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Uber Wants to Launch Flying Cars by 2020: Will You Partake?

The livery service company, Uber, wants to go full Jettsons — introducing flying taxis in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai markets by 2020.

The cars will be small, piece of shit, electric air-craft — capable of landing and taking off vertically. They will emit zero emissions and will likely kill everyone on board instantly, upon errantly crashing into a live powerline.

The upside to flying cars, obviously, is travel time. The company estimates that by placing cars in the sky, the travel time from San Fran to San Jose could be cut down from 2 hours to 15 minutes.

I am certain the eggheads at Uber aren’t accounting for air-traffic, which will be abundant once everyone starts doing it. If you thought traffic was bad on the ground, wait until your flying taxi runs out of juice at 1,000 ft in the sky.

So, will you take the plunge into an Uber flying taxi?

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Volatility Sinks to New Lows, Dollar Ravaged, Stocks Fly: What’s Next?

There isn’t fear in the tape, which is a problem. Set that aside for the moment, there are several investment themes worth pursuing here in light of recent news.

Here is my checklist.

1. China is accelerating. This is bullish for commodities and companies who do business in China.
2. If Macron wins, the ECB gets to rig their markets some more.
3.Trump playing ball with establishment means he will get stuff done, such as lower corporate tax rate and infrastructure bill.
4. Weak dollar is great for American exporters.
5. Rising bond yields infers inflation. If we do not get it, rising yields is a net negative.
6. Oil is basing out around $50, ahead of Saudi Aramco IPO. I like my chances for a breakout ahead of it.
7. War

Investable themes

China-centric plays, such as CLF, CAT, FLS, YUMC, BABA, JD, CTRP. There are plenty more.
European banks: CS, DB
Steel/materials: X, ATI
Weak dollar winners: GM, F, PG, LNG
War/nation building: KBR, CSL, RTN, OA, ESLT, just to name a few.

In the event of war, I’d expect to see the knee-jerk reaction to the downside, quickly digested, followed by monies being allocated ‘to the winners.’ Without war, the Trump agenda and booming Chinese economy come into play. There are several ways to win here. I don’t want to sound to overzealous after a giant move higher, but this move will not stop until all options are exhausted. There is a good chance we’re going to see a massive market rally over the next 12 months.

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Senator Graham Supports Preemptive Strike Against N. Korea, Says He’s ‘Impressed’ with Trump’s ‘Commander in Chief Skills’

It’s happening, this time for real.

Ahead of all 100 U.S. Senators visiting the White House for an emergency briefing on N. Korea, Trump had both Senators McCain and Graham over to the White House last night, alongside the joint chiefs, to discuss war over peach cobbler.

In an interview with Fox News this morning, Graham said he supported a preemptive strike on N. Korea, as a way to prevent the rogue state, and ‘nut job’, from placing a nuclear weapon on an ICBM and wiping out America with it. He did not, however, tackle the fool’s logic of sabre-rattling war with Russia, who can very easily ‘wipe out’ America with its massive nuclear arsenal.

He continued, “There’s two ways to stop it: Through diplomacy, using China to get them to stop developing ICBM, or to use military force.
He is not going to let this nutjob in North Korea develop a missile with a nuclear weapon on top to hit America. He doesn’t want a war any more than I do, but he’s not going to let them get a missile.”

Finally, he added, “If you’re North Korea and you’re betting that Donald Trump is all talk and no action, you’re making a serious mistake.”

“I’m really impressed with his commander in chief skills here.”

If you think we can just bomb N. Korea from the sky and sea and be done with the war, think again. During out last skirmish with the ‘nut jobs’ of N. Korea, a meat grinder was present and death and mayhem were abundant and excessive.

Source: Dept. of Defense
U.S. Deaths:
Hostile: 33,739
Non-Hostile: 2,835
Total In-Theatre: 36,574
U.S. Wounded in Action – 103,284

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica
South Korea – (217,000 military, 1,000,000 civilian)
North Korea – (406,000 military, 600,000 civilian)
China – (600,000 military)

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I remember when the Dow was 6,000. I was a young punk, starting out in the business with big dreams and an insatiable appetite for risk.

Here we are, many years later, and the NASDAQ is all grown up now — buoyed by big tech and pharma.

Volatility is at new lows and complacency is more than non existent. What we’re seeing now is perverse and will end soon. I’m very bullish on markets and have been since December. But volatility will be returning soon and with it comes opportunity.

Top picks: $ATI, $KBR

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Trump Raking Leaves: Slaps Canada with 20% Lumber Tariff, Warns Our Northern Menace “We Will Not Stand for This”

The Trump administration is directing its ire at true menace of North America, Canada. As the border wall issues looms and trade deals with China scuttled, Trump has taken to slapping around Canada — all in the name of a few Wisconsin dairy farmers who’ve been victimized by the great sodom of the North.

Yesterday it was announced that the United States was applying 20% tariffs to softwood lumber, retroactively, which is used in the construction of homes.

Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross said, “We tried to negotiate a settlement but we were unable.”


Now this morning, out of left field, Trump is talking BIG dairy again, saying “we will not stand for this,” an obvious warning across the bow of our loyalist friends to the north.

Given the problems Trump is having with the Southern Border wall funding, perhaps he should switch to a Northern Wall? No one could accuse him of racism, as Canada is largely white. Also, there isn’t any cheap labor to be taken advantage of from cesspools, such as Toronto. Ergo, by erecting a norther wall, we could save the great dairy industry of Wisconsin once and for all.

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Caterpillar Blows Away Estimates; Dow Heading For Another Triple Digit Surge Higher

Shares of CAT are surging 5% this morning, above $101, on news of closing Wall Street’s earnings estimates — blowing them away by 65 cents, posting earnings of $1.28.. Revenues came in a solid $600m above expectations and Asian/Pacific sales rose by 12%, thanks to China. Please bear that stat in mind, for the entire bear case for CAT is predicated on a weaker China. This numbers dispel that notion and make the case for a renewal of animal spirits, one that is likely to eat anyone short this stock, from crown to heel, whole — spitting out the bones and then stomping out the skull until it turns into dust.

Latin America sales rose by 14% and North America was flat. In my opinion, the fact that CAT was able to crush numbers without even getting a bump in North America is extremely bullish. Should we get any headway on any number of Trump’s projects, that needle should move for CAT. Because of this, the company guided up, in an appreciable way, taking estimates higher to $3.75 for the year from $3.26, with revenues of $38-41b from a range of $36-39b.

Historically speaking, CAT is trading at the high end of its valuation. But, those numbers are predicated upon the E remaining somewhat constant. If earnings are truly about to ramp, then we should assume some sort of multiple expansion is in order. I’m not so much bullish on CAT, as I am China in general. CAT is a widely owned stock and the good news is largely baked into the share — but that doesn’t apply to some of the lesser known names which could be exploited on the back this apparent uptick in the Chinese economy.

Dow futures are higher by 111, Nasdaq futures are up 11.

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This isn’t going to be a post about globalism or anything that you might consider newsworthy. Every so often I give the readers a general update of my thoughts, regarding markets, money management, and life in general.

About a year and a half ago, I became dispirited by the market. The florid years of stock picking were behind me and I was stuck in between a corrupt cadre of central banks and a global economy that was slowing — adding up to what I thought was a toxic cocktail that was bound to wreak havoc. I left behind a burgeoning money management business, told my clients to discount house it, and took some time away from it  — spending my idle time writing, trading and delving into real estate.

After careful consideration, I am leaning towards reentering the maelstrom, back into the game of money management — for a few very specific reasons.  Just like I saw a storm coming in 2016, placing my investable income in treasuries at a time everyone thought it was madness, I believe there is a massive dislocation in a certain sector, which I call ‘nation builders’, that can be exploited.

Believe me (extra Trump), this isn’t Fly being nihilistic, sarcastic, or even attempting to be funny. This is straight up greed, a strong desire to leverage my ideas amongst an array of investors that seek money management of the professional sort.

How will this affect you?

Probably less posts about John McCain and more stock ideas.

Ultimately, iBankCoin is a timeline of a very peculiar and eccentric person. Perhaps one day the site will be dedicated towards herding sheep in the green fields of Romania.  But, for now, we’re doing polyprop and high finance.

I feel very confident about this opportunity and will, of course, keep the plebs apprised.

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RARE EVENT ALERT: Entire US Senate Summoned to White House to Discuss N. Korea

No, the President isn’t summoning all of our beloved senators to discuss his fantastic ratings, or to arrest them for conspiring with criminals. Instead, Rex Tillerson and General Mattis will tell them what in the hell is going on in the pacific theatre of World War 3. Things are moving briskly, towards war, gentlemen.

I think it’s time you’ve come to realize that I was right, in regards to being long ‘nation building’ stocks and military defense.

The meeting will take place at the White House on Wednesday, 3pm, to discuss N. Korea’s ‘continued belligerence’ and plans to dismantled it.

Similar meetings are being planned for low level fuckers in the House too.

Defense stocks of note: RTN, LMT, FLIR, ESLT, NOC and GD.

Top picks: RTN, KBR

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Trump Brags About Giving ‘Fake News’ Highest Ratings since ‘World Trade Center Came Down’

In a recent interview with AP, President Trump reminded them of his grandiosity and how he helped ‘Deface the Nation’ register its highest ratings since ‘the World Trade Center came down.’

“On any, on air, [CBS ‘Face the Nation’ host John] Dickerson had 5.2 million people. It’s the highest for ‘Face the Nation’ or as I call it, ‘Deface the Nation,'” Trump said during the interview.

“It’s the highest for ‘Deface the Nation’ since the World Trade Center. Since the World Trade Center came down. It’s a tremendous advantage.”

“I have, seem to get very high ratings. I definitely. You know Chris Wallace had 9.2 million people, it’s the highest in the history of the show,” the president said of his appearance on the program.

“I have all the ratings for all those morning shows. Chris Wallace, look back during the Army-Navy football game, I did his show that morning.”

The president said he gets treated “very unfairly” by the media, but praised Fox News for its coverage.

“The fake media is some of you. I could tell you who it is, 100 percent,” he said.

“Sometimes you’re fake, but — but the fake media is some of the media. It bears no relationship to the truth. It’s not that Fox treats me well, it’s that Fox is the most accurate.”

I wonder why the ratings are so high.

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Recapping President Trump’s Recent Tweets

Enter the bizarro land of Trump, the Twitter edition.

After learning that we’re on to them, body snatching the President and all to further a globalist neocon agenda, the deep state have forced the President back onto Twitter, in order to furiously type out a bunch of empty words, in an effort to calm his base from outright revolt.

Here is the consensus out of Trump’s think tank on how to placate the base and subsequent tweets.

Whenever they’re onto you, just talk shit about Obamacare. Trumpsters love that.

Also, mention how fucked the Democrats are because of Obamacare. This will distract the plebs from discovering that we want to pass an even worse healthcare bill.

Mention The Wall. The people love The Wall.

MEXICO WILL FUCKING PAY, for the way, ‘at a later date’, ‘in some form.’ Don’t worry, the plebs won’t pick up on the subtle verbiage.

Talk shit about the media. Boy do Trumpsters hate the mayne street meteor.

Polls are fake. Everyone knows that. General E. Watch, Commander of the USS Big Ben said so!

Uh oh, the unwashed are still upset with us. I see even “The Fly” isn’t shilling for us anymore. Give them wall, more wall.

Now lie. People love to be lied to.

And, give the establishment a comedic gift, something that can easily be used for material on SNL.

Great, you’re all caught up.

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