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It’s Time to Delve into Israeli Cannabis In An Attempt to Front Run

The two stocks I am about to show you are risky and small capped pieces of shit. If it weren’t for the recent craze in stocks like TLRY, CRBP, NBEV, CRON, GWPH, CGC and others, I wouldn’t bother with them. The attempt here is to get in before others find ancillary cannabis plays. Both of these companies are working on cannabinoid styled pain management drugs and both are located in Israel — a fine country if it weren’t for the fact that, like the Chinese, almost everything deriving from it is a scam.

That being said, I bought small position in BLRX and TRPX, not for the money, but for the sport.

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Amazon Unveils A Bunch of New Shit For the House

I was able to fetter away into a dark corner of my house, after scrubbing the toilets clean, to report news that Amazon is going to start selling a bunch of shit for the household, and also one thing for the car.

The most retarded electronic device will be the Amazon microwave, which I will buy because it’s $59 and I’d like my friends to be jealous of it.

Also, they’re gonna sell some Alexa styled thingy for the car, a receiver, sub woofer, and also much better and louder Echo speakers.

One other thing is household security — they’re doing that too. Read about all of these pleasant things, and more, here.

I see stocks bouldering higher — flattening out all semblances of bears. I’m 70% cash, so effectively not participating. That’s all well and good, since I have a mind for being idle during periods of transition. The SAAS sector isn’t so hot today and a lot of momo money is still in pot and also alt energy plays. Everyone is now searching for new pot plays, reminiscent of the blockchain days. I should probably do some more research and tell the wife to quit ham and egging me. “The Fly” has a destiny to fulfill and shouldn’t be subjugated to a third class life filled with toil and unnecessary labour.

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Dealing With Missed Opportunities

Just yesterday I had 10% of my account in NBEV. Heading into the day I had intended to place another 5% in — upping it to 15%. But because TLRY ran hard and made NBEV run too, I opted to sell — believing yesterday would be a blow off top. Many of the pot stocks exhibited blow off top moves yesterday, which further entrenched my belief that I made a good decision. In hindsight, it was a dreadful one — a fleeting idea that I now regret, miserably. I gained 44% and have never hated it more than I do now — gawking at the stock drifting above $7 like a wave, luring all sorts of pikers into the stock who now know what I knew weeks ago.

Had I held, my gains would now be in excess of 200%. Truth is, this has happened to me numerous times in the past, especially when I’m trading and ripping out profits. The essence of trading successfully is to be disconnected from the logo you’re trading. A profit in NBEV is no different from a profit in GE; you take it when you can and don’t bitch about it later.

I have company visiting House Fly today, so I’m in host mode and have been tasked with scrubbing toilets very diligently and very beautifully. After that, I’ll be tasked with mopping the floors, vacuuming the rugs, and of course cleaning the exterior of the automobiles in the drive way. Do not live my life — it’s not worth the effort. Get out there and make a bunch of money and travel to Ireland — get drunk and fall asleep in the streets. Getting old isn’t for the young and being young is often taken for granted. You won’t know how stupid you are until it’s too late.


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Nothing felt right, aside from my cannabis lotto picks. My positions were getting stale and old, and lost momentum. My active account is designated to find new opportunities every day, not hold onto and wish for flailing positions to jimmy higher based on a miracle.

I sold most of my holdings — moving to a 70% cash store.

My only encouraging holding with verve are JG, NETC, IIPR, and ZYNE.

I’m certain pot stocks will run out of momo soon and bears will declare victory. But the trade is far from over and there is plenty of opportunities left in the space for those with good timing and patience.

Click on the Exodus link and join the league of gentlemen. I promise, you will bear witness to live trading on an extraordinary scale.

Good day.

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Two More Pot Plays Before I Go

A little perturbed for selling NBEV too soon, I am attempting to relive the past and play some under the radar pot plays. Try to stop me, you fucking faggots.

I bought NTEC and ZYNE.

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VICTORY — Le Fly Books Egregious Profits, Cashes in His Drug Empire

I did it again. Truth is, I don’t even know how I got wrapped up in these stocks. I saw NBEV and was prompted to buy it, even though I had recently sold it for a loss. I violated wash sales rules and had to get some. I even doubled up the position yesterday, something I rarely do and never with a penny stock.

But it all worked out and I hope some of you pikers made enough coin as to afford a small piece of steak tonight. This is what we trade for — to catch moves like this.

Congrats to everyone in the Pelican Cartel who played along.

NOTE: I am still holding onto IIPR.

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Pot Stocks Blow a Strong Easterly Wind into the Faces of Shorts — Parabolic Move Commences

You mess with the bull — you get the horns. I did warn against this move and find myself in the enviable position of being long a large cache of pot stocks into what can only be described as the short squeeze of 2018. Nothing matches up to this yet and I am glad to be a part of it.

Over on Twitter, Sad Boy Andrew Left made a mistake by showing people how exposed he is to TLRY, which I believe is now adding fuel to the TLRY bonfire. Anyone who’s had a bone to pick with Citron is now placing market orders for TLRY — hoping to drive Left mad.

I don’t like to see anyone get poleaxed to this degree. Then again, if anyone deserves it, it’s probably Citron.

As for me, I’ll likely take a victory lap today and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I hope you played along and was able to execute some smart trades.

See you in Exodus.

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CNBC’s Cramer Attempts to Crush $TLRY With His Stupid Questions — But Fails

Full disclosure: I’m not a massive fan of anything. I don’t care. I haven’t smoked pot in decades. It makes me paranoid and insane. However, I know stocks and trends and I can sense what people want, an intuitive gift that I was born with.

I tuned into CNBC this evening to watch Cramer interview the CEO of TLRY, who did really well and he talked up the cannabis capabilities via beverage — which is right up NBEV’s alley. But that’s neither here or there. Cramer stepped into this interview with a clear agenda — CRUSH THE STOCK AND LEAVE NO SURVIVORS.

He thought hr was being coy and clever, pestering the CEO with questions about share crushing dilutive offerings. His schemes did not have the desired effect, as the share price is skyrocketing in the after-hours session, alongside NBEV.

Net effect.

I am presently long NBEV (10% weighting), CGC, IIPR, and PYX.

“The Fly” wins again.

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I told you something biblical was happening at House Fly, which always is a prerequisite for magnanimous wins. Did I not?

Now with NBEV higher by 35% plus from where I bought it yesterday, a normal man might sell and buy himself a new pair of shoes, or maybe some gloves — but not me. Le Fly is in this for the glory, not for the money. These fucking pot stocks are parabolic and all the cynics are narrowing their brows and sliding into shorts sideways. Tomorrow morning they will gap higher again and crush those fuckers and reduce them into mason dust.

Top picks: NBEV, PYX, IIPR, and CGC

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Thanks to my recent ascendancy as the internets biggest and best drug lord, I’ve been exploring new opportunities for investment. As such, I’ve stepped into another cannabis trade: PYX

Don’t ask what they do. No one gives a shit. Do you even know what TLRY does? For all I know, they sell cocaine out of the trunks of pick up trucks.

My drug portfolio to date includes CGC, NBEV (double sized), IIPR, and PYX.

Cash has dwindled down to just 10% with the advent of these great opportunities.

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