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Marc Faber’s Racist Newsletter Causes Outrage, Plus Scaramucci’s Holocaust Tweet

Dr. Doom just fucked himself by making racist comments in this month’s newsletter, which also cost him board seats and CNBC/Fox Business gigs. At this stage in his life, I doubt Faber cares. Then again, maybe he does? Either way, one has to wonder why he, all of a sudden, felt the need to “thank God” that white people settled in America and not “the blacks.”

Faber argued against the removal of confederate statues in America, saying they distracted from more important topics. Then he unloaded this gem.

CNBC reached out for comment; naturally, Faber defended his statements, saying, “If stating some historical facts makes me a racist, then I suppose that I am a racist. For years, Japanese were condemned because they denied the Nanking massacre.”

In other news, Anthony Scaramucci’s new media account tweeted out this puppy today, a pop quiz of sorts — testing his followers on the total death toll of jews in German camps.

Scaramucci claimed he wasn’t tweeting from that account and someone else had done it. He is furious and someone will be fired, according to his statement.

Jake Tapper was the first CNN’er to be outraged.

Then he tied in holocaust denial with nationalism.


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Here Are the Best Looking Revenue Charts (Bonus Edition)

The sum total of the stocks I posted under the ‘Best Companies’ tagline is, without question, the very best assemble of stocks possible. They’re the best, not because their charts are nice and the trends are up — but because they’re revenues make them so.

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Here Are the Best Looking Revenue Charts (part 1 of 4)

I’m gonna break this up into 4 parts — because if I dump 45 charts in one post it’ll slow down the page and most of you ADD addled misfits will lose interest half way down. If you pay attention to any big winner over the past 10 years or so, you’ll notice a common trend — consistent revenue growth. Markets hate uncertainty and reward companies who beat estimates and is able to grow the top line quarter over quarter, without interruption.

You will find stocks like NVDA, AMZN, CRM and FB are just a few of the optimal revenue growth companies in America now and many you haven’t heard of following similar paths. These are the stocks you should pay special attention to — because they’re operating efficiently and shareholders know it.

These posts will be tagged under “Best Companies”, which could be found on the sidebar, for future reference.

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Morning Poppers (More Nothing Edition)

Not much happening this morning. Bankers bankering and oil men oiling. Europe is once again flat, aside from Spain — who are running higher by 0.46%.

BTC has topped again, off by 2%.

WTI +0.5% and gold is down 0.9%.

The dollar is higher v the euro by 0.3% and futures are flat.

NOTHING IS GOING ON you fuckers. Stop trying to find happenings. Nothing is going on, absolutely nothing.

Here’s some analyst notes, more nothing.

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North Korea Warns ‘Nuclear War May Break Out Any Moment’; Markets Tell Them to Fuck Off

Good evening gents.

When I say ‘gents’, I most certainly include all of you ladies out there. When you visit iBC, do not feel the need to identify with a gender, for I will always address everyone here as if they were men. In case some of you men would like to be addressed as a woman, simply invert all of my gender assignments in your head and that will make everything all right and good.

It appears the Deputy UN Ambassador for North Korea just warned oa imminent nuclear disaster. Kim In Ryong said, the situation with the US “has reached the touch-and-go point and a nuclear war may break out any moment.”

He complained to the UN about Trump’s menacing ways, claiming he’s up to no good, designing schemes to decapitate N. Korea’s supreme leader — calling it a “secret operation aimed at the removal of our supreme leadership.”

His message to Trump and the American people is clear.

“The entire U.S. mainland is within our firing range and if the U.S. dares to invade our sacred territory even an inch it will not escape our severe punishment in any part of the globe.”


Meanwhile, world markets are telling Kim In Ryong to fuck off, with the South Korean markets +0.10% and S&P futures flat. There’s nothing that can stop the upward march or prosperity, quite literally — not even nuclear war.

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Good afternoon gents,

I write to you from a small room, in a tower otherwise known as a spire. I am not in captivity or anything like that. I am simply in this place because I want to be here. From atop this perch, I can clearly see markets have hit new record highs, and all of the little pikers on Wall Street are cavorting, gaily, in search of fresh beers, swill to wash down all of the opioids they’ve ingested during the afternoon.

This is a really big week for the Chinese government, so don’t mess it up. The communist government will appoint new leaders, discarding the old one’s to organ retrieval vendors, to be expeditiously ferried into Tokyo for rapid transplants. It’s a shame our government isn’t as efficient as the Chinese. By now, we could’ve executed all of the enemies of the state, plus pass new healthcare and tax plans, which would’ve made sure no one got any.

Life as a vegan is going swimmingly. Strength is down in the range of 50-70%, and my energy levels match men 50 years my senior. Other than that, it’s great — sustaining off bread and potatoes — the way life ought to be.

Most of my stocks did really well today. I see some people seem to still believe their charts are making stocks trade up. Silly jackass manlets! Stocks are trading higher because it’s what they’re supposed to do. Why, you wouldn’t interrupt a lion while feasting and query, “dear Sir Lion, why are you eating that black baboon? It’s racist!”

With that line of questioning, you’re liable to be eaten yourselves.

Like the ferocious lion, the stock market bull gallops ahead, with zeal, because that’s what he’s designed to do. Please pardon my gender designation, I am an old man trapped inside of a 41 year old vegan torso.

I must go now. Time to make a large black cup of coffee and a flat white panini with beige hummus, perhaps with a side order of carnival red tomatoes and Irish green scallions.

Fun fact: I am color blind!

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