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18 years in Wall Street, left after finding out it was all horseshit. Founder/ Master and Commander: iBankCoin, finance news and commentary from the future.

Another Great Day for America

Ladies and gentlemen, and I give you this message with the utmost respect and gratitude — QUIT BEING SUCH PUSSIES. There are times in the market when I’ve dogged my account down and felt as if nothing could salvage my poor trading and all hope was lost, shattered against the hard rocks of fate. All of my sins had culminated into an account spiraling lower, a cosmic punishment of sorts — custom tailored for me.

But all of that is of course bullshit.

There isn’t a such thing as ‘fate’ and your trades have nothing to do with the amount of killings you’ve partaken in. I want you to understand something, so listen to me very quietly: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS. Gone are the days of blaming others or circumstances for your condition. Sure, you grew up without privilege and didn’t have the Ivy League experience like some of your fuckhead neighbors. That can be a strength, not a deficit, depending on how you look at it.

First thing you need to do is stop trying to get rich trading. It will never happen. Use a diversified approach to compound returns, loyally add to said account, and try not to micro-manage it. Your trading account should be disciplined and position sizes should be around 5%. I know what you’re thinking: “but I want to get rich trading.”

STFU you bitch.

You want to get better and you want to fulfill a need, a gambling itch. Who the fuck are you kidding? Trade small, have fun, get better, bet big only during times of extreme confidence.

Does this strike you as the type of market that you should go ‘all in’ on? Probably not.

We’re heading into the colder months of the year, typically a good time of year for stock trades. Live to fight another day and cut those fucking losses quick. Do these things and I promise you 10 years from today you will thank me.

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Get Positioned Ahead of the Presidential Elections

I remember when Kerry was trying to unseat Bush and I was buying stem cell stocks because that was an important discussion back then. Those fucking stock soared. During Bush’s first soirée into the Presidency, it was all about military stocks, almost as if people knew we’d be going to war for the next 20 years.

During the Trump run it was coal. I was a coal man and those fucking bastards ran good and hard.

With Obama, and pardon for this being scattered all over without a chronological vibe to it, healthcare stocks powered higher. On the Mitt Romney side of things, COAL again pushed higher.

This go around, we’ll get more wall talk and lack of wars from Trump. But on the democratic side, we might get lots of healthcare talk and possibly some Chinese dick-sucking jargon, although that’s a tough one. But at a minimum, we might get some daylight in healthcare, since a universal plan would mean more customers for providers and MOAR drugs to be sold.

BIG FAN of stocks here, nearly 100% long in my trading account now. My position sizes are always 5%, anymore more is commensurate with gambling.

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Bullshit BREXIT Deal Reached; Futures Rise

All you need to know is Nigel Farage hates the deal and wants Boris dead, so it must be good for the status quo. Ordinary billionaires making ordinary billions.

Nasdaq futures are +55 and Elijah Cummings is fucking dead. Did Trump execute him? What happened to Epstein? Where are the tapes, Sir? Have you no shame?

Yesterday was just about the worst day ever for SAAS stocks and today it looks like they’ll bounce. I’m sorry if the fucking market isn’t simple for you fucking morons to seamlessly make money in. I’m sorry that this game you pretend to know how to play involves losses and not everyone can perform at an exemplary level like Le Fly.

I am sorry.

Sorry not sorry.

Morgan Stanley beat. Netflix is soaring. Trump is out of his fucking gourd. The kids are vaping, collapsing their lungs. No one likes IBM.

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We can blame it on WDAY, but truth is this was brewing for weeks. The timing got delayed and many of you got fucking smoked out trying to short the sector in late September. But the end is now and here for your margin accounts. Look at these fucking stocks roll.

You fucking troll didn’t see it coming, reactionary fucktards only able to describe events after they’ve occurred. Sure I had some SAAS stocks, but was long into the rally and my losses were mitigated.

NTNX +2%
(MDB -11.4%)
(TWLO -1.7%)
(TEAM -4.9%)

Literally nothing. Since summer, my trading account is +18%, smashing your fucking face into the curb and stomping your teeth out. Do not fuck with me, unless of course you want to upgrade to annual; then feel free.

It’s a very odd market, weird rotation, and has been that way for months. The non-stop gyration of fear and greed, fueled by geopolitical events, isn’t easy. If you’re having trouble trading, find comfort in know that I am the reigning champion Master Ace Fucking Trader out there and my hit rate is only 65% since May. Past rallies have permitted me to go on 30 for 30 winning streaks, but this trading ‘fag-box’ has been brutal and foreboding — but I’m persevering where other fold like cheap fucking hookers.

“The Fly” is the truth, people. Drop out of school, tell your parents to fuck off, trade for a living, BUY MY BOOK.


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Think about it. You’re over there wasting time hitting the books, trying to become an alchemist — when all of the real money is being made in stocks. You can and should drop out of Med school and take the money your parents set aside for you and fucking trade that shit, man. I mean, you could simply walk around the house in slippers and a robe, trade for a few hours, and then chill out. Forget about the hellscape days of studying all night and doing reports. FUCK THAT. Do what you love to do and trade, bro.

Question from the Peanut Gallery.

“What if my parents get mad at me for wanting to trade for a living?”

Listen bro, I hate to tell you this — but FUCK YOUR PARENTS. This is your life and you need to separate yourself from negative influences. Look at me, I have goosebumps telling you this, but divorce your wife, ditch your parents, drop out of school, and CRUSH IT.

Also, buy my book.

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Analyst Day For $WDAY Ruins SAAS Sector

Last night WDAY offered guidance during their analyst day and people fucking hated it. The subsequent result has been bloodshed this morning, as people shimmy the fuck out of high valuation software name and into retail shit-houses like PIR and BBBY.

BMO came away from WDAY Rising with neutral incremental views. They remain positive on WDAY opportunities in financial solutions, though they believe that a gradual slowdown in HCM could limit consolidated growth, particularly given the relative size differential, with HCM being about 81% of subscription revenues. They believe that management signaled that M&A could play a meaningful role to generate new revenue/market opportunities. They think valuation is reasonable though not inexpensive given growth metrics; Market Perform, $225 tgt.

Without question, high valuation names have been adversely affected by the We Work IPO debacle. There is now a disconnect between private valuations and public. As such, the sectors with the highest valuations, namely SAAS, have been sold. This of course is also the case due to a slowing economy. But I am not sold on this idea entirely, since software creates high productivity and also opportunities for cost savings. Nevertheless, this is where we are now. As such, I sold out of my SAAS names today.

The sector is off sharply, nearly 3% for the session.

The best sector in the market continues to be residential construction, an obvious winner with rates sinking and the price of real estate near record highs.

Here are the top industries ranked by Sharpe ratios now.

Tough tape for tech and healthcare. If you’re managing accounts now and don’t know where to go, go to cash. If you must be invested, try diversifying you fucking brainlet. We’re in a rate sensitive environ, so gain exposure to industries that offer yield, such as the one’s on the list above.

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Fuck Syria. Fuck impeachment. Fuck your opinions on anything at all. I care about my fellow man, but not his opinions. I discussed getting right for trading this morning, and most of that is mental health. We live in a world of depression and fucking nut jobs. Do not fall into the thick amber of narratives, beholden to a group of people. I mean this in more than just the political sense. I am not a republican or a democrat. I do not have blanket opinions on anything and I am open to change, since it is the essence of the evolutionary spirit. I am a cynic, calling into question everything that is told to me — and for good reason.

Some of you might get downtrodden after learning you’ve been lied to your entire life. Everything you thought was sacred was expendable and everything meaningless invaluable. But once you can fully extricate yourself from the rat race and truly live without fear of rebuke — you will be free. With this freedom, you can be happy enough to thrive.

What good is your success if you’re living a life tethered to the beliefs of others?

That said, markets have broken backs to the upside, in spite of the news and all of the horrible things that were supposed to happen. It’s as if the trick was laid bare on purpose.

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Gold is in Danger of Spilling Over

I booked a gain in AAPL. I had purchased it about a week ago and took a 4% profit and ran. With today’s melt up, one would think fucking Apple would be up — but no.

On the issue of gold, we have a situation on our hands here. I am the single best gold trader in the world, believe me. Ask around. I’ve been buying NUGT since $13. All of that shit is in danger of ending here, as the insect metal breaches $1,500 with some alacrity. The issue here are rates. We need some deflationary pressure to scare folks back into gold. With QE in play and markets jogging higher, there is little to no reason for owning gold. As a point in fact, I’d probe with short positions if these levels didn’t recover.

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You Can’t Trade If You’re a Mess

Lots of people want to get into this game and go about it all wrong. First, you can’t trade well if you feel bad. The world is a suffocating place with opinions flying left and right, mostly by ideologues who annoy the fuck out of you. Go to the gym and lift weights. If you’re over 40, don’t lift heavy, bro. That ship has sailed. But you need to get the endorphins flowing and tighten up those fucking abs.

If you’re going to lift, you’ll need to cut too, meaning tracking your calories and reducing carbs, otherwise you’ll be lifting for no god damned reason at all. If you’re cutting calories and setting a goal to reduce body weight — you need to eat the right foods — chicken breast over chopped meat, salmon over tilapia. Throw a fucking green in there for Christ’s sake.

Slow morning? Do 50 pushups and 100 crunches. No matter where you are in life, exercising will make it better.

Drown out the negatives.

People around you piss you off? Put on some headphones and listen to music. Hate what you’re fuckhead friends are saying on Facebook? Fuck Facebook.

What’s your stated goal here? My guess is to make some money to be independent, to build something meaningful. The money you make in your lifetime should be passed down to future generations or perhaps you could create a foundation or charity in your name. Why not? Leave a mark on this god forsaken planet. But you can’t get there, you cannot get to do any of those things if you’re trading or investing poorly. Attaining the skills to do it is another topic, but the easy stuff, feeling good of mind and body, is something everyone can do. Sure, we’re all melancholy from time to time and it’s easy to walk the black dog and feel sorry for yourself. Some people even say dumb shit like ‘in my next lifetime I’ll do it right.’ Guess what fucked face, this is it. This is your one shot, so make the best of it.

I know people who got it at 15 and knew exactly what to do. Other people didn’t come into their own until after college. Some people are late bloomers and just started realizing their mistakes after 40. There isn’t a time expiration on success, so quit counting yourselves out.

Now go make yourselves an omelette, some black coffee, and lift something heavy — come back and crush some trades.

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Trump Moves to “Swiftly Destroy” Turkey’s Economy; NATO BTFO

Now I’m no conspiracy theorist, even though I’ve been knows to dabble here and there. We all know certain truths that are uncomfy, but true — such as flat earth, fake space, nuclear bombs don’t exist, and the moon isn’t something we’ve ever visited. Aside from that, I’m a mainstream guy.

But if I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d say Trump is playing RIGHT INTO THE FUCKING HANDS OF PUTIN, who they tell me is my arch enemy, even though I am unsure why that is. Based upon all of the CIA stuff I’ve read, Russia is really out to get me. Question is, are they out to get me or them? If it’s just them, the CIA, should I care? As an American, does the CIA work for my best interests?

Having said that, Trump pulled out of Syria and created a power vacuum. This has led to an immediate mobilization of Assad forces to the south barreling towards Turkish forces in the north. Now Trump just announced sanctions on Turkey, menacing to “destroy” their economy.

“I am fully prepared to swiftly destroy Turkey’s economy if Turkish leaders continue down this dangerous and destructive path.”

Obviously, this isn’t a way to treat a fellow NATO member.

Wait, there’s more!

And this!

Enjoy the show.

In separate news, ABC News got caught shilling like a motherfuckers today; hence the term ‘fake news’ applies.

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