery to go around, than to trouble ourselves with the realities of a market in the midst of having its fucking bubble popped.

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Well it had to happen at some point. My wife started to text me about DOGE last week, so I knew we were close. I also felt the urge to increase my investment size in ETH and I started to fantasize about crazy batshit price estimates, like BTC to $1m. I started to think “what if Mcafee was right all along?”

Truth is, this drop is fantastic for people who missed out or who didn’t buy enough. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna step in and buy now. The whole point of me buying ETH was to have currency diversification, not to make grandiose sums of money trading it. I will continue to dollar cost into ETH every single month and will not be deterred for another 24mos. It has been 11 months since my first purchase of ETH and I intend to keep doing it for a minimum of 24mos.

BTC is trading $31k, ETH under 1k, off by 30%. Good!

Dow futures are -300, shares of TWTR are down 8%. If I’m wrong about TWTR and the banning of Trump turns out to be a serious issue for the company, you could expect to see some 13-D’s filed and some activist investors demanding board seats. It looks like a bumpy start to week 2 of 2021. I’ll have to trade my way out.

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The Banning of Trump Will Not Hurt Twitter Shareholders

Bookmark this post. Twitter ended Friday above $51, +220% since Trump got elected.

Last night the comrades at Twitter sold short MAGA and canceled Trump and endless other MAGA accounts, causing people to flee towards Gab and Parler. On the issue of Parler, google banned them from their store and Apple promised to ban them today, should they not start censoring posts on the platform. Let’s be clear so we’re not deluding ourselves here: free speech was never a reality, certainly not for ultra rich, ultra entitled tech titans. They do as they like and that’s just the way it is.

But Twitter is a global platform with bigger fish to fry than outspoken Trumpers. And let’s be honest, people are addicted to social media and crave to be heard. More than that, they crave to feeeeel like they’re doing something important with their lives.

You don’t have to participate in their systems. No one is forcing you to feel the need to be heard on social media. Prior to 2007, no one even knew what Twitter was and it certainly wasn’t something that could be conceived as a tool to enact a coup, which by the way is the most overused word the last 4 years. There wasn’t a fucking coup attempt by the ‘Stop the Steal’ folks at the Capitol this week. That was a bunch of cosplaying men and women falling victim to group think, the way mobs react when something is in motion. If you were ever a rambunctious child and did stupid things with your stupid friends, you know exactly what I mean. There wasn’t an armed attempt, nor military styled operational tactics used, just people who felt disaffected.

I predict the share price of Twitter will be more or less unaffected by this purge inside of a month because time heals all wounds and Americans have very short memories and rarely could resist the temptation for a quick dopamine fix.

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Spectacular Trading Spills into 2021

Reminder: markets haven’t been this good to the upside since the dot com era. The idea we could constantly bag 10-100% intra day gains in a sundry of stocks would be a foreign concept prior to late 2018. We have gone parabolic to the upside and I do believe much of it is being fueled by zero commissions, which has permitted retail to regain its power in markets. Prior to this grande time, markets were dominated by HFTs and money managers who chased performance. Ideas took time and day trading wasn’t appealing on most occasions, particularly during the low volatile era of 40 Dow points per day that plagued these halls with smug blogs for many many years.

I celebrate this reinvigoration into high stakes, high end, gambling and welcome all to partake.

Please for the sake of your pigeon brained sized minds, place politics aside and forget it ever happened. Look at all of the fucking fun to be had here. I closed out the week +9%.

No booze for me this weekend, as I am back dry till St Paddy’s day. Excessive quantities of coffee, I find, suit me better.

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Excellent Week 1 of 2021

I am presently flat in my trading, more or less slightly burnt out after a week filled with excessive training. I’d argue that trading and trading well is the hardest job in the world, much harder than being in the military or dumb construction jobs. Imagine having to go to work every day with a stupid hammer and be rote instrument of construction.

For the week, I am up 8.3% and my gains will likely INCREASE towards the end of the session. I haven’t really tried to profit today, as I felt the desire to do nothing. Instead of waking early and trading really hard I did the exact opposite, lazily slept in and then I read a little and did more of the same of nothing at all. As a point in in fact, I haven’t even eaten today. This is, needless to say, a much harder job than say manning a cashier’s register or even being a cop in Portland.

I have to WALK THE FUCKING DOGS now and I cannot stress to you enough how much that I hate doing it. I prefer people over animals and if I am being honest with all of you, I hate animals and really do love people. I love people and hate animals. There I said it.

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The Nasdaq jumped by more than 300 points, Bitcoins leapt over $40k, but yours truly had a trying time in the market trading. First and foremost, my static, once per mo managed, Quant was up 2.7%. Half of my money is there. I have a new account, called my Long Term Dollar Cost Average account and it was up 4.3%. It is 10 stocks that I buy every month, equal weight. And then there’s me, fucking guru stock trader who bellied into the session short via inverses. I was bogged at the open for -1.5%, traded back to nearly breakeven — and then got caught long in a cataclysm of spiraling crypto derivative stocks when BTC fell from $40k to $37k intra-session.

I took losses and my day was at session lows of -2.5%.

Having already traded 60 times, I placed a restriction on myself to only trade 1 stock at a time. If I wanted to buy XYZ, I had to sell something first. This kept me very disciplined to be accurate with my picks and caused me to watch every position with intensity. I never dipped below 45% cash during this time, from 2:30pm to the close.

Here were my trades into the bell:

ALDX +4.7%
OEG -3%
ENG +7%
UAVS +7.2%
FTFT +10.7%
IDEX +4.1%
And again IDEX +3%

I ended the day down 0.5%, more or less a nothing-burger, done via 89 fucking trades that makes you wonder why go through all there trouble. But then you look at the longer term returns and know you’re doing the right thing. These types of days happen and there is nothing you can do about it. Admittedly, I have never really day traded in my life, up until last year. I wasn’t equipped for it and never explored it. I was always an excellent stock picker, but rarely intra-day. That has of course changed drastically with my tools in StockLabs, which I hope to share with you soon. I sit and watch volume spikes, coupled with the technical grading algos, and catch waves all day long.

See you fuckers tomorrow.

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An Unbelievable Display of Massive Mental Illness

This is going to be my last post on the Trump syndrome that has take place the past 4 years. What many on the right mocked the left over, getting triggered and becoming a ‘snowflake’, has in fact also happened to them. This whole fantasy with Q and the fucking plan is a giant larp. You fucking idiots believe Trump is Jesus. Trump is a very flawed and selfish man who has done NOTHING for the people who run into gunfire for him. You are a fool to believe a billionaire, someone who grew up in a castle, relates to you — all because of his tweets.

You are a fool to believe there is some sort of grandiose plan to ROOT OUT the underground network of pedophiles that are secretly ruling dominion over this country. I mention this because I see intelligent people falling into a psychosis over this shit and it needs to stop. WAKE THE FUCK UP. If religion is your thing, acknowledge that idolatry is a sin. No person is worth this much anguish.

The original idea of Trump in 2016 was cheap healthcare, no wars, and bringing jobs back to America. What you fuckers are talking about now is straight up bat-shit insanity — and it’s going to cause depression and humiliation. You need to let it go and accept the fact that palace intrigue is for idiots and your lives will be exactly the same in about 2 weeks when Joe Biden takes office.

The problem with not believing in anything is nihilism. Be bullish. Try to trust people. Try to let go of the hate and focus on productive things.

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Back to Trading

Political posts are always a mistake. It draws out the worst people and the ugliest opinions. Fixating on palace intrigue isn’t healthy. In fact, it’s mentally retarding you. I understand the desire to believe in something greater than yourself, or an ideal that can bring meaning to your lives; but it doesn’t need to be this.

Let’s focus on trading and work towards improving our own lives and perhaps you can make enough money to create a legacy for yourselves or family name. Plus, it’s very enjoyable to try.

Starting off the day, I’m down 110bps, due to fucking inverse ETFs. Let’s see if I can reverse that.

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