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Nvdia is America’s sole chip producer, sporting a market cap of $1t+ or 6x Intel’s in spite of the fact that Intel produces more revenue. What you proles fail to understand is the next big thing is here: AI.

Using Chatgpt I know it’s a liberally biased communist piece of shit. However, it’s literally the best thing since sliced bread also. Those with websites and ads should fear it because by the time the AI operators finish their schemes, we will have no use for instructional websites anymore.

If you want a recipe or understand how to do something, AI can tell you directly — no need to ever visit a website again. I say this ironically whilst typing into a website.

Look here, I know my time is short and this website mostly irrelevant when discussing my caprices and my feeeeelings about any number of things. I of course am WRONG about many things and my political leanings can be described by some as “right wing nut job”. The truth is, I generally hate left wing scum for reasons that would take me hours to describe in detail. My sense is, if being honest, registered democrats should never be allowed outside of their quarantine. They should wear their masks, be gay, and never be let out again. This plan, if enacted, would result in a reduction of crime by at least 75%.

I am once again distracted.

The issue of AI is an important one and you should probably come to understand each human is a little AI bot itself. By bitching about humans creating AI is like complaining humans are having babies. We have created AI to accelerate our own AI. As such, many NEW JOBS will be created and many rote jobs made obsolete.

On the issue of the market today — the prevailing trend is lower — but I suspect that will soon change by mid afternoon — as per usual.

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Back to Trading With Full Balls

Since November or December of last year I used the Stocklabs weekly version of the quant to assist me in trading. The net result was good, with only one down month during the period.

But, like in life, all things die or whither away until otherwise useless. You have to understand, I am a person in need of non-stop adulation lest I might feel a little peckish. I closed out the trading day on Friday with an all long book out from hell and closed it out today for +185bps. Who can stop me?

Normally, I’d just smoke my estate pipe and let the weekly quant take over, as I talked extreme shit to my paying customers inside SL. But not today! I shall take the reins myself and run this fucking horse to the finish line, or off a cliff whereby I’ll hope the Gods blessed my stallion with the fortitude to swim to shore.

The current thought is stocks need to go up — because AI and other bullshit. People are generally fooled into believing all sorts of rubbish, such as a vaccine cure for the flu or America’s enemies are just mad at our freedoms, or Ukraine is a democratic state.

Look, I am an expert and a professional investor. I am entitled to behave like I am now, so do not try to replicate at home.

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I am always surprised by right wingers who are SHOCKED over and over again to see the GOP pretend to be fiscally conservative and always cave into extending the debt limit. You know, America is a very rich nation. All those bastards have to do is spend a little less than they take in and VOILA — before you know it the national debt will begin to shrink.

But to do so would mean less money for the cunts in Ukraine and the cunts in S Korea, Israel, Egypt, Peru, and any number of cunts who enjoy our money. If you think of America as a giant corporation you’d appreciate her more. Many of you get caught up in ideas of constitution and freedom and MUH founding fathers.

Sir —

You have been ruled over by degenerate scum bags for a century and the people who profit from this sordid business think the average folk need to be castrated. In many respects, they’re correct! Not everyone is equal and if you do not possess skills to help the nation build — perhaps you should be castrated too.

Tonight the GOP caved into the Biden administration to borrow more money in order to provide all of the cunts around the world who live in abject squalor with money. You have to understand, the quality of life abroad is abysmal and they look to America as a big cow in a wide open field and want to suck on its milky tits. Do not be upset about things you cannot control. Instead, perhaps hire a tax attorney and shelter your money away from the grabblers who want it for their little cunty projects.

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House Fly’s Trip to Europe: Full Review

Myself alongside 5 other family members departed for Europe several weeks ago — visiting the continent for the first time in what I described to them to be “an educational journey.” I was never a big fan of needing to travel far distances, feeling that anything I needed to do or enjoy could be done within driving distance of wherever I lived. The reason for this train of thought is rooted in the fact that I’ve always lived in comfortable confines, with marked exception to the 9 years I was held prisoner on Staten Island.

We took a DC flight to Edinburgh in the steerage part of the cabin in what I can only describe as a most uncomfortable trip. The airline was United and their leg space is non-existent for people taller than 5’2.

Upon arriving in Edinburgh, I was instantly struck by its beauty. The trolly from the airport to the city was extremely comfortable and convenient. Our Airbnb was perfect and the streets were very clean. The one thing you notice about England in general is the lack of trash or “rubbish” bins anywhere. If you have trash, you take it with you or find some establishment with a trash bin, which is rare. The net result is extremely clean streets that are bereft of foul smells and heaps of wrappers and food items festooning the walkways.

Everything about Edinburgh was fine, with exception to the food. One of the local delicacies is Haggis, which is basically cow intestines, lungs, and all sorts of other bollocks mashed together with spices. You have to be very drunk to want to eat it and because I was with my elderly and sickly Mother in law — I chose not to imbibe too aggressively, especially since she frowned upon it and called me “BORRACHO” whenever I took a sip of anything stronger than apple juice.

We visited London next via rail. At the rail station was a scene out of any number of dystopian movies with Africans running about in search of free fortunes. We quickly caught a taxi and headed towards our 5 star hotel, which was good but not great. In London I was in awe of its magnificent landmarks and marveled at the achievements of the British people for creating such a beautiful city. We did all of the tourist stuff, ate at very good restaurants and thoroughly enjoyed our stay there — as it reminded us of America but slightly different with more efficient taxis, better public transport, and a much much cleaner environ than some of our big cities like NYC. I noticed a very large muslim community there, many well to do Saudis, traversing the luxury stores without a white in sight. We’d often stumble upon fellow whites in taxis or other service venues.

Next up was France. This is a totally different vibe from America and the UK. The one thing we noticed immediately was their e-bike/scooter culture and very fast bike lanes built into the sidewalks. While walking around this beautiful city, which is PACKED like sardines, you have to watch out for crazy drivers and bicyclists alike. I was on guard for what people always warned me about France: nasty people. But we all found the French people to be both friendly and vibrant. The food was spectacular just about anywhere you visited and the city itself is almost unbelievable in its beauty. Traversing Paris, at times, was extremely difficult with an elderly person, since taxis are very hard to get and many of them only accept cash, unlike in the UK where everything is card. At the main tourist attractions are large swaths of African street vendors attempting to trick you into giving your money to them. I never felt unsafe and just ignored them the best I could. The city’s demographics is extremely diverse, with whites, at times, the minority. I found the very large Moroccan and Algerian population there to be very pleasant and non confrontational. We were saddened to leave so early — but excited for the next leg of our journey into Italy.


I’ve been thinking about how to describe my experience in Italy in a way that would maximize my insults towards the Italian people. First, I want to offer some context. I grew up in an Italian household but often identified with my Irish side because of how I looked. I am very familiar with American Italians — growing up in Brooklyn. I was always told the people in Italy were very different from the people I met in Brooklyn or Staten Island — who are generally viewed as animals. But this is not true, since the people in Brooklyn and Staten Island are NICER and better at cooking than the absolute reprobates in Italy.

We went to Milan, Florence, Siena, Rome and some other small fuck town in Italy and the people are universally the same everywhere. These are angry people who ENJOY living in filth. The streets are covered in trash. The grass is overgrown with weeds and there is graffiti everywhere. The food was at times good — but nothing better than I’ve had in the states. The pizza was more or less an ABOMINATION and every single taxi driver we hired was insane. We took maybe 10 cabs rides and 3 of them got into verbal altercations that resulted in them stepping outside of their cabs with us inside to elevate their stupidity. Although Florence is beautiful and the countryside picturesque, it’s a very old city that is totally reliant upon fucks like me to keep it going. In spite of this, the people are somewhat indifferent to tourists and I got the sense they were much more interested in running schemes on me and finding ways to rip me off, rather than treat me fairly.

While the beauty of the main part of Rome cannot be denied, just outside of the main city is a place that looked like Queens NY circa 1991 but much worse. There are these little fucking scooters everywhere and they do not abide by traffic laws. Like in Paris, it’s very hard to get a taxi outside one of their taxi lines. My Airbnb owner warned me to never venture outside the Rome Termini at night, for it was extremely dangerous and he didn’t even drive by there for fear of getting stabbed inside his car. The city is littered with Africans running about in search of fortune, forcibly selling trinkets — attempting to guess which American state you hailed from. But my problem isn’t with the Africans of Italy, but the Italians themselves. These are not very good people and I often thought of them to be very stupid. I could tell if one of the faces I saw in Rome was American or not by the intelligent gaze emanating from my fellow countrymen, unlike the Roman look of scammer and criminal. I could see how the mafia was created and such a force to be reckoned with — because the men of Italy are equally angry and stupid — which is a deadly combo if the environmental conditions move against them.

Under no circumstances would I visit Rome again, unless I was staying at or around the Spanish steps in a 100 star hotel. The thing that stuck with me most outside of the caveman like demeanor of the Italian people was the filth they live in. It is, more or less, a third world country filled with gypsies and genetically retarded people. I’d also like nothing to do with anything Italian here for a very long time, for detox purposes.

In summary, America is #1 by a very large margin. Although our govt is satanic and their goals are alien in nature to normal people trying to find happiness here, the standard of living here is exponentially higher than in Europe. The food is better, the people are friendlier, the highways are better, and even the clothes are better. There is no reason to ever visit Europe again, unless you have a new girlfriend and you want to woo her with the idea of a romantic holiday in a very expensive place in an effort to “have fun.” Other than that, Europe is better off having a war with each other, this way they’ll cull the idiots and the Africans will scramble back home out of fear of getting shot to death by some angry Italian on a scooter.

Buona Sera!

NOTE: All of the art attractions of Europe is unbelievable. It’s hard to describe but seeing these things in person had a profound effect on me and respect for mankind. I never knew people could create such beauty. My favorite was the Duomo in Siena. The Louvre, Windsor Castle, Edinburg Castle and Versailles are all worth the journey at least once.

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I cannot describe how I lost 130bps today, only that it happened to me. I was long and then short — but the only thing that mattered was that I ended up wrong and forced to backtrack and buy a bunch of 52 week high stocks. The truth is, I deserve much better. I happen to be a very good person with good intentions. The fact that the market injured me like this today makes me want to wipe out entire Italian villages, salting their earth, taking any prisoners left and placing them into a global slave trade.

Net net, I made more than 2% for the week and now stand before you up a whole 1.1% for May.

All stocks are DOWN 2% for May; but the fucking NASDAQ is +8%. We are in the midst of something stupid happening in stocks and because of that I am prone to believe this too shall fade and eventually all stocks RACKED DOWN with losses, yet again.

No market for Monday as we celebrate America’s wars. I will be doing a full travel blog tomorrow. Until then, I’ll be smoking some Cuban cigars and celebrating my 47th bday.

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I’ll have a full breakdown of Fly Goes to Europe this weekend and I warn all Italians out there — you’re not gonna like it.

During my 10-15 hr flight yesterday (who’s counting), I was long 20% LABD and it ripped tits, paying for a good portion of my entire trip. As a point in fact, I’m up nearly 3% for the month, which is a first for me whilst on vacation.

As for now, I still own the LABD and a little BTC, the rest cash. I’m sort of groggy now and need to run some errands, such as pick up my dogs. In the meantime, I’m elated to be back and see while I was away the country garnered up new outrage against the GLOBOHOMO movement in America, taking aim at Target for the innocent thing of selling clothing to children who want to cut their dicks off. It’s so good to be back.

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Good riddance Europe!

I’m saddened to report that America is exponentially better than Europe. I was hoping to find a place to move to, since I hate the US govt so much I felt like defecting. Now I have to figure out a way to live inside the heart of the GLOBOHOMO, the epitome of leisure and evil in the world. I return to a country now torn apart by Target selling dick tucking garments for kids and North Face going FULL TRANNY with their marketing. The political situation in the United States, I’d almost ruin my life and live someplace like Florence to spite it.

My trading has been small but effective, up another 62bps today. I see NVDA beat earnings and is way the fuck higher. Oh well. By the time US markets open tomorrow I’ll be flying over Europe in what can only be described as a last class flight from hell into the US, without any leg room. As a matter of fact, the leg room will be at a 1ft deficit.

But do not worry plebs. I thrive while I suffer.

In summary, the trip was an unmitigated disaster and I’ll never travel outside the United States again. There were things enjoyed and glimpses of joy along the way. But I’m not capable of long periods of pleasure, as my life is currently situated. As soon as I return home, I’ll get right back to work for extreme toil, focusing fully on my trading and really stepping up my meaningless blogs and tweets, hoping for some sort of calamity to strike markets dead.

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Just yesterday I denounced all of Italy and even cast aspersions on their entire gene pool thanks to my experience in the area I’m staying in. This of course is self inflicted, since I was traveling with 5 people and hated the 1200 per night hotel rates and opted for Airbnbs instead.

Let this be an eternal opinion for all of you traveling: you get what you pay for and there are no shortcuts. When you rent an Airbnb you instantly become a local poor and with that status you are beset with their bedraggled lifestyle. Instead of receiving 5 star quality service and a clean room, you roll the dice. The part of Rome my $700 per night Airbnb is in is like Sunset Park Brooklyn or maybe Jackson Heights Queens. It’s filthy, authentic, and wholly disgusting. I’m living amongst the proles and the plebs, in other words.

But today I visited the Spanish Steps area of Rome proper and let me tell you — it was beautiful. If I could do it again, the entire trip, I spend another $15,000 on hotels and live amongst the most rarefied parts of the destinations I chose, not because I wanted to or because it was the right thing to do, but because I could.

I’m up 52bps early on as I was heavily short overnight.

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Greetings from the Vatican

I am situated a few blocks from the Vatican and before I insult Italians who read me, I’d first like to say that they created unbelievable art 500 years ago. But since then, gypsies, Africans, and Egyptians visited and lived in Rome and made it a general shithole. The Italians you see scrambling about on their little scooters up and down the “vias” aren’t the same DNA as Michelangelo. You fuckers look like Ciro from Gomorrah now and have criminal minds.

There is a vast difference between the sophistication of the English and French to the Italians. They’re basically just like the people I hated in Brooklyn, but without the idiot NY accents.

As for the other cities of Europe: wonderful — but they have an African stabbing you in your ass problem and it’s all over for them. These fuckers are first Gen street vendors. Their children will grow up to hate the whites and eventually attempt to cannibalise them. You can see the decay and rot.

Any way, I’m off to eat now, up 106bps and net short into the close.

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The Airbnb host warned me about traversing the Roma Termini at night, all but assuring I’d get robbed and stabbed. He said he doesn’t even drive past it out of fear of getting stabbed inside his car. My initial opinion of Rome is similar to everything else I’ve seen in Italy: overrated shithole.

It’s not a shithole in the traditional sense, if you will. Instead, it’s just an another place where a bunch of people live but without Amazon prime and all of the modern amenities that makes America so much better. This actually leads to me believe a little bit in the GLOBOHOMO, as the civilization they’ve created, in spite of their satanic perversions, is pretty good. I guess it’s a grande trade off. You can live in the most beautiful place in the world but your kids might want to either cut their dicks or tits off.

The Italian food is good. But you have to understand something, I was raised and lived in the NYC area for most of my life. The liberal piece of shits know how to cook a great meal. Also, I’m a master chef myself and can cook Italian just as good as any of these fuckers here.

I managed to squeak out 7bps in trading from train to cafe today. Tomorrow I venture out on a fucking tour of the Vatican view the splendor. All jokes aside, the trip was worth it just to see these amazing works of art in person. The Duomo at Siena was just about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Nonetheless, Italy is still a shithole.


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