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Another Day, Another 350+ Points of Pure Upside

I woke up today and didn’t want to blog for shit. With nearly 21,000 blogs under my belt, I felt like taking the day off. Pardon me as I don’t give a shit what you think.

So here we are, another 350+ points of upside and what now?

What now is today’s gains.

LCAHW +5.1%
LMND +3.1%
HEAR +1.2%
GRAF +2.9%
FTCH +2.9%
JMIA +2.6%
ROKU +7.8%
SHLL – wash
SPCE +3.5%
(APT -3.9%)
LX – wash
(GAN -2.2%)

Small time gains, nothing too unusual.

The NASDAQ had driven lower hard in the morning and I took that occasion to buy another INVERSE ETF. I quickly realized it was a mistake but instead of correcting it — I bought a series of stocks none of which included WIMI — a stock up 10 fucking points since yesterday to $15. I had an order ready to go yesterday, but failed to pull the trigger thanks to a nefarious gentleman named BUBBA who keeps interfering in my affairs. Exodus members know what that means.

All in all, it’s more money being made, as the country and the world burns. Hot hot summers and viral pandemics make for a fine trading environ.


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I got bored so I took out a 5% position on SPAQ and sold it 5 mins later for an 8.9% gain. See pal, there are many types of people out there, but mostly two. I am the type of person that drives a fucking RAIL-NAIL thru your head for making fun of portfolio. Sure these stocks are degenerate and not the type of stuff a gentleman of my standing and stature should be seen with, let alone invest. But we’re living in NEW TIMES now where anything goes and nothing can stop us.

My booked trades so far.

NKLAW +12.8%
GLUU +6.6%
QFIN +8.2%
HMI +4.1%
(NK -1.6%)
(IDEX -4.5%)
(APRN -4.9%)
SPAQ +8.9%

See, you have several choices in front of you as a young aspiring man in business. Starched collars, stiffened neck, soft bellies. You can head out there into thew wild and brave it on your own — ill equipped to fend off the winter elements. Or you can simply sit down and eat fish, like a good patron, and shut the fuck up.

Why, if I could take stock picks from someone like me, without being someone like me, I’d jump at the chance, an automatic money printer — a person gifted with talents of coin production — a regular man about town picking stocks so that the masses do not need to bother.

A man, such as this, dare I say, is a national treasure.

The Nasdaq reversed a 100 point deficit and is now up 25.

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I bought a bunch of shit and sold a bunch of shit and these are the results for today, thus far. It’s a splendid cocktail of what can go wrong and never does. I look at death in the face everyday and everyday — nothing ever happens.

NKLAW +12.8%
GLUU +6.6%
QFIN +8.2%
HMI +4.1%
(NK -1.6%)
(IDEX -4.5%)
(APRN -4.9%)

Moving on, I hedged today with some FAZ. I’m not sure if it will work — but with markets down 300 — maybe it will.

One thing to consider when trading now is the elections coming up. Biden is going to be up in the polls the day before the elections — the whole time. A Biden win will mean higher prices for alt energy and other green initiative plays. We are already seeing that via BLDP, PLUG, CLNE and many more.

Massive amounts of layoffs are happening. Record amounts of COVID-19 patients. The world is fucked and we can now only wait for bad things to materialize.

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Playing the Shittiest Stocks In the World and No One Can Stop Me

My results for closed trades today.

(MARK -22%) x2
JNUG +8.6%
ALT +11.1%
JMIA +13.5%
FCX +3.2%

I re-colonized JMIA into the bell, mainly for the LOLz. I am having a grande time in these SHIT STOCKS. I understand this sort of jargon is poisonous and could jinx my prospects, or at a minimum make me look bad. I am BEYOND caring at this point during my life. As a younger man, I cared a great deal what other people thought. But I can honestly say now that I do not listen to anyone now, not even family members…including my wife.

It’s not that I am stubborn or obstinate; it’s just that my ideas are better — my mind is stronger. I shall win forever.

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Markets Tried to Dip, But Now They’re Flying Again

See pal, there are two types of people in this world — those who cower and those who look danger in the eyes and eat sandwiches.

I knew the market was trying to surprise sex me, when it dipped to breakeven earlier today, RUNNING AWAY with a massive rally. I said to myself “just take a nap or eat a sandwich and everything will be better later.” And it worked!

Nasdaq is up almost 100 again and my spirits are higher than an 8 ball of cocaine in one sitting.

Yes, I bought a bunch of shit and I am making money. Sorry not sorry. Go fuck yourselves.

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Markets Take Off Again; Automatic Money Creation Systems Are a Go

I closed out my JNUG position from the other day for an 8% gain, ALT for an 1% gain and MARK for a 22% drubbing. I attempted to double down on it yesterday and had gained a considerable amount in the initial bounce from 1.8 to 2.1, but I didn’t sell it and blew the entire trade. Disgusted with myself, I closed the whole thing out today.

The Nasdaq is +115, Dow nearly 200. The news is no longer important. All that matters is, stocks are going higher; therefore, and this goes without saying, the bias is to the upside. Rates are low and liquidity is abundant. Sure, the general economy is dreadful; but no one really cares about that. We’re here playing a video game.

Govt wants to shut down TikTok because there is no censorship there. Like Man in the High Castle, they cannot let you see those videos. The cover story is MUH PRIVACY PROTECTION. But since when has there govt cared about your privacy? China is the new boogey man and so many Americans are sold on the idea that Chinese people all eat dogs for supper and harvest poor people’s organs as a hobby. Therefore, we must ban TikTok. The truth is, and I hate to continuously show you these things because it sucks, they just don’t want you to see the videos.

I’m mostly cash again and have been trading light for weeks. I am distracted, admittedly. But I know the process and how to find winners. I will be going now, off to fish in the market for more stocks to own. Yesterday all I could find was gold stocks to buy — but I didn’t want anything more than JNUG — so here I am with cash now and a need to place it.

Wish me luck!

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Market Cliff Jumps 400; Shorts Are Back and In Charge

Not really — you fuckers will get lit the fuck up. I spent my time today outside, again — going thru some personal issues. I do not share political ideas anymore, but I do post a lot of news on Twitter. I am of course sickened by the state of this country and disgusted by everyone’s behavior. There is nothing but hatred in this country — people happy to see pain and suffering because of political ideals or moments of a person’s life accentuated by absolute fuckheads on social media with nothing better to do than relish in the destruction of another person’s life.

IT IS NOT RIGHT to want someone to starve, his/her family to starve — because of a fucking comment made in public that is now deemed politically toxic. Nevertheless, this is where we are and the blade swings in both directions. Be careful for what you ask for, because eventually narratives change and the people with power now will not hold it later — but the rules will be the same and then you starve. It’s toxic and it’s cancerous and 100% evil.

All that aside, the lot of you can fuck yourselves and remain terrible and continue to lead dull lives with zero internal monologue.

Shorts will likely get dismantled again tomorrow. But into the close, they were in total control.

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The Temptation to Sell Short is Palpable — But It’d Be a Mistake

We’ve already stress tested this motherfucker and nothing stops the buying. We can shut the economy down, burn its cities, and even kill all of the people. Stock will still trade up. That’s the mood and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

All of your riots and protests against brass statues are for naught. Trump’s big breasted and titted market continues to extend its legs and kick short sellers into their faces with thick hooves on a daily basis.

Into the final hour, I am thinking about expanding my long bias, but of course preserving my newly minted holdings in gold. The new Weimar is here, in more than 1 way, and it’s going to lead to greatness!

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Markets Are Wildly Overvalued — Still Long

If you look at the valuations of any stock worth mentioning, you’ll find it to be 20-50% overvalued based upon historical valuations. Whether said valuations should be expanded or not due to zero percent interest rates is another story. But the point here is that we all know stocks deserve to go lower and yet here we are buying into the madness.

Collective insanity?


I closed out numerous positions and bought some gold. Other than that, 65% cash.

Very busy and on the go now, so no time for a drawn out discussion.

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Can You Believe This Shit? Up Another 450

I sold CRSP for 7.7%. I’m sitting on gains in all of my positions, +42% on WRTC, and the hits keep coming. This is in fact surreal and it feels inflationary, yet the CPI is depressed and prices are stable. What to make of this runaway market? Nothing at all. Just trade it and enjoy it. No need to second guess it or attempt to outsmart it.

Just because the trend is up, that doesn’t mean we’re about to head lower. Do you contrarians realize how fucking stupid you sound?

I’m still around 30-35% cash and I am of course careful in the sense that I am emotionally prepare for a drawdown. But I’m buying crazy fucking stocks, hoping for 1 more day up. Shit that is up 50% today on heavy volume. I am betting, like everyone else, for MOAR.

If this is it for Trump, truly the last year in office, we might as well profit as much we can — for LEAN YEARS are most likely ahead.

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