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I’m really famished and feel like cooking some break fast. I just wanted to take this occasion to let you people know that I am, in fact, a scientist now — because I bought MEDP. As a matter of fact, I’m wearing a surgical mask whilst typing this note to you.

Stock is upwards of $58 now and looks like it wants to saunter sideways and up to $65. Who the hell am I to get in its way? I’m like a fat guy, only not fat and definitely more than just a guy, riding the tram at Disney because walking it exhausting. I’m on the tram in search of fun, conserving energy, ’bout to cook some 6 minutes eggs.

For the love of Christ, I haven’t even has my morning coffee yet. I’ve been working so hard, there’s barely enough time for my gimlets.

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This is the Most Important Trading Advice You’ll Ever Get From Me

I’m on a terrific run, so splendid at 25 for my last 27 trades I do not want to book a loss. It would mess up my streak and place a dour footnote into what has been an unbelievable and surreal gift. Today at the opening tick, without hesitation, I sold out of BOX for a 9.3% loss. The streak didn’t matter, nor did my feelings for BOX as a company. The share price had simply gone too low to tolerate and I didn’t want to tie up important funds in a stock behaving so poorly.

Maybe in the past, a younger and more immature Fly, I’d hold onto BOX and oversee a small 9% loss morph into cataclysm — but not today.

Simultaneously, I am watching my JG position rip higher again, pushing my unrealized gains in the stock to +42% since August 21st. A lesser man would’ve sold by now; but there has been nothing in the price action to suggest it’s done going higher.

Hence the adage applies here and this is the lesson: let your winners run and cut your losers quick.

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This is what happens when you’re out there doing stock market battle (cringe). Sometimes you take an arrow to the leg and only hope it didn’t hit an artery. The only thing to do is take out said arrow and stick it in the eyeball of the person who sent it to you.

My line in the sand is ~10%, which places BOX under $23.5 for firm line in the sand sale. However, if I do not believe the stock is worthy of holding my money, I might just sell it tomorrow.

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Last chance for you to unbox yourselves out from the rough terrain of after-hours earnings surprises. “The Fly” rides in his car made from dynamite sticks because he’s afraid of nothing, especially death. If not scared of death, why on earth would I be afraid of losing a little money?

Now if you’re poor or don’t have any money, or never had money, you might want to eject yourselves from $BOX. I offer nothing but chance with the stock, as it is scheduled to report earnings after the market closes.

I live with purpose and am very much alive, not just in the obvious physical sense, but spiritually. I want more and strive towards reaching an equanimity of achievement that can only be attained by making you successful. I’ve discarded my money management business and am now “all in” here, and now, so enjoy the ride.

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It’s Different This Time

Expect this sort of drivel to be published in your local internets soon.

Meanwhile, I sold CVNA today for a 5.5% profit — because I didn’t know why I was long and the market looks slow, tired, and weak. My cash position is now 50% and my winning streak extended to 25 for the last 27. I literally cannot be stopped. As a matter of fact, I want to lose — this shit is too easy. I can make 5-10% all day long in individual set ups and not break a sweat.

Here goes.

What’s next on the agenda? Riding BOX into earnings, killing shorts, leaving no survivors.

September will be just fine. Keep your stops tight and your longs vigorous and you’ll be all right.

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The Winning Streak Continues — Taking it Easy For the Rest of You

I’m not falling for this shit — the oldest trick in the book. The market is getting so giddy right now — it’s causing all sorts of retards to dive headlong into it, margined out and without discretion. I just sold NVTA, for a 17% win, extending my recent winning streak to 24 out of my last 26 picks.

Here is the tally.

SOXS -5.3%
IIIV +9.6%
MOMO +8%
SONO +18%
PDD +5.4%
CRON +15%
TLRY +35%
DOMO -1%
ZS +5.3%
LITE +4.2%
BAND +1.3%
AMC +4.6%
SHSP +11.5%
NEPT +6%
SPOT +6.7%
WIX +2.9%
VEEV +5.3%
PCTY +12.1%
TEAM +12.7% (double sized)
ZEN +8.8% (doubled sized)
HUBS +9.6% (triple sized)
NVTA +17%

So I found myself trying desperately to find stocks to buy. It should never be a struggle. In a good tape, when you’re on fire, there should be plenty of stocks to choose from. When there isn’t something is off, either you or the tape. Since I know it’s not me, I’m gonna chill for a bit and let the market digest the recent gains. “The Fly” has a lot of relaxing to do, books to catch up on, sauntering to partake in.

When in doubt, I saunter, and then saunter some more.

Cash position is ~45%.

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Trump Recognizes $GOOGL For Being a Criminal Organization, Vows Action

Again, let’s hope Trump can stay out of prison long enough to make some real change here.

Just a few months ago, the Youtube channel of iBankCoin was terminated by Google, all 28,000 subscribers told to fuck off, and the 35 million views we had vanished into the wind, with more than a decade of content, as if it never existed. Like the burning of the library at Alexandria, Google is GUITLY of the most heinous of crimes — the censorship and destruction of knowledge — for the benefit of barbarous acts of criminality.

Trump has acknowledged Google for the crime organization it is and promises action.

In many cases, the people Google bans deserve it — spamming fucking retards who’ve never had anything important to publish in their entire lives. But in my case, I was merely publishing news from major networks. The people charged with censorship at Youtube are absolute faggots, absolutely, and I will never give up in trying to discredit them and if I ever meet one of these people in real life, from God’s nose to the Devil’s toes, I will knock their eyebrows clean off their authoritarian heads.

Nasdaq futs are +22. Prepare for more winship.

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There’s nothing you can say now that can derail stocks. All of your bearshit has been stomped out. Your jaws have been punched loose — mustaches in the wind. Your legs have been chainsawed in half and the greatest fucking bull market in the history of the world presides over you — salty motherfuckers.

This is the easiest tape to play, if you’re playing the right sectors. Contrarians get BTFO and financial advisors get the gibbet every single time. Fuck your low fee ETF strategies and fuck everything you stand for. This world is filled with parasitic creatures feeding off the strong. The time has come to disinfect the planet of this scourge, starting with anyone in possession of a series 65 license.

Market bulldozed higher, in spite of Trump paying off hookers, in spite of Trump’s lawyer turning rat, in spite of Trump’s former campaign manager cheating on his taxes. In spite of everything and all, markets traded higher.

We’ve hit new highs, Nasdaq 8,000, off the news that a new NAFTA deal is in the balance. Very soon, we’ll have a new China trade deal, and then markets will rip again.

All of my stocks went up more than yours. If you’re not convinced by my words, have a look at HUYA and JG. “The Fly” does this shit every day, and will be doing this shit for the next thousand years. Nothing will stop me — not even death himself.

I’m back in Princeton, NJ now, after a weekend in Scranton, PA — partaking in water sports. I’m gonna have a drink now, binge watch The Office, and then get to studying for tomorrow’s breakouts.

Drop your favorite tech breakouts in the comments.

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Fly Buy: $CBLK

I have my HUYA running hard today and have been trying to get back into stocks today, after moving to a heavy cash position last week.

Thus far, I’ve purchased IIPR and NANO. With ZS springboarding retardo style, I stepped in and bought the black, CBLK.

My cash position is ~40% now.

Off for some break fast.

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Nasdaq 8,000, New NAFTA Deal — The Winning Continues

Trump did it again. Let’s just hope he can get to sign this deal before him and the rest of his cabinet are in prison.

The official also said the U.S. and Mexico have “reached understanding on key issues,” adding that Canada will now “re-engage” in the negotiations. Canada has remained on the sidelines of trade talks recently while the U.S. aimed at first striking a deal with Mexico.

“Once the bilateral issues get resolved, Canada will be joining the talks to work on both bilateral issues and our trilateral issues,” Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s foreign minister, said on Friday. “And will be happy to do that, once the bilateral US-Mexico issues have been resolved.”

Also, the Nasdaq hit 8,000 for the first time ever.

Also, the winning continues.

Also, I bought pot REIT play IIPR and NANO. I expect to win on those too.

Any questions?

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