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I cannot describe how I lost 130bps today, only that it happened to me. I was long and then short — but the only thing that mattered was that I ended up wrong and forced to backtrack and buy a bunch of 52 week high stocks. The truth is, I deserve much better. I happen to be a very good person with good intentions. The fact that the market injured me like this today makes me want to wipe out entire Italian villages, salting their earth, taking any prisoners left and placing them into a global slave trade.

Net net, I made more than 2% for the week and now stand before you up a whole 1.1% for May.

All stocks are DOWN 2% for May; but the fucking NASDAQ is +8%. We are in the midst of something stupid happening in stocks and because of that I am prone to believe this too shall fade and eventually all stocks RACKED DOWN with losses, yet again.

No market for Monday as we celebrate America’s wars. I will be doing a full travel blog tomorrow. Until then, I’ll be smoking some Cuban cigars and celebrating my 47th bday.

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I’ll have a full breakdown of Fly Goes to Europe this weekend and I warn all Italians out there — you’re not gonna like it.

During my 10-15 hr flight yesterday (who’s counting), I was long 20% LABD and it ripped tits, paying for a good portion of my entire trip. As a point in fact, I’m up nearly 3% for the month, which is a first for me whilst on vacation.

As for now, I still own the LABD and a little BTC, the rest cash. I’m sort of groggy now and need to run some errands, such as pick up my dogs. In the meantime, I’m elated to be back and see while I was away the country garnered up new outrage against the GLOBOHOMO movement in America, taking aim at Target for the innocent thing of selling clothing to children who want to cut their dicks off. It’s so good to be back.

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Good riddance Europe!

I’m saddened to report that America is exponentially better than Europe. I was hoping to find a place to move to, since I hate the US govt so much I felt like defecting. Now I have to figure out a way to live inside the heart of the GLOBOHOMO, the epitome of leisure and evil in the world. I return to a country now torn apart by Target selling dick tucking garments for kids and North Face going FULL TRANNY with their marketing. The political situation in the United States, I’d almost ruin my life and live someplace like Florence to spite it.

My trading has been small but effective, up another 62bps today. I see NVDA beat earnings and is way the fuck higher. Oh well. By the time US markets open tomorrow I’ll be flying over Europe in what can only be described as a last class flight from hell into the US, without any leg room. As a matter of fact, the leg room will be at a 1ft deficit.

But do not worry plebs. I thrive while I suffer.

In summary, the trip was an unmitigated disaster and I’ll never travel outside the United States again. There were things enjoyed and glimpses of joy along the way. But I’m not capable of long periods of pleasure, as my life is currently situated. As soon as I return home, I’ll get right back to work for extreme toil, focusing fully on my trading and really stepping up my meaningless blogs and tweets, hoping for some sort of calamity to strike markets dead.

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Just yesterday I denounced all of Italy and even cast aspersions on their entire gene pool thanks to my experience in the area I’m staying in. This of course is self inflicted, since I was traveling with 5 people and hated the 1200 per night hotel rates and opted for Airbnbs instead.

Let this be an eternal opinion for all of you traveling: you get what you pay for and there are no shortcuts. When you rent an Airbnb you instantly become a local poor and with that status you are beset with their bedraggled lifestyle. Instead of receiving 5 star quality service and a clean room, you roll the dice. The part of Rome my $700 per night Airbnb is in is like Sunset Park Brooklyn or maybe Jackson Heights Queens. It’s filthy, authentic, and wholly disgusting. I’m living amongst the proles and the plebs, in other words.

But today I visited the Spanish Steps area of Rome proper and let me tell you — it was beautiful. If I could do it again, the entire trip, I spend another $15,000 on hotels and live amongst the most rarefied parts of the destinations I chose, not because I wanted to or because it was the right thing to do, but because I could.

I’m up 52bps early on as I was heavily short overnight.

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Greetings from the Vatican

I am situated a few blocks from the Vatican and before I insult Italians who read me, I’d first like to say that they created unbelievable art 500 years ago. But since then, gypsies, Africans, and Egyptians visited and lived in Rome and made it a general shithole. The Italians you see scrambling about on their little scooters up and down the “vias” aren’t the same DNA as Michelangelo. You fuckers look like Ciro from Gomorrah now and have criminal minds.

There is a vast difference between the sophistication of the English and French to the Italians. They’re basically just like the people I hated in Brooklyn, but without the idiot NY accents.

As for the other cities of Europe: wonderful — but they have an African stabbing you in your ass problem and it’s all over for them. These fuckers are first Gen street vendors. Their children will grow up to hate the whites and eventually attempt to cannibalise them. You can see the decay and rot.

Any way, I’m off to eat now, up 106bps and net short into the close.

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The Airbnb host warned me about traversing the Roma Termini at night, all but assuring I’d get robbed and stabbed. He said he doesn’t even drive past it out of fear of getting stabbed inside his car. My initial opinion of Rome is similar to everything else I’ve seen in Italy: overrated shithole.

It’s not a shithole in the traditional sense, if you will. Instead, it’s just an another place where a bunch of people live but without Amazon prime and all of the modern amenities that makes America so much better. This actually leads to me believe a little bit in the GLOBOHOMO, as the civilization they’ve created, in spite of their satanic perversions, is pretty good. I guess it’s a grande trade off. You can live in the most beautiful place in the world but your kids might want to either cut their dicks or tits off.

The Italian food is good. But you have to understand something, I was raised and lived in the NYC area for most of my life. The liberal piece of shits know how to cook a great meal. Also, I’m a master chef myself and can cook Italian just as good as any of these fuckers here.

I managed to squeak out 7bps in trading from train to cafe today. Tomorrow I venture out on a fucking tour of the Vatican view the splendor. All jokes aside, the trip was worth it just to see these amazing works of art in person. The Duomo at Siena was just about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Nonetheless, Italy is still a shithole.


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Full Review on Tuscany

Generally speaking, this region is interesting if only for its very old architecture, which is the reason why so many people visit it. This entire city of Florence hasn’t been upgraded since the 1300’s. The people don’t give a fuck about Twitter. Google isn’t a house hold name and heading out with friends for drinks and dating women is normal here. In other words, Tuscany is like America in the 80s but with buildings from the 1300’s.

They don’t have grande shopping malls, highways, or Targets. They shop at small piece of shit Carrefours, eat at sandwich shops, drink wine all night, and ride around on little scooters or bikes. The people are generally polite, but the men are masculine. You don’t see any soyboys at all and the African street vendors are extremely timid.

Would I live here?

Probably not. The only city I’ve visited so far that I’d live in is Edinburgh. London is very good too. Paris was beautiful but ancient and sort of backward like Florence and Milan. The trade off for not having all of the comfortable trappings of Globohomo is your kids grow up to know their genders. In that sense, every single European city I’ve visited so far is superior to most major American cities. The pace of life here is fast — but the place is also FESTOONED by tourists. Without tourism, all of these places would collapse.

Tomorrow I depart for Rome.

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I’m very tired and have to wake up at 6am to go for a 7 hr tour of the Tuscan countryside and also take pictures of myself holding up the tower of Pisa with my cock. Just kidding, this is a family site.

What can I say about today?

I had extreme high anxiety about catching the Milan train to Florence, since I was the only one paying attention to the time. But I don’t want to come across as this giant piece of shit complain box — because I’m not. I just do it for you losers reading the blog. In real life, I’m stoic, not out of choice but necessity. Because if I really let me true feelings bust loose, I’d be in a lunatic asylum.

Grandma Fly hated all things today, especially the pizza in Florence. She said it had “no sale” and was “terible”. Almost everywhere we go the Europeans offer her special treatment because she’s old and with cane. In America, they toss her out of the way and try to grab her purse on her way down.

Back in the olde days when I had hopes and aspirations, I used to get really excited over things. I’d hypofocus on everything and obsess with small details to elevate whatever experience I was into at the time. For example, if I had planned this trip a decade ago, I’d have reservations for bucket list restaurants to visit and lots of stuff to do. Nowadays, I find this to be futile, since I’m with people who really don’t care if we ate at the best trattoria in the world or MACDONALDS. Truth is, I really don’t care and just wade through it in order to achieve finality.

Sure, I might indulge and even check out Yelp before bed and get somewhat excited about a thing. But just know, my dreams will be shattered shortly thereafter by demands that we spend time to be true out to do laundry. Now this might seem insane to you, as it is to me. But I’ve come to appreciate the dumber things in life and have resigned myself to doing just 1 thing with extreme care and excellence: my trading.

Notice I’ve been off from trading and barely blogging or keeping up with the war news and rooting for Putin. See, I’m a good person and some might say I deserve good things. But I’ll never expect it and I’ll never do anything for credits, points, or adoration.

It’s over for me. But if you’re younger than me, it’s not too late for yourselves to save your life from becoming racked with abject insanity.

My opinion of Florence is as follows:

This is the best part of Italy so far and the people are authentic. The city hasn’t been updated since the 1300s and they haven’t removed the fucking city walls or gates yet. It’s orders of magnitude better than Milan, which was a filthy city covered in graffiti. The one thing that concerned me about Florence when I first entered it was an over abundance of whites. I actually feared for my safety but soon came upon several dozen Africans as black as coal and felt relieved and better almost instantly.

NOTE: Our very elaborate and extensive tour of Tuscany angered ANTIFA Fly just now upon learning he had to actually leave the bus to walk. He was hoping to just walk around eating pizza and insulting family members at his leisure — but now finds himself with the responsibility of needing to exert energy to see wonderful scenery and historically important artifacts that will neither impress him or leave him with anything remotely positive to say about it. Again, I take full responsibility for this.


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Suffice to say, it was a harrowing trip from Paris — but I made it here and immediately directed my party of 6 to the best restaurant in Milan, as a walk in, without reservations. I just walked in there dressed in a t shirt and pants and demanded to be seated. The hostess despised me but luckily there was a vacancy!

So I got to eat and laugh and drink wine, in spite of her seething. Same shit happened to me in Paris. I just strolled into a two Michelin star rated bistro like I owned the place, didn’t bother to finish my food, and walked out like I had just eaten McDonald’s.

Grandma Fly was furious at me today because I made her toss out her gelato as we went into the restaurant. She claimed it was the best she’s ever had and I told her that I was “yo soy MUY terible.” She was equally mortified by my meal, which consisted of TWO PASTA dishes and a main course of pork, accompanied by a bottle of wine. I was berated heavily for being a “boracho” and also a “puerco” for piggishly devouring all of my food and drink.

My opinion of Milan was pure hatred up until I chanced upon the Duomo, which was festooned by party goers and drunkards dancing to EDM music in from of high end fashion shoppes. I could see myself at 25 or even 35 thinking this is possibly the best place in the world. But then I remembered I was a week away from 47 and hated it again.

Tomorrow we depart for Florence by train and I fully expect a flurry of complaints and demands from my companions, such as cabs coming too slow, a fully curated itinerary not maximized enough for joy and leisure, and also general complaints for starvation and thirst.

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Missing Out on All the Fun

I saw there was a big day in markets today and I lost money since my phone was dead and I was stuck with just DRIP. I’m 100% sure that if I wasn’t getting ripped off at a Parisian wine bar with a dead phone, I would’ve crushed the market. Alas, I’m cornered by Grandma Fly and ANTIFA Fly both hating on the Louvre because they’ve both seen paintings before and the walking was just too much to bear.
I realize now and have realized this for a long time that I’ve made many mistakes in my life and most of them are IRREVERSIBLE. You don’t see these mistakes when young because you enjoy believing in lies. You only see the fruits of your labors later and then come to see, if you’re honest enough, that much of what you tried to achieve flopped.

I only mention this because failure is something I’ve come to not only accept but appreciate. Look at my positions today, totally fooled and a loser because the day prior I was super bearish. All of that logic went right out the window, as usual.

It’s good to be coarse and hard on oneself to keep the edges sharp and not let life break you and make you soft. You’ll never catch me slipping, lest you find me inside of a fucking Parisian wine bar with asshole Frenchies double charging me for their middling Burgundy.

Tomorrow I depart for Milan and I’m sure this DRIP nonsense will lose me even more money tomorrow. I’ve been on a news and market blackout, opting to traverse Europe with very heavy luggage in an effort to find truth and enjoy the splendor of an insane people.

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