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18 years in Wall Street, left after finding out it was all horseshit. Founder/ Master and Commander: iBankCoin, finance news and commentary from the future.

The Garbage Has Floated to the Top

I sold IDEX yesterday for a fast 13% loss. Today’s it’s up 30%. That’s how this shit works. Yesterday’s shit-heap is today’s treasure. With that being said, anyone paying close mind to this tape sees the present trend — small cappers running wild — scaring away old men wearing monacles.

Into the bell, I bought GEVO — because it wants higher.

I’ll cut to the chase. I own a lot of shit now.

Here is my SHIT-BASKET.


This is a ruinous combination of stocks bound to wreck me. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Fed Bends the Knee — Stocks Rip Higher, Gold Sinks

Here is the key news from today’s Fed minutes.


It shouldn’t be done, but they want to stop reducing their balance sheet for the express purpose of increasing inflation. That’s right — the Fed and their $4 trillion balance sheet will soon cease letting their balance sheet shrink and once again renew QE by rolling over their bond holdings.

More headlines:


And on inflation, via ZH

many participants commented that upward pressures on inflation appeared to be more muted than they appeared to be last year despite strengthening labor market conditions and rising input costs for some industries.

Stocks should rampage higher — because this is a form of monetary easing. Why the Fed is doing this is obvious — they see weakness in the numbers and want to get ahead of a possible economic slowdown. Ceasing the balance sheet reduction is step 1. Step 2 would be to cut rates.

Gold is weaker, basically because risk is on and people are taking profits. However, this is inherently bullish for gold.

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Market Weakens — But Gold Emblazons Higher

You cannot stop the reprobates from dragging us into yet another bull market in gold. It will be unbearable and you’ll learn to hate Peter Schiff, as all previous generations have for the past 30 years or so.

Markets have reversed early gains and are now weakening. What does that mean for equities?

Not much…yet.

I view this sell off or weakening as an opportunity to buy into an up channel that is not done going higher. In the event markets should continue down to, let’s say, $170 — buy with both hands.

In the meantime, we have a grande bull market in gold, which is the beneficiary of some old fashioned asset allocations at some of your finer hedge funds. People know, inflation is just around the bend — hiding in the bushes — eagerly awaiting to jump out at you and snatch your necklace with zeal.

Hard money assets are an appropriate way to store value — that an art. Go buy some fine art.

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Harvesting Some Gains to Make Room For More Shit Stocks

I sold MDB, AYX, and CBLK — all for nice profits. I’m a big SAAS fan, as most of you already know. I fervently believe in the future of our software pioneers, as they sashay into the future — eating away at enterprise IT budgets — placing people out of work.

We’re in the latter stages of the rally and the QQQ is getting close to my $175 target.

What to do?

Play the small cappers. That’s where all the money will be made as the rally matures, eventually wilts, and collapses on its own hubris.

“The Fly” is a man of few words, both stoic and reserved in all manners, and likes to believe the market to be his handball court — with me bouncing around and slapping the shit out of equities that run into my path. I know exactly what will happen next. There isn’t the slightest inkling of doubt as to where we new heading and how this resolves itself.

I intend to make a great deal of money these next few days.

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Fly Buy: $NIO

The rally isn’t ova yet. Nothins ova.

I bought some NIO, based upon the likings of my crystal balls.

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Come Find Your Next Small Cap Runner Here

I just got done doing my nightly gandering of the markets and I’ve seen the future — and it is filled with shit. Get yourselves a nice portfolio brimming with shit and, believe me, you’ll thank me later.

Some of my shit stocks include, but not limited to, PLUG, HMY, SAND, SBGL, FTFT and much more. To that end, I’ve created a screen, using the proprietary algorithms in Exodus. You faggots might think it’s not important, but it is. Otherwise I wouldn’t be posting it now.

Here is page 1 of 10, sorted by technical strength. The scale is 1 to 5, 5 being Cialis hard and ready to go — 1 being flaccid and a poor excuse for a man.

Looking into that screen, which can be accessed here, I like the stocks with negative weekly Sharpes, indicative of small caps that are strong today, but weak recently. In other words, ready to go next. One of those stocks is ANY — but there are many more.

Naturally, you’re inclined to access this information for free — being poor or miserly, or both. Lucky for you, we accept free trials. On top of that, you’re also probably looking to both cut back on your expenses and also increase your returns in the stock market — a fool’s gambit which is destined to extricate you from your investments. Platforms like Exodus, hosted by Space Alien Magicians (SAMs) like me pay for themselves and are worth their weight in gold. Aside from the tools, we’re talking about community of serious and talented people commingling together for the expressed purposes of profit. But you think you’re better off gleaning some crumbs from me after the fact, or perhaps siphoning information from second hand traders on Twitter.

Silly fools. Rule number 1 when beginning an enterprise is investing in said enterprise in order to give yourself a chance to win — the best chance. Utilizing Le Fly could be, dare I say, the single best thing you’ll ever do in your very short and feeble lives.

Good night.

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Gold Busts Loose — Bigly Gains Dead Ahead

This is the move I’ve been waiting for — a fast paced spike accompanied by s decline in the dollar, accompanied by a massive spike in the miners.

Bear witness to my NUGT or SBGL or any number of miners up more than 10% today.

Today’s spike in gold coincided with a drop in the dollar, which was running into a buzz-saw of resistance. Truth is, gold was going higher anyway — with or without the dollar.

The dollar.

Yes of course gold is running into some traffic here too.

So what’s the play here? Is this time different?

Instead of weaving a narrative about inflation or asset allocators getting into gold, or sovereign wealth funds accumulating gold at a record pace, let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride — shall we?

The trend is up and the miners are very undervalued, based off historical norms.

I had no reason to sell today, so I didn’t.

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Markets Are Slowing Down and Boring — Time for MOAR Micro-Crap Pieces of Shit

Earlier today, some of you might’ve missed it, I got stopped out of IDEX for a 13% loss. What advantage to I gain from flaunting around my losses? Nothing but appeal — because I never want to set the illusion of being infallible, perfect in every way, in spite of being so damned close to it.

Testing the mood of the market, it’s clear to me that alternative energy, blockchain, cannabis, and gold are now the favored trading sectors in the market — with gold being the only real and tangible avenue of grandeur.

Listen to me now — I’ve purchased shares of FTFT, not because I like the company or believe in the merits of its CEO, or because I’ve heard rumors of positive pronouncements. None of that at all. I bought FTFT because it’s a dog shit stock with very low standing in the world. People who work there toil and are ashamed to admit working there. The company employs the worst people and do not offer competitive pay packages; hence morale is in the pits and everything about it screams scam.

But I don’t care about any of that — see. Le Fly hails from a place in America where the buildings are national treasures, secretive, and protected under the auspices of a dark regime. My weekends entail movies at the theatre, dinner at the eatery, cocktails in the house — dogs running wild in the fenced in yard chasing after trespassing deer. Late night drives now include zigging around dead animals, limbs of trees — zagging around piles of leaves and mounds of mulch — fuckery largess. Life outside the city walls is both bland and moribund — but safe, safe from the degeneracy and the addled asylum patients rampaging throughout the city with infected needles — shit covered fingers — ensconced by a criminal element that is never endearing — aside from the occasional stranger toss into the oncoming train.

So I bought FTFT.

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Leave Your Regards And Adoration For Le Fly Here

Once upon a time, this site was buzzing with miscreants. Before Exodus stole all of the energy and thunder, the free site was where the conversation was to be had. Some of the drifters and grifters might suppose iBC is no longer vibrant or very worthwhile, judging by the sparse comments on the blog — but that just isn’t the case. Thousands of comments and insults are flung around in the Pelican Room on a daily basis. Ruminations of my demise are grossly exaggerated, in spite of my apparent and obvious ever-lasting strength.

My virility is such that if I was trapped inside the jungles of India, surrounded by nothing but tigers, I’d punch all of their faces off until I was back in my hotel room sipping on black tea (dash of honey, some milk).

What did I do this morning?

Oh, I don’t know. How abut HARVEST SOME OF MY SHIT CROPS?

I sold MARA for +40%, FCEL for +33% and FNGU for +2.3% — just for good measure.

See pal, that’s who I am and you’re nothing…

…Fuck you — go home and play with your kids.

Pleasant comments about Le Fly can now be left in the comments section below. Thank you.

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Gold Hasn’t Even Begun to Move Yet…Watch

Goldfags throughout the universe are watching every tick now, as it swiftly moves into resistance — testing a 6 year traffic jam which has led to countless false starts and shattered dreams.

Seasonally speaking, gold is supposed to do well in February. According to the seasonality engines in Exodus — the returns should be both outsized and spectacular.

The reality has been nothing more than milquetoast — down 1% over the past two weeks.

As gold ebbs slowly like an overturned jar of sweet molasses — expect to see momentum traders enter the fray — providing tinder for this already moribund group of asshole stocks. Should gold not break out this week, I will quite literally chop my anatomy off and shoot myself into outerspace — never to be seen or heard from again.

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